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April 05, 2008

Globe 3G: 5 Pesos for 15 minutes!

This just in. Got a message from someone inside Globe telling me Globe GPRS/3G/HSDPA (myGlobe GPRS and myGlobe Internet on your mobile phone settings) has moved to time-based charging. That’s 5 pesos for every 15 minutes! It’s about time.

To activate this new charging scheme, just send text “time” to 1111. You will then get a confirmation that you’ll be charged Php5.00 for every 15 minutes (activation within 1 hour), otherwise you’ll still be billed on a per KB basis.

Been telling them to shift to this price scheduling for the longest time. Weird thing is, subscribers can actually go back to the per KB charging if you want. But who would want that?

Update: It’s already up on their site too.

Globe 3G

*Time Browsing Rate is open to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid Consumer Accounts, SME and Corporate accounts. Not applicable to subscribers on Data Plans (i.e. Visibility). Time Browsing rate effective upon receipt of text confirmation. Succeeding connections will be charged P5 for 15 minutes. If disconnected within the 15 minutes, reconnection will be considered a new session charged at P5. No refund will be made if disconnected before the 15mins are up. Applicable to browsing within the Philippines only.

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41 Responses to “Globe 3G: 5 Pesos for 15 minutes!”

  1. HouseMusicAddict says:

    I didn’t know about it until today, when I called their CS line– it was advertised on the voice prompt. I asked about it in addition to the concern I had, which prompted me to call, and the CSR verified that for potpaid subscribers, you can connect and reconnect anytime within the 15 minutes span. On my way to work, I tried it right away. I think I found a catch to it (there’s always one, as with Smart- where you can’t download contents from free sites such as GetJar and Mobile9) while using an IM client and my in-built browser at the same time, it disconnects after each 15-minute session. Please confirm if you encountered the same thing. My phone’s IM client does not connect automatically without asking permission, and it does ask for permission after every 15 minutes.

  2. carlo says:

    naasar ako,,its not working for downloading??,,bkit gnun??png surf and chat lng ba to??mas mganda pa rin smart although mas mabilis ang globe..

  3. natreh says:

    are you a prepaid user? ’cause I am, haven’t checked it yet ’cause I’ve been browsing continuously for 2 straight 15 mins, and the charge is exactly 10 pesos naman. hmmm…will try this so i can check.

  4. Ken says:

    I tried it yesterday…unfortunately I experienced unstable connection. It seems that every 15 mins. it disconnect. But the Nokia PC suite showed otherwise. Unreliable when ur downloading/updating application updates.

  5. DriftSpeed
    Twitter: DriftSpeed

    if you want to surf with Globe in 3g/HSDPA speeds, u need to have a separate postpaid 3g/HSDPA plan with them.that’s the bottom line.
    im a 3yr postpaid Globe subscriber and according to them, if you want 3g surfing access, u need to sign up for their 3g/hsdpa plan.

    no thanks.for mobile browsing, stick to Smart.

  6. lance says:

    i cant connect with my samsung omnia…
    anyone can help me?
    error connections evrytime i try to connect..

  7. Shan says:

    Hi yuga. i’m foreigner. I’m using HTC Touch HD and Iphone (international version). But i don’t know how to set 3G for my cellphone. I’m using Smart and Globe. Please help me. Im not good in Enlish so i dont want to get help from Center Service. Can anyone help me. Thanks!

  8. Oliver Viray
    Twitter: oliverviray

    could anyone help me? i bought a globe tattoo but cant browse faster than 3G

  9. spot says:

    hello peeps,
    here’s something you can try to improve the reception of your USB modem. I tried it using Globe Tattoo, and it worked for me. Check the link from my blog :)

  10. Derrick says:

    Let me quote you Yuga,
    “Weird thing is, subscribers can actually go back to the per KB charging if you want. But who would want that?”

    Actually, i am definitely into the mobile thing right now. just to look for whats showing in the cinemas or for certain games in Facebook(Mousehunt). I think time browsing is the smarter choice, but at how lousy the signal, the “kb” transfer is, i’ll not rather used it for anything “heavy”.

  11. Ccacac says:

    Smart3gs for iPad @ 999 unlimited for 6 months I think it’s cool

  12. abdul jabar says:

    Been telling them to shift to this price scheduling for the longest time. Weird thing is, subscribers can actually go back to the per KB charging if you want. But who would want that?

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