Globe launches Samsung Galaxy S2

In a media launch this evening, Globe Telecom formally introduced their latest product under the Globe Tattoo line-up — the Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini and the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be available on post-paid plans and the handset comes free with any new Globe My SuperSurf Plan 3799 starting June 27, 2011.

The press release did not indicate the prepaid kit price but we already knew that it’s Php29,990 according to Samsung PR before.

And with the new HSPA+ network, all postpaid and prepaid Globe SIMs will be able to experience the “up to” 10Mbps mobile internet as long as their device supports HSPA+ and they are within the area of coverage.

I suppose Samsung Philippines will also do a separate announcement an launch of the Galaxy S2 just before the June 27 release with Globe.

You can read our review of the Galaxy S2 here.

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  1. Cybie Val

    Guys how much ang updated price ngayon ng greenhills for the GS2? and if may available pa ba silang stocks? im from baguio kasi and i may be purchaing gs2 soon.


    This is a good phone, but an overrated one. The extra features may not be needed + it is just too big for a phone yet too small for a tablet. If you have small hands or an asian around 5’7″ in height, this may be too big. The LG Optimus Black is the perfect cost effective alternative for this and it is only less than 19k pesos.

    • Cybie Val

      Yeah i almost bought an xperia arc over the GS2, pero after seeing the very significant speed difference over the GS(x3) and even it’s other dual-core siblings(sensation, optimus 2x) i’d say the price is already very worth it (29k-32k).

    • Cybie Val

      I almost bought an Xperia Arc over this one, pero when I saw the very significant speed difference of this over the GS(3x) and it’s dual-core brothers(L2X, Sensation, Atrix) i’d say it’s very worth the price.


      nah. speed differences are hardly noticeable when you compare it with optimus black or it’s older sibling the galaxy S. With the price difference of almost double the these two other phones, it is not worth it.

      Do not fall for the hype of new models. Always go for the older ones that are just being disposed now. Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab with 7 inch screen is a better value purchase than this.

  3. thank you very much for the review! it seems like a very nice phone. =)


    3 phones are much better value that this

    1) LG Optimus Black
    2) Galaxy S
    3) Galaxy Tab

    All priced at below 16-19k pesos or only 60% the price of this.

    I say avoid this for now. Let the SUCKERS BUY IT!


      buyer’s remorse tawag dyan, wag mo na siraan ang ibang gustong bumili. im buying this and i have 141 IQ

    • pagtitipid ang tawag diyan kapatid.

      The S2 with all its features and it’s SRP of 29,990php is a very good deal if you stop and think about it.

      the price on the S2 is very very competitive if you put it side by side with the new superphones right now.

      We’re not saying it’s THE phone. It’s taking into consideration what you want to get from a phone. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t care much about all the other features that the S2 offers then by all means get an optimus black (a good droid phone by the way). As for you saying that the galaxy tab is better than the S2, i’d beg to differ on that.

      Galaxy Tab has a laggy UI which can’t compare to the S2’s updated one, sure it has a larger screen but I wouldn’t really want to pull out my Galaxy Tab inside the MRT or bus if i have to make a call or send a text. It’s not just practical. :)

  5. I say if you have the money go for this. IMHO it’s a worthy upgrade. Try reading some reviews from different tech sites see what they say. Majority agrees that this is the best android phone to date while some proclaims this is the best smart phone.

    To name a few of what you will be getting:
    – better display w/ SAMOLED+ real stripe compared to pentile of its predecessor. 50% more subpixel
    – playing 3D games would be buttery smooth
    – No GPS issue
    – 1080p video playback and recording
    – 1GIG of RAM
    – Dual band frequency Wi-fi a/b/g/n
    – Bluetooth 3.0
    …. and a lot more

    it wont suck if you will choose this over those considered midrange 1ghz single cores


    to those people praising this. Will an almost double the price difference of optimus black, galaxy S, or Galaxy Tab make your life much better by 2 times? Does it do double the capability of the phones listed above? no! So buying this is only for lame and stupid people who get an itch whenever there is a new gadget. Get on with it and consult a psychiatrist folks. Money is not easy to earn nowadays unless you have a small brain.

    Still I will go for the any of the three.

    1) Galaxy S
    2) Galaxy Tab
    3) Optimus Black

    • Somethings wrong with you man. :) Just 10k-15k difference and you’re already like that.

      I’m now wondering how you’ll react when the topic is on luxury cars. =P

      We already understand/know why you’re like that, technology is really cruel to the financially limited.

    • does it double? of course it does. try looking for a side by side comparison of the the devices your recommending with th S2. Yes, my friend, the S2 doubles your mobile experience. WITH A CHEAP PRICE mind you.

  7. why don’t you see a psychiatrist yourself. i think somethings wrong with your brain =)) you’re assuming too much that everyone’s mentality here is like yours, which happens to sucks. calling people stupid or suckers if they decided to buy S2 and not the ones you’re recommending. buyer’s remorse, it really fits your description. just google it =))


      it’s called being a smart shopper dude. Look at Galaxy Tab 3G. Just a month before Christmas of and that is just barely 6 months ago, it was selling for 35-40k pesos. And people who bought it at this price are definitely SUCKERS. They even said it was cheap and good value for the capability that time. And how much is it right now? Half that price! Did it lose half it’s functionality,usefulness, and purpose? Of course not. It even became a lot useful.

