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May 12, 2014

Globe switches UnliSurf to GoSurf in MySuperPlan

Last month, we reported that Globe is consolidating its mobile internet plans under the new GoSurf label replacing both PowerSurf and SuperSurf. Globe has denied it will phase out SuperSurf but it looks like they’ve actually started doing so this month.

In 3 separate conversations with Globe Customer Service on the phone over the week-end, we received multiple confirmations that the new default mobile surfing plans will now be GoSurf and SuperSurf is no longer offered in the plans.

Some of the new Globe MySuperPlan packages are as follows:

MySuperPlan 1799:
GoSurf 5GB – 999
Consumable – 800
Unlimited Calls & Text to Globe/TM – Php599
iPhone 5S 16GB – free

MySuperPlan 1799:
GoSurf 10GB – 1499
Consumable – 300
Unlimited Calls & Text to Globe/TM – Php599
iPhone 5S 16GB – free

Both plans will net you Php2,398 for the MSF and there’s some cash-out depending on the contract period and the type of handset availed.

When asked about the old SuperSurf plans, the CSR has stated that it has been phased out in favor of the new GoSurf offers. Old SuperSurf subscribers will not be swicthed to the new GoSurf plans. However, once old subscribers renew their 24-month contract, the new GoSurf plans will be offered instead of SuperSurf.

The 1GB/day or 3GB per month FUP on the old SuperSurf still remains, which makes the GoSurf at 5GB more palatable.

The new GoSurf plan is probably Globe’s way to address the FUP issue and clarify the bandwidth allocations for mobile internet by its subscribers (thereby adhering to the “truth in advertising” complaints a lot of subscribers have been hurling against them).

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88 Responses to “Globe switches UnliSurf to GoSurf in MySuperPlan”

  1. 'em says:

    Magtitinda pa din ba ang Globe ng Wifi devices? Yung pang Tattoo without voice na plans.. Kasi what’s the point of sharing your connection to at least 5 users kung may cap ang data plan mo… Hahaha.. Diyan ako na-uto ni Globe…

    • Kristian says:

      Yung Tattoo internet sticks ang data cap parang 800MB a day, before switching to 2G speeds, pero walang monthly cap (sabi sakin kahit umabot daw ako 100GB sa isang buwan eh 999 parin bayaran ko), and walang voice. Sa FUP ng Globe, ang affected lang is yung phone plans and yung Tattoo Lifestyle, pero yung Tattoo LTE, Conusmable and Personal Plans, unlinet montly parin. You could consider the Tattoo LTE, 5GB a day yung cap.

  2. abe says:

    i smell bankruptcy and lesser subscribers who will default on their respective plans,, what a no brainer

  3. Yusuf says:

    I pray that this greedy company goes bankrupt. Everyone go boycott this rotten company!

    • tobimagwire
      Twitter: tobimagwire

      can you imagine the thousands of jobs that will be lost if your wish is granted.

    • Kardong Puke says:

      Mas mabuti ng mawalan ng trabaho ang mga empleyado ng Globe kesa naman mga subscribers ang kawawa.

    • Tsk says:

      and you believe that smart is better than globe just because of their internet plans? Smart/PLDT is the main cause why the internet speed in the Philippines is shitty, lol.

    • gofckurselfglobe says:

      wow! naging tama nanaman ang mali, dahil lang marami mawawalan nang trabaho ok lang kahit niloloko ang tao?

      i guess this is what the robin hood cartoon in cartoonetwork back then did to people, kids back then were thought that what robin hood was doing was ok because he gives it back to the people. but really when did stealing became ok? dahil madami sha binibigyan nang trabaho?

    • don miata says:

      Globe is Ayala diba? they never go broke. there should be a consumers organisation in this country, i’m willing to take part in an organisation like that

  4. Critic says:

    How can Go Surf replace the Unlisurf plans if according to the Globe website, it is only valid until June 30? Looks like just a promo to me.

    • Kristian says:

      Wala nag Supersurf if you go to the website and under MySuperplan offerings. Tinanggal na nila links and options to add into the plans. Luckily I updated my plan ng last week of April so I still got unlimited internet. Hopefully policies change back to unlimited once I have to renew again. :D

      If you want mobile unlimited internet, looks like you will have to move to Tattoo plans using a mobile WiFi device. Mukhang ginagaya ng Globe ang “3” network sa UK: Separate ang unlimited internet for Mobile WiFi sa tiered internet bundles for phones.

