Galaxy S3: Smart UnliData 2000 vs. Globe UnliSurf 2499

As we near the official launch of the highly anticipated Samsung S3, the two telco giants vies for the hearts of prospective upgraders and switchers through their plans. Now before you get too excited and sign up for any of these telcos, let’s take a closer look at their offerings and see which one fits your lifestyle and usage pattern.

As we mentioned in our previous post, Globe was the first to reveal their range of plan for the SGS3. This quad-core handset will come in free with their UnliSurf Plan 2499 and will have a standard lock-in period of 24 months. Apart from the unlimited mobile internet, the plan will also have consumables worth Php1,500 a month.

Following the said announcement, Smart recently unveiled their available plans for the same phone. The SGS3 will come in free with their UnliData Plan 2000 which is Php499 cheaper than Globe’s offering.

The catch here, however, is that you’d have be with the carrier for a longer period of time. The lock-in period for this plan is 30 months (instead of the 24-months on Globe).

Here’s a short computation of how these two plans look like:

Globe Galaxy S3
Php2,499 (UnliSurf Plan)
x 24 months (lock-in period)
Php59,976 TCO

Smart Galaxy S3
Php2,000 (UnliData Plan)
x 30 months (lock-in period)
Php60,000 TCO

* TCO: Total Cost of Ownership

Looking at this, it’s clear that neither plan gains a significant edge over the other in terms of the total amount a user has to pay (TCO). But what clearly sets them apart is the lock-in period. The Php500 per month difference between the two plans will come into play in this situation.

If you can afford to shell out an extra Php500 every month so you can get out of the plan a bit faster, then the Globe UnliSurf Plan is for you. But, if you’re not in a rush to switch phones or plan and does not have a spare Php500 a month, better go with Smart’s UnliData Plan. At the end of the day, it boils down to how much you’re willing to shell out for this quad-core handset.

In terms of bundles here’s what the two plans has to offer:

Globe UnliSurf 2499
Php1500 Consumable
Free Texts: 200 (Globe-to-Globe) + 25 (Other Networks)
Free Call: 10mins (Globe-to-Globe) + 5mins (Other Networks)
Free Texts (International): 10
Free Call (International): 20mins IDD
Free UnliCall and Text: 1 Globe or TM number

Smart UnliData 2000
Free Texts (All Networks): 200
Free Call (All Networks): 150 mins

By having a little bit of everything the UnliSurf 2499 plan bested Smart’s UnliData 2000 plan in terms of bundled services. In addition to this, the former has Php1500 consumable per month. That sums up to an additional 245 minutes worth of voice calls to same network subscriber or 226 minutes to other networks per month compared to Smart’s fixed 150 minutes to all network.

Based on the comparison above, we think that Globe’s UnliSurf 2499 is the better of the two in terms of bundled services and flexibility. Then again, there are also other important factors that you, as a consumer, need to look into such as network coverage and dependability that we really can’t comment on because that depends on your current location.

What we are sure though is that the introduction of these plans for the Galaxy S3 will definitely hurt the sell-ability of the other handsets in their line-up.

With Smart — the HTC Sensation XE, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus which also comes free with UnliData Plan 2000 will definitely be overshadowed by the Galaxy S3. With Globe — the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Galaxy Note might also suffer the same fate. For both networks, it might also hurt the sales of the iPhone 4S which is offered at the same or higher plan.

Just to sum this one up, we are more inclined to recommend Globe’s UnliSurf 2499 for flexibility and maximizing plan usage. But, if you just want a really low monthly fee, Smart’s UnliData Plan 2000 is the obvious pick.

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  1. Get it na lang in Unlisurf Combo Plan 1799 for Php 4800.00 cash out. And you have Php 800 consumables.

  2. I’m still wondering why the Php2499 was used as comparison here, while there’s the 1799 + 4800 cashout (Php1999/month) option from Globe.

  3. jackie

    I agree with the comments above. Globe actually offers more flexibility (Plan 1699, Plan 1799 + 4800 cashout, Plan 2499) than Smart only having Plan 2000.

  4. But so disappointing to Globe, til now, my approved order is still pending! :(

    • 2 weeks na sa akin sa Globe wla pa ring unit!

      sa smart ganun ba din?

  5. Smart offers it for UnliData Plan 2000 + 2,500 cash out to avail of the 24 month lock-in period instead of the 30 months initially.

  6. I think what the SMART plan fails to emphasize is that the unlimited data plan is not really unlimited at all. if you read the internet fair use policy it say that “Smart allocates 1.5Gb per month to the unlimited data plans to enjoy our superior 3G-HSPA network. Violation of the fair use policy, or in excess of the allowed 1.5Gb, network speed will be reduced to 24kbps until the end of the month.”

    So you have unlimited data but the speed is compromised. I wonder if globe has that policy also

    • If that’s the case it would be false advertising. Because it is not stated in the advert that the customer will have a cap of 1.5gb. Sa US and Australia they are very strict when it comes with advertisements. When you say unlimited it should not have any limit in the usage or speed. Kahit na 24/7 akong mag download eh I would still get the right speed. Unfortunately we are not living there, I don’t know if we have that kind of law here in the phils.

    • Hi Mike, Globe also has a fair use policy in their website. Though there are no specifics with regard to the maximum or anything that will indicate that you have exceeded your monthly cap.

      Check it here –


    • Kristian

      Not really sure about that Globe fair usage policy plan. Last I checked, it only applies to internet only SIM like the ones used in their MyFi and Tattoo USB devices. I already used up 50GB this month sa line ko no problems. I download and share a lot of stuff and tether to my laptop. Kain data pag naglive stream. :D

  7. Did you know that PH Telcos are the most expensive in Asia, and unreliable. Why?

    P10-P15 for 1 hour with speed of– well test it. (para mapamura ka)

    In Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China
    for around SGD 1.0 you will get 1gig cap, minimum of 7.2 kbps (HK, China 15+Mbps) guaranteed good for 7 Days.


    Dito sa atin, letche ang services. kala nyo mura na dito no….

    Wala lang, gusto ko lang sabihin. for PHP2k+ just for unlimited plan, talo ka dude, kung maraming pera at uto-uto ka go for it!

    • Kristian

      Actually, mas mura dito. Kasi yung sinasabi mo may data caps of 1GB. I can hit that in a day. Itong month na to lang I already used up 50GB data from Globe because I tether to my laptop and download and share a lot of stuff like lecture videos recorded in HD (30min video 1GB. LOL hirap upload), pati narin torrent. At 1k lang ang babayaran ko for internet. LOL.

  8. @Nil,

    You’re comparing our internet services to developed countries. They of course have the massive advantage in telcom infrastructures. But what we have here is not bad. It can already be used for business purposes such as Skype.

    Back to topic: I wouldn’t recommend Globe. I subscribed to their iPad unlisurf, sobrang bagal! Daig pa dial-up. Lugi ako sa Plan 999. Binigay ko na lang sa nanay ko para mapagtyagaan. Speed tests done by confirmed that Smart is indeed faster. I’m in QC (Katipunan-Cubao-Trinoma)

    • Kristian

      You get slow speeds because bobo ang iOS devices. You can’t make them forcefully connect to 3G only, and at times biglang nagrerevert to GSM connection for internet na hanggang 100kbps lang. This won’t be a problem with an Android device since you can turn off the GSM 2G antenna and just go full 3G. Even my classmates who use iPhones and iPads are irritated at how much faster my internet connection is than theirs using my Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab (both have its own SIM with unlisurf). Here’s a screenshot of speed test I got on Globe’s network, did it from St Luke’s Medical Center QC.

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