    • Hey dude, it’s a natural cycle. value depreciates in the long run. new generation surpasses previous generation. by the time comes that S2 lower it’s price there will be another one that will be worthy of the title as the best smartphone. if you wait, then you will wait forever =) if you settle for the 2nd best, that doesn’t make you smarter.


      that comment clearly shows that people who buys this are insecure,unproductive people who buys the latest gadgets thinking it will make them productive. They try to hide their inadequacy and incompetence by buying the latest gadget, no matter how absurd the price is.

    • well dude, it sucks to be you =) you can’t even tell the difference of your 6K phone with S2 and your here telling us to take your recommendations. i think everyone agrees who you are pertaining to with your last statement.

  8. Wakocoke

    best smartphone as of now! quadcore na siguro yung next upgrade ko hahaha

  9. Then don’t buy if you think its not worth it. Do you really need to drag other people with you. Who gives you the right to dictate what people should or shouldn’t buy. Pera mo? :)


    I am currently using a dual-sim android froyo phone. Price spent for it only 6000 pesos. This one is 5x the price of my current phone. Can anyone explain to me if there are 80% things this phone can do that my current 6000 peso phone cannot??

    • No need to explain anything. We just can afford it. Not everybody in the Ph are poor.

      No one is telling you to buy it. You’re just envious that people like us can easy buy this gadget.

      This gadget is worth my 1-2 weeks pay. Some more fortunate people might see 30k php as just a weeks pay or even less.

      Just a tip to all.
      -If you are not earning enough money, its really not recommended to buy the latest piece of tech.(or atleast regularly trying to buy the latest piece of tech)


      see what I mean. It just shows people who buy this are only after this to BRAG. Because they are so full of insecurities. Personally, I can just as easily buy this but can’t justify the need as my current 6000 peso android phone can fulfill most of my needs. Based on the comment by poor and insecure Larry, it just shows he cannot defend the product by justifying its price. He is just playing he is buying it because he is out there to show everyone that he can afford it. Very lame and unacceptable answer by a stupid person.

    • 1024 Mb of RAM and dual core… That is what I need for SPB shell, LWP and 7 pages of widgets LOL…

    • can u skype with that my bro? if not..6k is waste of my moolah!

  11. ofwinsokor

    According to a korean frend here on d process na ang samsung galaxy s3.U can buy d s2 here secondhand sya mga 17k sa peso pero ung brandnew nasa 35k peso saten

  12. CliffRosario

    A nice smartphone with Good reviews so far from engadget and gsmarena. Samsung is really making a strong presence in the smartphone market for the past couple of years.

    Anyways, cool lang mga pare. It’s always the consumers who win in this kind of scenario. Technology can be cheaper because of the strong competition happening for market share nowadays.

    As for Mike and the rest of the people, respeto na lang. If you have enough dough to buy one then good for you. If it’s the other way around then there are a lot of good alternatives out there. Iwasan na lang nating patulan pag medyo off topic na to avoid inappropriate remarks.
    We all have the choice to post smart comments right? ….

    All in all. Good job Samsung for pulling this one off.

    And hopefully Globe does reconsider their postpaid plan pricing matrix (this is coming from an iPhone4/3799 postpaid plan with unlisurf subscriber – although I got the phone with no cashout. Almost a good deal na rin.. it’s like paying for the phone through installment for the 1st year with consumable 3799. Tipid na rin naman dahil sa unlisurf.. Tether forever sa laptop and download sa torrent)

  13. coollearner

    i was waiting for this phone pero di na ko nakapaghintay… using LG 2x already and i’m enjoying it and happy… if i waited i will definitely go for this… for me for those who can afford and will buy this i think you’ll enjoy it as well…i think happiness sa phone depends on the user and it’s usage…happy for those who are happy phones like this…happy also for those who are happy and contented with old phones…for those who are not contented pls respect others

    • coollearner

      correction * – happy for those who are happy using phones like this

  14. Thanks for the info Yuga. I’m just a bit confused at the pricing of the sgs2 because my sgs1 at launch which had an srp of 30k was available for 16k at plan 999. At that price it should be free at plan 2.5k which incidentally is the price point of my arc in smart. while the sgs2 is a much better phone, the point is that it was at nearly the same price point then. I hope the price is adjusted before the official offer.

    • you and me both brother. i really hope price adjustments become an advantage to us consumers rather than an advantage to Globe…

  15. .the 29990php price tag is for the 16gb or 32gb version? tnx in advance.

  16. For sale

    Selling brand-new sgs2 33500. Factory unlocked. 09173030016

  17. Are we gona have to order it for prepaid kit or kelangan natin magpunta sa globe stores

  18. tonex13

    tanong lang po sa mga nka bili na, yung 29,990 ba eh openline na?, tsaka 1.2ghz ba ang proc speed?,

  19. away kayo ng away… buti pa bili na lang kayo ng nokia 3310.. mabuti pa ,, gaan sa bulsa..


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