  5. Kristian says:

    Well, doing a little research of my own it seems they did not phase out Supersurf, but just separated it from MySuperPlan. It exists as an add on service. Kung baga you can’t use the PV points in Mysuperplan to get it anymore. If you want it, it goes on top of your MySuperPlan. So you have to get a cheaper plan to get Supersurf and have your new plan cost the same as your old plan.

    Kunwari, plan 799+SuperPlan999 to achieve the same thing as the old Plan 1799. Ang catch, yung value na madiscount mo for devices is based sa Plan799,not sa Plan1799. Kung ganun lang din, Tattoo Plan 999 nalang ako. Based sa FUP ng Tattoo, 800MB a day 3G/4G speed, no monthly cap. May free Tab3 pa ako with MyFi device to go with whatever phone I can get sa Plan 799, kaysa Plan 799 phone lang. Lol.

  6. Andrew says:

    kumuha ako ng plan 999 sa globe ung my galaxy trend at tab 3 lite bundle. meron akong 5gb cap. kapag nag exceed ba ako sa 5gb even or before a month eh ichacharge na b ako for those exceeding mobile data like naka 6gb ako in a month? thanks sa magrereply.

    • Andrew says:

      hindi ba unlimited internet ung bundle ng galaxy trend and tab 3 lite? so if mag exceed ako sa 5gb cap it mins may additional charge na ako sa monthly bills ko? parang sobrang daya at mahal naman ng plan sa globe.

    • Kristian says:

      Yep ganun nga. Ang gawin mo, download mo ang My Data Manager na app, tapos sa settings mag set ka ng 5GB data plan per month, and yung date of billing cycle mo. Tapos set mo na stop data when limit is reached, paramag automatic off ang data mo pag naka 5GB ka na, para di lumaki bill mo.

    • clowrainie says:

      yupz ganun nga..pagnagexceed ka babayaran mo na at byun yung di nila inexplain samin nung kumuha kami..sabi nila babagal yung 5gb sa 2gb pag nagexceed ka yun pala hindi, machacharged ka na grrrh ang daya tuwing narereceived niyo yung bill at mataas tawag lang kayo sa customer service maggalit galitan kayo then aayusin nila biglang mababawasan bill niyo..kasi ganun ako yung 999 naging 2k plus then yung now 1k plus then yun tumawag ako yung 2k naging 500 at yung 1k naging 600..kung di kayo cocomplain wala mangyayari

  7. bern says:

    This more expensive!

    It no longer implement speed cap when you hit your allocated download size limit but you will be charged P2/MB on top. How could we know if we already hit the limit and globe is starting to charge the excess from your consumable?

  8. Tsk says:

    It’s funny how people can afford postpaid plans and keep on saying things like everything is expensive.

    • Exag says:

      Same reason why people can buy cars and get mad when there’s an oil price hike. Same reason why people can buy a condo and get mad when meralco charges higher rate. Same reason why people can afford studying in exclusive schools and protest on tuition fee increase.

      Your money’s value decreases once you start getting less and pays more.
      Now you can go back to your summer classes.

    • Kristian says:

      Lol true. Considering that the internet postpaid rates here are among the cheapest in the world. In th UK and the US, 2GB data caps cost an equivalent of 999, when here the same value nets you 5GB plus unli spotify. Eat all you can data with a 2GB throttle limit costs an equivalent of 2k,while eat all you can data costs between 2.5k and 5k. Basically half price tayo dito.

      Naalala ko tuloy yung nung nagpapatuneup ako sa Servitek. Ang kotse ko 94 Sentra, pero ang pinalagay ko Mobil 1, Bosch spark plugs, full undiluted prestone coolant,.. Basta branded lahat. And it still runs like new. May nakasabay ako current gen Fortuner, mga pinalagay naman mga mumurahing langis, plugs, etc. Nagtanong pa kung may 2nd hand na gulong sila. Nak ng, bibili ka Fortuner wala ka naman palang pera pang maintain.

    • Gasper says:

      Don’t compare the cost of Data Plans or whatever of other country to the Philippines. Our cost of Living differs in each country. For example, in Abu Dhabi the cost of a a Data Plan is not that cheap but an average employee can afford it since compare the cost of the basic necessities in Abu Dhabi is less expensive compare to our country, Philippines which you will say that one of the cheapest in terms of data plans but the basic necessities are outrageous in price.

    • Tsk says:


      LOL. Then those people don’t deserve to drive a car or own a condo in the first place. Also, studying in exclusive schools is not a requirement to get a job. These are all luxuries, sadly, most people think these things are necessities.

      Now go back to your perfect dream world.

