Globe iPhone 3G Post-Paid Plans Unveiled?


Got an email tipping us of the possible Globe Telecom Post-Paid Plans for the new iPhone 3G coming this September in the Philippines. These postpaid plans are not final and may change but more or less close to what you’ll expect when it comes out.

The starting price of $199 for the 8GB iPhone 3G model will come in a 2-year lock-in period with Globe Telecom. Here are the supposedly postpaid plans for new Globe subscribers:

G-Max 3500 iPhone 3G
Initial Fee: Php9,995
Monthly Fee: Php3,500
Free Text: 650
Free Calls: 750 mins.
Globe to Globe: Php3.50/minute
Globe to Non-Globe: Php4.50/minute
Excess SMS Rates: Php0.50/text

Globe Platinum 5000 iPhone 3G
Initial Fee: FREE
Monthly Fee: Php5,000
Free Text: 650
Free Calls: 1,100 mins.
Globe to Globe: Php3.50/minute
Globe to Non-Globe: Php4.50/minute
Excess SMS Rates: Php0.50/text

Optional: Additional Php2,000/month for Unlimited 3G Plans (Globe Visibility). Plans have 2-year lock-in period with Globe.

PrePaid Plans have not been finalized yet (due to Forex rates) but it will be in the range of Php20,000 to Php25,000.

Note that these plans have not been verified but based on the existing mobile subscriptions currently offered by Globe, they seem to fit and make sense. The discounted 3G Globe Visibility plans is supposed to be the sweet deal.

Apple may not be making profits out of the 50% cut on the iPhone 3G but they may be getting some revenue-sharing from post-paid plans from the telco. That’s the only logical reason why Apple was able to reduce the one-off price down to $199.

Update: In the US, people may get the new iPhone 3G for $199 + $39.99 * 24 months from AT&T for a total of $1,158.76 after 2 years.

Update 2: Unlocked iPhone 1.0 sells for Php29,500 in the black market.

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  1. interesting exchange here. i for one personally think that globe’s iphone pricing is still way too much. globe could have really maximized this to steal market share but instead, i’m quite certain they’ll get so much negative press from this. one can’t compare the price to other countries by just applying the forex — a P70 mcdo value meal here is P250 there. sigh. this is a monumentally big marketing mistake on pricing that globe will surely pay for.

  2. You can get the new iphone 3g without a contract!!! This is where I got mine:

  3. hEi guys.,.
    i already checked it in globe.,
    anD thAt prepaid iphone 3g costs 37 599 for 4g,,
    and 43k plus in 18 gig..
    harhar… quite expensivE..

  4. Hi! We are planning to buy one by end of this year. Globe IPhone plans sound quite expensive. Where is the best place to get the best deal on IPhone? Thanks for any help. :)

  5. kyla orlina

    im soooooo stupid, i have to pay 120,000 pesos
    for my iphone while it costs only 300 dallars in the us. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. dodong

    ampupung globe ayaw nila activate ung iphone 3g 16g ko na i bought in US sabi nila di daw nila alam i configure kasi di galing sakanila ung iphone…wtf….

  7. Michael Jackson

    Daming reklamo! POOR!

  8. Andrea Amparo

    I have been a LOYAL subscriber of Globe for more than 10 years now. It just sucks to know that their quality of their service to their consumers has rapidly been getting worse.

    And their customer loyalty department? It seems like their goal is to have people transfer their lines to their competitors. Kung hindi pa ako magagalit, hindi pa tatawag Customer Service nila.

    Hindi makatarungan na itong iPhone eh paghihintayin nila subscriber nila. Ang nakakatawa pa, iba iba sinasabi ng Customer Service reps. So funny, it seems like they don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Malas, at napunta ang iPhone sa Globe. Sana sa Smart na lang.

  9. planning to buy iphone this december…i dont wantthe globe plan. it seems so expensive..can anyone tel me where can i buy one? the nearest city in my place is CEBU. its not available in tacloban

  10. helo? where can i buy iphone? i dont want to have it through globe plan for it seems too expensive..thank

  11. Parang mas cost effective pa yata ang mag Blackberry dito sa Philippines no? Andyan din naman ang messenger and email functionality

  12. unlocker_ph


    i can Activate any version of iPhone 3G or 3Gs or iPhone 4 even with-out it’s original sim

    just contact me..

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