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February 01, 2014

Globe breaks silence, explains Fair Usage Policy

It seems Globe is the only one actively defending the telco’s Fair Usage Policy. In a recent release they sent out via Twitter, they explained the FUP in a nice little infographic.

Here’s the entire picture of what the whole throttling and daily bandwidth allowance works.

They’ve also pointed out that less than 3% of their subscribers do exceed the 1GB per day or the 3GB per month allocation.

The controversy broke out last week when Globe started actively enforcing their Fair Usage Policy, sending out text messages to heavy users informing them of the measures implemented once they reach the daily and monthly allocation.

It seems Globe is trying to wean the 3% of their subscribers out of their network. The strategy is to endure all the pain with restricting all those 3% of their subscriber base (and the huge possibility of losing them to a competing network), rather than wait for the others to enforce the same on a later date. It’s either now or later and Globe decided to take the heat first and get it over with.

Last week, we noted that both Globe and Smart have their ow versions of the FUP. Globe has 3GB stated on print while Smart has 1.5GB cap stated in their FUP. You can read more about it here.

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273 Responses to “Globe breaks silence, explains Fair Usage Policy”

  1. John says:

    Fuck you ka Globe. hindi mo in-explain sa akin yung 3gb per month. pumayag na nga ako sa 1gb a day kasi sabi mo ma rereset naman sya on 12 midnight. Pero putang ina lang, hindi nyo sinabi sakin yung 3gb per month. Mga hayop., bagong subscriber lang ako sa inyo tapos ganito first impression. Fuck you sa 2 years lock-in period nyo.

  2. Joe says:

    Fuck you Globe. I am using less than 400MB per day but after 2 days of using i always kick me down to the 2G. And it doesn’t reset at midnigh. It is now 9:24am and I am still on 2G since last night at 7pm

  3. Joe says:

    Porgot to say: I’m using the prepaid pocket wifi from globe. They told me that I’m allowed to use 800MB/day at 3G speeds. Either they are lying or they don’t know their own policy. I think they are full of shit.

  4. you says:

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    ending I am reading this fantastic post to improve my experience.

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