    • Kst says:

      @ Tsk, being rich does not take away your right complain. Aral-aral ka muna pag may time.

  9. Ged says:

    Share lang nung year 2009 ang gamit ko globe broadband wala pa yatang limit nuon, ang bilis ng internet ng globe dito sa area ko umaabot ng 1-2mbps (mabilis na yan nung panahon na iyon)

    ngayon… naka postpaid plan ako sa globe yung sim card ang ginawa ko ininsert ko dun sa globe broadband na gamit ko nung 2009 at nagulat ako na sobrang bagal ng internet ng ako para malaman ang speed sa ilang beses kong nag try hindi man lang umaabot ng .50mbps or wala pang 500kbps yung speed,, ang expect ko pa naman mas lalong bibilis dahil Postpaid na ang gamit ko at may FUP pa ang globe kaso kahit pala may FUP ang globe talagang mabagal padin.

  10. redhawk says:

    Affected ba ang mga old subscribers or para yan sa mga new subscribers nila? Gusto ko lang maliwanagan thanks

  11. Marf says:

    kahit anong palit pa nila dyan… it won’t change the fact that internet here in the Philippines is overpriced and super slow… and these companies are maximizing that opportunity to earn more money for themselves… #hayPilipinas

  12. rilmatic says:

    affected? yes. i used to have the unli data 2 years ago. today i just got a text message i went past the 1gb limit for the day. wtf? and thats just viewing videos on the fb app and updating a couple apps/games. lame. i’m moving to smart.

  13. Question says:

    How much would it cost for Globe to charge us for unlimited?? Kasi dati naman pwede. Akala ko nag “modernize” na?? Bulok pa din pala

    • bern says:

      No more unlimited for Gosurf plan because flat rate is 2pesos/MB that will be charged on top of your data cap, it means that if you consume 10GB and your data cap is 5GB, the 5GB in excess will be charged P2/MB. Imagine how many MB in 5GB data, excess charge could be around P10,000 if I’m not mistaken.

      This is also why they implement billshock or maximum credit limit to subscriber’s account just to avoid shock if someone go overboard.

  14. torrentleech says:

    Wag na kasi mag torrent. he he he!

  15. Diablo iii
    Twitter: iamsantelmo

    From Globe Website:

    What happens after I use up my MB allocation?
    For Prepaid customers, your succeeding internet connections will be charged P5 for 15 minutes unless you register again to a mobile data promo.

    For Postpaid customers, your succeeding internet connections will be charged P2 per MB. Postpaid GoSurf comes with a no bill shock guarantee that ensures GoSurf customers on GoSurf999 and below that they will not pay more than P1,500 for data monthly. Customers on GoSurf 1799 and GoSurf2499 promo plans will not pay more than P3,000 for data monthly.

  16. OkoySquid says:

    For me, I find the new goSurf much better than the old supersurf (unlimited). You will only go over the cap if you use your phone for torrent. 5GB per month on GoSurf 999 is more than enough even if you use youtube. As for me, I know how to disable applications from using up data in the background. All android/apple devices can do this.

    I think it is cheaper because for plan 499, I was already able to get 1.5GB monthly data at 4G which is more than enough for my needs in addition to 400 pesos consumables. Add up the 1GB spotify, I think this is a good deal.

    • Raphiduz says:

      That’s the trick of Globe Telecom. When you subscribed to their GoSurf plans, you will think that you are having a good deal because of free Spotify access. But free Spotify lasts only for 6 months then after that, if you will use Spotify, every MB/GB that it consumes will be deducted from your free GB of your plan.

  17. Irritated says:

    Last week, I got a Postpaid plan 999 plus cash out of 2400 for Samsung Galaxy S Duos and Samsung Tab 3 and I was excited to have unlimited internet in my hands.. only to get a shock of my life after 4 days! A Data Usage Warning popped up in my cp saying that I already consumed 4 gig. WHAT? 4 gig in 4 days! I only watched videos in Youtube & downloaded music from mp3 downloader. For a novice postpaid plan like me, this is a HUGE WT!! I thought Unlisurf means UNLI, not UNLI til 5 gig only!! Now I won’t have internet for the rest of the month!! I should have been satisfied with my tattoo.. :-(

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  23. potpot says:

    This is bullsshit! Having a 5gb limit with the same price as the old “unlisurf”!? Hindi it makatarungan… This is robbery!

  24. Deero says:

    Paano ba magreklamo kay De Lima kasi false advertising daw yung supersurf nila eh, tapos may 1 year pa kaming tatapusin sa kontrata, tapos biglang 1gb per day..

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