Globe & Smart to offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 this May

Based on the number of tweets from Globe Telecom and Smart Comm., it looks like both telcos will be offering the new Samsung Galaxy S3 this May.

The date has not yet been set but according to Samsung reps, it will be either May 22 or May 24. I am betting on May 24 though if this is going to be a huge launch between the two carriers.

Globe’s tweet was subtle but already contains the #globegalaxys3 hashtag:

Smart’s recent tweet was a bit bold and contains photos of the Galaxy S3 itself (#smartgalaxys3):

The last time we saw this kind of tweet-fight was during the launch of the iPhone 4S back in December. My guess is that the Galaxy S3 will get the same treatment, considering the popularity and sales of the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note in both networks.

We’ll just have to wait and see. That’s just two weeks to go.

Note: We covered the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in London last May 3. Check out our first impressions here.

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  1. I’m with SMART

  2. Wow it can move videos

  3. I go with globe unli data plan :)
    I really saved money for this!!!!

    S2 sana ako.. ng biglang… S3 hanep!

  4. Bryan

    Ang bagal ng internet ng globe! Im using BB 9800 and it took for ever to load. Im going with smart and their all in plans. hehehe..

  5. Ramon

    My question would be if Smart would offer unlimited LTE data plan for the S3…

    …if so, I’m definitely in :D

    • Does Smart even offer LTE?

    • Ramon

      For smartphones? not yet, but I’ve read somewhere that they were planning to offer LTE data plans for handheld devices including Ipad 3 (which was still a rumor at the time) somewhere at the middle of 2012

      gitna nanaman ng 2012 di ba? baka S3 na yung first LTE smart phone dito sa pinas :D hahaha

    • Guys the Galaxy s 3 is not LTE capable.. It has an Exynos chip inside and only Qualcomm Snapdragon chips are capable of LTEs.

    • Ramon

      uhm… you sure? never heard of LTE being a Qualcomm-only tech @_@

      besides, S3 is already listed as a LTE capable device :P

  6. PauloA

    My friend got his 4S with globe and the unli-data plan suck big time! Internet connection is SLOW. You’ll never want to watch any internet video or upload anything from your phone with that kind of connection. Not sure if that’s the same with Smart.

    • talaga?

      i own the 4s with unlidata, i tether my laptop, ipad, even my lg optimus one to it and i can still download from installous with 200kbps speeds at times.

      its called finding a good 3G signal bud, look it up.

    • 200kbps? That’s freakishly slow mate.

      And you can see the flaw of the Globe plan there – inconsistent service over the archipelago. There will always be a guy with crappy service and another guy completely satisfied. I’m pretty sure all networks have flaws – just pick your poison. :)

  7. I’m going with Globe. I hope they’ll offer it in Plan 1799 with cash-out lower than P5000. Similar to the iPhone4S launch. ^_^

  8. smart’s 3g is so slow. . i can’t believe im using a 3g speed. . will go back to globe after my contracts ends. .

  9. black po ba talaga yung nakikita kong s3 sa pic ng smart, o namamalikmata lang ako? pangit nung blue eh :))

    • EJ Osorio

      Actually, yung “black” na nakikita mo ay yung pebble blue variant. Anyhow, This phone is awesome! <3

    • honestly, parehas namang panget! lols!!

  10. dTech

    Globe and Smart are competitive, if you know Smart’s Unlimited Data 2000, they have great high end smart phone line up. But I noticed, Globe’s iPhone unlimited data is way cheaper than Smart’s iPhone plan.

    I hope Globe would offer this much cheaper than Smart, ‘coz I’m a Globe subscriber, and I want this phone!!!

  11. juicyjor

    ayus. sana maliit lang cashout.

  12. itachi1

    It’s a great phone, though I’m not sure it’s a good reason to give up my S2 for it… lalo na it’s just upgraded with Ice Cream Sandwich recently.

  13. matsunori

    Yes! The iPhone 4S killer is finally here!

  14. zer0ice

    Abe, I don’t think Smart carried the S2 on their smartphone line-up. It WAS exclusive to Globe for a time. Smart never offered it int any of their tiered plans.

    I’m going with Smart. Globe may have good connections in SELECT areas, but generally, you can always get a good/serviceable connection practically anywhere with Smart. Of course, there are still problem areas. Nobody is perfect.

    I hope the price of the Galaxy S3 is competitive. I’m wishing it hovers around the price of HTC One X, another Quad-core beast. However, we all know Galaxy S3 has MORE features, so probably a more premium price.

  15. How about Sun Cellular? :)

  16. jhepoyski

    wow hopefully free at plan2499(globe)

  17. Just in time for my retention with Smart

  18. neville

    smart 3g on my 4s, 8mbps download speed, commonwealth area..globe? 0.33mbps, and thats offpeak.. yeah it depends on the area but just a heads up.

    s3 will rock, LTE smart ftw! but all my friends are globe users… wth! ill just message them with messaging apps lol!

  19. reeya

    how much is s3 in Philippines?

  20. Im with SMART. Smart gamit ko for mobile browsing mas mabilis talaga ang data connection nila compared to Globe. My Globe is just for.. texting. Hahaha.

    • dTech

      It’s not advisable talaga to go with sabi sabi, kung ano malakas sa area subscribe to that network, if data plan, but if mga ktext mo e hnd naman globe o smart or same network, so option mo pwedeng magkaiba ng line ang data and comm.

      Pero swerte ka tulad ko if 5mbps ang speed using the same sim for comm and data connection. And same network ko mga katxt ko. Good thing I’m subscribed sa Globe.

      Hehe! Go Globe, don’t let Smart outwit ya!

  21. I go for SMART on this one!


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