Globe claims 100% 3G coverage, 4G/LTE in 3 months

Yesterday, Globe Telecom boasted the fruition of their recent efforts (not to mention investments) in expanding their network’s reach in the country. In the press conference, Globe President Ernest Cu stated that the Ayala-led telco now has 100% coverage for 3G and is looking to do the same feat for 4G/LTE in the next 90 days.


According Ernest Cu, Globe Telecoms will be spending up to USD200 million, or a third of the telco’s 2014 capital expenditure budget (USD600 – 650 millon) this year for the modernization of their network infrastructure.

Globe’s network upgrades this year involve laying out additional fiber optic cables spanning to 9400 kilometers, and increasing the number of cell sites in the country, which is expected to reach at least 6500 by the end of the year, 700 of which are 4G/LTE cell sites.

“Our transformation journey does not end with the 3G and 4G technologies. We will continue to improve our network’s infrastructure to accommodate our customers’ fast-paced digital lifestyle needs,”

– Ernest Cu, CEO of Globe Telecoms

In line with his statement above, Cu mentioned that Globe plans to allot roughly the same amount of money (USD100 – 200 million) next year to fuel the telco’s effort to further enhance the service through network upgrades.


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  1. ku-mag

    Yung tumawag ka nga lang ng landline eh..

    NETWORK BUSY –> Nagunli landline calls ka pa!

  2. kitkit

    Aysus! Wala ito… joke lang ito.. hahahhaha! Ngayon na nga lang peste na.. hanggang sa pangarap nalang Globe…

  3. globe loyalist

    im using globe since nagkatrabaho aq, happy naman ako kasi ok un signal nila, hindi nga lng sa lahat ng area, pero un 100 percent 3g no way,
    pero nagdadalawang isip na ko ngayun dahil sa data capping nila, aanhin mo malakas na signal kung may cap naman sila,

    nag hotspot ako, i spent 45mb pero hindi ako nakakonek sa fb or google,
    i really hste them now, puro sila salita, unlike before unlimited ang net nila, i filed a report pero i doubt kung may mangyayari dun kasi wla na sila pakialam sa users nila lalo na sa mga blackberry users nila, hanggang ngayun wla pa un update ng bb os 10, ung ibang banda 2 weeks na un update, sa globe walang kwenta

  4. Yousef

    Eat shit, Globe. I’m not going back to your shitty network ever again. What’s the use of 42 Mbps (or even 1 Gbps for that matter) if your internet is capped?! Smart all the way.

  5. Zobel

    Will stick to Smart prepaid. I’ve gotten upwards of 800 KBs during off peak.

  6. Freeje

    100% coverage but signal will still be weak n service shit.

  7. BEWARE OF GLOBE… lolokohin lang kayo! Anong silbi ng 100% 3g or 4g coverage kung naka-cap. Papatikman lang tayo ng konting speed good only for a few hours per day, tapos ibabalik tayo sa 100% SLOWNESS which is EVEN SLOWER THAN BEFORE!



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