Globe CEO Ernest Cu confirms arrival of iPhone 4S

In a Globe event that happened tonight at the Manila Peninsula, Globe CEO Ernest Cu confirms they are preparing the release of the iPhone 4S in the Philippines in the next couple of weeks. That brings us to a timeline of 1st week to 2nd week of December 2011.

Globe Telecom’s event tonight was actually to announce that they will be investing about $700 million (or over Php30 billion) in the next 18 months to replace all their infrastructure to the latest available technology that is IPv6 capable and HSPA+/LTE ready.

The iPhone 4S was only mentioned in passing — “while other telcos are making public announcement, we at Globe are silently preparing for the launch of the iPhone 4S in a couple of weeks” or something to that effect, says Cu.

After the event, I did a one-on-one interview with Ernest Cu for ABS-CBN’s camera crew and then pressed him about the iPhone 4S. He could not add anything else adding that they are contractually obligated to be silent about it.

We earlier reported that Smart-PLDT Chairman Manny Pangilinan also promised to release the iPhone 4S to its high-end subscribers before end of December. So it looks like both Globe and Smart will carry the iPhone 4S. The most likely scenario is that it will be launched simultaneously.

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  1. Wow! 2 telcos carrying the 4s. Now, would that be good news or bad news? ;)

    • Competition is always good and the customers will be the winner in this case hopefully more competition!

  2. labanan na to….

  3. Though I’m not really sure how it will pan out for Globe, I’m much more optimistic for Globe than Smart when it comes to HSPA+/LTE.

  4. gadgetgadget

    someone from globe market market told us that they’re prolly releasing the 4s around dec 4.

  5. expect fireworks…but not low prices and great service…and with sun out of the picture…it will get a little more of an oligopoly…i hope another telco stands up…tinitiis lang natin kasi wala tayo choice…these 2 companies are both full of sh*&…

  6. Hoping for an “upgrade” option for those who have just bought an iPhone 4. :)

  7. sylv3rblade

    Lol pasaring sa smart, stay classy :)

  8. Noli Eala

    Kampihan na!

  9. coachjojoc

    Ahhh…so this is the guy who gave his imprimatur to his subalterns: “I’m sorry, sir. It makes no difference that you are a loyal customer of 13 years. You have to terminate one of your lines and apply for a new one to get the iPhone.”

    There’s a place reserved for people like you who treat your clientele badly….it’s called last place.

  10. oh so apparently announcing to a public event is an act of being silent. what a weird CEO. lol…

  11. mujipanda

    I just went to a Globe business center this morning. I’m at the end of my 2 year contract with my 3GS. Getting a retention iPhone 4 (and theoretically a 4S) has NO difference from getting a new line (except for just keeping your old line). No perks, no advantages at all for staying loyal with the company. What’s worse is customers who will get a new line will get their phones earlier than those who are planning to get it via retention.

    So I asked the customer service person in the business center, “so there’s no difference at all, between me and a new customer?” The CS person just said “sir, at least you can keep your old number, and you can continue the number of years with us instead of it being reset.”

    Amidst all the lip service Ernest Cu has been doing for Apple and its legendary customer service, please tell me, what the hell is wrong with Globe?

  12. arvinparedes

    parang ang dinig ko next year pa si globe at mauuna si smart. hmmm..

    re new line getting the phone earlier, ill go ahead and slash my existing contract then. lol.

  13. very nice.. now the question is who has the better offer smart or globe?

  14. It is a pride and opportunity of Globe to have it.

  15. 4s spotted at Globe Greenbelt. Totoo kaya?

  16. jcomaling

    Globe iphone 4s already up, although its not yet complete. i cant post it here but just type globe iphone 4s in google search and you’ll see the webpage from official globe site

    • I’ve seen it! Only available for postpaid. Models available are 16GB black/white and 32GB black/white. No 64GB yet. Cannot give the link because Globe and Apple might be pissed off.
      Just type globe iphone 4s in google search.

  17. I think smart would not get the iphone since
    they blew it when they announced it ahead of time. Apple was so upset about it. In response, Apple will scrap Smart telecom from the list like they did on McGraw-Hill after they leak the Ipad a day before the announcement.

    • really? its kinda weird if apple was so upset! Apple is not a loss for Smart telecom. Smart has gone a long long way before apple cellphones has reached the Philippine shore a long time ago.

  18. @ Archie Apple are very secrective. They have zero tolerance in regard to leaks.

  19. xinyuiyin

    Too bad for Globe. Smart/PLDT is the best right now even without iPhone. Now they just stealed the whole show.

  20. may naninira sa globe postpaid d2. . Ok ang service ng globe lalo na pagmatagal k ng postpaid. . .

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  22. Pagandahan na lang ng service, the more the merrier


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