Globe switches UnliSurf to GoSurf in MySuperPlan

Last month, we reported that Globe is consolidating its mobile internet plans under the new GoSurf label replacing both PowerSurf and SuperSurf. Globe has denied it will phase out SuperSurf but it looks like they’ve actually started doing so this month.

In 3 separate conversations with Globe Customer Service on the phone over the week-end, we received multiple confirmations that the new default mobile surfing plans will now be GoSurf and SuperSurf is no longer offered in the plans.

Some of the new Globe MySuperPlan packages are as follows:

MySuperPlan 1799:
GoSurf 5GB – 999
Consumable – 800
Unlimited Calls & Text to Globe/TM – Php599
iPhone 5S 16GB – free

MySuperPlan 1799:
GoSurf 10GB – 1499
Consumable – 300
Unlimited Calls & Text to Globe/TM – Php599
iPhone 5S 16GB – free

Both plans will net you Php2,398 for the MSF and there’s some cash-out depending on the contract period and the type of handset availed.

When asked about the old SuperSurf plans, the CSR has stated that it has been phased out in favor of the new GoSurf offers. Old SuperSurf subscribers will not be swicthed to the new GoSurf plans. However, once old subscribers renew their 24-month contract, the new GoSurf plans will be offered instead of SuperSurf.

The 1GB/day or 3GB per month FUP on the old SuperSurf still remains, which makes the GoSurf at 5GB more palatable.

The new GoSurf plan is probably Globe’s way to address the FUP issue and clarify the bandwidth allocations for mobile internet by its subscribers (thereby adhering to the “truth in advertising” complaints a lot of subscribers have been hurling against them).

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  1. Hi everyone, I am also from the supersurf999 plan. My piece here is that supersurf accounts should not be affected by the FUP changes of globe since we are from the old plan. When we signed up this wasn’t in the deal. No matter how convincing globe says they need it to limit usage etc… bottom line is we signed up for unlimited internet. They may say it’s unlimited but just throttled to 2G but that’s still unacceptable since that wasn’t in the deal when we signed up.

    In my case, I signed up in 2013. They applied the FUP rule of 3gb and throttling in January of 2014.

    For all of you out there on the same boat please help by sending your complaint to

    BTW: In Australia, it is true that the price of their internet is expensive. But they adhere to what is in the contract. There are plans there , old plans that have unlimited internet. They don’t offer it anymore in the new plan but they still honor the unlinet of the old plan since that was what they signed up for. And whenever the telecom there do not adhere to their posted advertisement or plan, they get fined by ACMA (like NTC in the philippines) who regulates and protect consumer rights. I’m just not sure if they do fine telecoms here.

    • George

      Thanks for the info. I will be sending my complaint against Globe for proactively removing my Supersurf999 without my approval last Feb 11, 2015 and worse, by the time I asked for it to be back, they told me that they cant and instead offered me the 5gb cap which was not what I originally signed for.

  2. When you switch to Gosurf you won’t be able to download movies via P2P. It’s a trap!


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