Globe iPhone 5 Reset Program Explained

We’ve inquired with Globe how their Reset Program works for the new iPhone 5 that will be released on December 14. What they did was create a Reset Calculator so it’s easier for subscribers to compute.

The Reset Program allows an existing subscriber to renew or extend their existing subscription just to get the iPhone 5.

This means that if you’re 24-month contract is not up for renewal, you can pay the corresponding Reset Fee and get the iPhone 5 on your current line.

So instead of getting the full amount of the prepaid kit to pair with your existing line, you get a discounted price.

Here’s the Reset Calculator you can use:

Go here for the Reset Calculator.

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  1. just a question,does all current postpaid subscriber can avail this reset program from globe regardless of what plan they have? just like mine postpaid for 7month already, iphone 4s for businessflex plan (1799 monthly). can i?

  2. for another 2 years ba yung new contract or itutuloy lang where you left off with your old contract?

    • i’d say you’ll be back to zero and you’ll start again for another 2 years. Hence, “Reset”

  3. seriously? i’m presently on plan 1799 with 11 months to go. if i reset my plan and again get the 1799 plan, i get less discount for an iPhone 32GB (39 %)than someone from an 800 plan then upgrading to 1799 as a new plan (63%)?

    • Baka po dahil at 1799 before you get already a nice phone corresponding to the plan. so getting a discount of 39% for iPhone5 is not bad at same plan, to think na Globe opted to reset. Parang binigay nalang nila yun phone mo before, and etong iPhone5 nalang ang pinag-uusapan.

      Opinion ko lang naman. Tnx

    • Hi! I think the discount is not only dependent to the current plan but also to the remaining months of your current plan. In your case, you still have 11 months to go. Technically, di pa nila nababawi ‘yung expense nila sa unit na nakuha mo with your current plan. Kaya pag ginamit mo yung parang “reset calculator” sa taas, tinatanong nila kung ilang month pa natitira…

    • When you get the “reset’ program, you basically need to pay your remaining balance sa contract. So in your case, (1799 x 11 ) Php 19,798 pa ung remaining balance mo. As compared sa plan 800 na (800 x 11) Php8,800 na lang.

      The reason why mas malaki yung discount ng Plan 800 kasi kumbaga they will only pay for the remaining balance of Php8,800 and they will “upgrade” their plan pa, so more burden on their part.

      Sa case mo, your plan remains the same. So all you need to pay is your remaining balance sa contract so no additional burden on your monthly payment, but the bigger your remaining balance is to have a reset. :)

  4. JKisaragi

    Wish they’d have a similar program with other devices.

  5. KamiBarlam


    ma-ishare ko lang po.

    i also applied for iphone 5 at globe thru the reset program. i still have 3 months on my lock up period plan 999 iphone 4.
    after a very long conversation (1:16.07), got a slot for their launching on the 14th at the BGC, Taguig.

    since i still have 3 months under my plan, they will be charging me 3,000 pesos to be able to avail the iphone 5 16gb. not bad since i will still be shelling out 3k as my MSF for my current plan until march.

    i got the iphone 5 at plan 999 with cash out of 19200.

    so in total. my total contract price for 24 month is 46,176 with a monthly of 1924.

    good thing the reset program can be included in the 0% installment. so literally, you cant feel it. that’s about 125 per month. ( a tall or venti hot coffee at famous coffee shops).

    lucky for me im super close to ending my contract. super strict lang sila about the end of contract thing.

    more so, you cant downgrade if you’ll came from the reset program.

    that’s all .

    see yah sa launching!

  6. Ciscobery

    When a iphone is reset. does it mean that the reset phone go to zero and unlocked? Can I choose other telco? If still locked to Globe, can I choose between prepaid and postpaid?

  7. now i know

    Guys or gals,

    Any globe subscribers…?

    have you ever realize that it is much better to claim a rewards before your contract ends..

    then avail their reset or the new re contracting plans…

    The loyalty rewards is just fooling the subscriber in getting the new unit.. which is the same as getting a new contract..

    Anybody realizes it or even observe…

    your points will be gone as soon as you avail the re contracting plans which means that it is better to get the rewards then end your contract and apply again.. its just that theirs a consequence that you suffer for a new phone number but you can get it back after 3 to 6 months i think…

  8. I am just wondering why are the current plans and months to go bracketed on the reset fee calculator? It is just weird that somebody with 7 months left on their contract will be paying the same as those who has 12 months left. Quite absurd if you ask me.

    • Kaya nga. Ang panget ng reset program. Under ako ng plan 2499. Five months remaining pa. Nagtanong ako sa globe, magbabayad daw ako ng 12000 para sa iphone5 16GB kung magpapareset ako. Same plan din na 2499. Ang panget, parang iaadvance ko lang yung 2499 * 5 = 12495. Sobrang lugi!

  9. Mark Reyes

    I,ve received a phone call from Globe a while ago for my iphone 5 reservation on the 14th. They told me hindi available yun 64GB unit at launch and they cannot guarantee when it will be available. I settled for the 32GB na lng. Sayang I was looking forward pa naman to try more storage. Sabagay malaki na run naman yun 32GB though not enough sa lahat ng Apps na nabili ko over time with my ip4 and videos.

  10. just called globe hotline hindi daw pwede sa mga nka corporate plan, personal plan lng daw available,ang pangit na man, parang favored yng personal kaysa corporate, in fact they should be thankful ksi marami ang nka subscribe sa amin sa corporate. might consider cutting our plan pag expire

  11. its simple…. if you can’t afford it .. then don’t get it…

    • well said. as for my own view, mas napamahal ka pa especially for subs. who has more than a year left.. as for my own trick, i sold my iphone 4s to get iphone 5 so i just added 12k so di parin lugi. but this srp was based on overseas srp. now iphone 5s is 6-8 months away as per rumor, i might consider this on that phone instead…

  12. stop complaining because globe is not forcing you anyway…

  13. carmhy_08

    Do you know how long it will take to get the approval of the line application? Its been a week since I submitted my requirements. Do you guys have any idea if anyone has already been approved (as new iphone globe subscriber)?

    • based on my experience with globe, usually 1 week.. pero it will depend pa din sa stocks ng iphone…

  14. I’m an Advertising/Marketing major, so I basically understand how this kind of program works.

    Basically, the “Reset” program is just a marketing strategy to end your current contract by giving you the option to pay your remaining balance based on the months remaining till your contract ends.

    The “discount” price for the iPhone 5 is basically the SUM of your remaining balance that you need to pay for your current plan -AND- the price of iPhone 5 based on what kind of plan you’re getting.

    Marketing strategy lang yan guys where they make you end your current plan and, in addition, extend your contract (longer subscription). Hehehe!

    • basically there is no discount at all… globe is just making money(fun) of us.. that’s how business works.

  15. Guys ask ko lang, does smart have the same promo? Im on Plan 2500 but roughly consume more or less 10k. I wonder if they will give me a discount if i’ll get iphone 5 with them


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