Globe iPhone 5 Postpaid Plans and Prepaid Pricing

Globe Telecom has finally released their postpaid plans and prepaid pricing for the upcoming iPhone 5 which will be released on December 14. We break the mobile packages down for you.

The prepaid kit prices of the iPhone 5 on Globe is as follows:

iPhone 5 16GB – Php35,400
iPhone 5 32GB – Php40,800
iPhone 5 64GB – Php46,300

As for the postpaid plans, Globe is giving the 16GB iPhone 5 free starting at Plan 2499 and up. Here’s the complete pricing schedule:

Globe is offering a zero (0%) interest credit card plan for all cash-out which means you can make Php200 monthly payments for 24 months on the Php4,800 cash-out under Plan 1799.

Your iPhone 5 will also comes with a 4-month insurance on top of the standard Apple 1 year-warranty. This means if you accidentally damage your phone, lost it or got robbed within 4 months of getting the unit, you are eligible to get a new replacement phone with minimal fee (see details here).

All of the postpaid plans will also come with 1-year free subscription of GCash American Express Virtual Card.

Lastly, even if your existing contract is not up yet, Globe will allow you to reset and get an iPhone 5 Plan. The equivalent cash-out goes up to 72% discount. We’re still not sure of the details of the “Reset Program” but that allows all existing subscribers to get a new iPhone 5 and still continue with their existing contract or plan.

You can read our review of the iPhone 5 here.

If you’re interested to learn about the postpaid plan comparison between Globe and Smart, read it here. Our recommendation for Globe iPhone 5 and Smart iPhone 5 is here. Learn about the Reset Program here.

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  1. knives809

    May I know the model unit they are selling? Is it the lte version?

  2. No LTE chip or just disabled till the network passes Apples quality assurance? I read somewhere that to enable LTE, apple will just send out a software patch.

  3. I’m interested with the reset program. Nawala na kasi iyung iPhone 4s ng Fiance ko from the plan and we are hoping to replace it with the iphone 5. Magkano kaya ang need namin cashout for it? If totoo iyung 72% discount, then this looks like a good deal. =D

  4. I’m interested with the reset program. Nawala na kasi iyung 4s ng Fiance ko from the plan and we are hoping to replace it with the 5. Magkano kaya ang need namin cashout for it? If totoo iyung 72% discount, then this looks like a good deal. =D

    • So do I! I want to know if my 1 year subscription is eligible also.

  5. A globe agent called me yesterday..apparently they’ll charge you around Php2500.00 if u want to avail of the reset program to get an iPhone 5 with your current plan

    • Are you sure GT? Nice!

    • It depends to your plan and remaining months of that subscription.

      I’m halfway my contract which is Unlisurf 999, they are chargin me P5,000 for the remaining 12 mos, if ever I chose to sign up.

      Yay! I might get one, will just have wait for the feedback of my application.

    • I have a few months to go before my contract ends..maybe thats why they’re charging me less.

      Anyway, it might be that their reset program fee depends on how long ’til your current subscription ends and what plan you’re using

  6. I pre-registered my husband in this Postpaid plan through Globe’s website.

  7. Abe, please update us about the details of the “Reset Program”

  8. Got called by Globe two days ago to avail of the iPhone 5 plan, and I denied their offer for the “reset program”. It’s basically just paying for the remaining monthly fees in your contract. I’ve gotten the a few units of the 4S on its launch day last year and so I have roughly 12more months on plan 1799. They asked me to pay the remaining 15k or so (it does sound discounted since 1799 for 12months is 21588) so i can shell out more cash to avail of the iPhone 5 plans (see Abe’s pricing sched above).

    I passed it up. Not happy with their service the past few months so why shell out more money? And until they fix their basic call services and now-spotty 3G coverage I wouldn’t spend a cent more. I don’t even know if their LTE service is reliable (or operational even).

    Not in a hurry to buy the “new” iPhone but others may not share the same discontent I have and still might jump at the opportunity to avail of Globe’s offer this Holiday season. Meanwhile I’ll monitor subscriber feedback of Globe’s iPhone 5 plans and LTE service. People wanting to ensure financial security may want to hold back also. For now I’m not ready to outfit my family with new iPhones until Globe becomes competitive, service-wise.

    • Sad for you, I have the best mobile network experience with Globe rather than the two. Although I find Sun Cellular a quite competitor with Globe, I find it data connection quite stable and speedy.

  9. Curious about the reset program. Is it only applicable when availing the iPhone 5? What if I want another phone?

  10. Wow I called 7301300 and the rest fee is more expensive than the term fee. Globe this is not making sense at all.

    • OMG parehas tayo ng naisip. kakatawag ko lng, naka 499 plan ako, sgy phone, 12 mos remaining, and sabi 4500 para maavail ko ang reset program like OW EM GEE!
      Binara ko tuloy si ate sabi ko edi mas mura pa pala ang termination fee since 50% lang for the phone price and around 500 termination fee.
      Nadissapoint ako….

  11. Hello!

    Here’s Smart’s iPhone 5 Prepaid:

    P33,600 (16GB), P38,780 (32GB), P43,950 (64GB).

  12. Yep. Mine’s Php 13k for the “reset” fee. 8mos pa lang kasi yung sa akin.

    Then, + 4800 kung 16gb iPhone 5 yung kukunin mo.

    Nakausap ko kasi yung mismong agent sa credit dept.

    13000 + 4800 = 17800. Malaki laki pa rin pala. :D

    • pwd magtanong kung anung plan ka ngayon? sakin kc plan 1799 tpos ang gusto nila magbayad ako 25k for the reset fee tapos another 10k+ pra sa cahout ng 32gb

  13. ::Talked to Globe’s CSR yesterday abt the “Reset Program”, the CSR told me that I have to shell out P22,500 + P4,800. WTF!
    I still have 12mos remaining on my 24mos “locked up” period at Plan P1,799.

  14. iPhonemaniac

    i have a postpaid plan 2500, got my iphone 4s last June 2012. the talktoglobe callgirl said that the reset program is applicable to all postpaid user. She said that i will pay 23.5K for existing reset of my and I will cash out 4800 for the new 32GB iphone 5. so 23.5 + 4800 = 28.3K total againts 40.8K predaid value. Not bad. but again globe will lock you up again in 24 mos. So should i wait for iPhone 5S or be an impulsive iphone maniac subscriber?

    • matthewpark

      you should consider as well the monthly fee w/c in your case is 2,500 x 24 mos, so thats 30k + 28.3k cash out = 58.3k shell out for 2 yrs as compared to prepaid of 40.8k + (actual monthly load that you incur), i suppose that would be less as compared to the 58.3k

  15. carmhy_08

    Do you know how long it will take to get the approval of the line application? Its been a week since I submitted my requirements. Do you guys have any idea if anyone has already been approved (as new iphone globe subscriber)?

  16. Hi may plan aku ng iphone 5 peru bwal ba xa i openline,????? Please reply me thrumy fb plzzz.

  17. Hi available pa ba un promo na to?

  18. Available pa po ba ung reset plan?thank you

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