Globe launches Tattoo Black, speeds up to 42Mbps

Last night, Globe Telecom finally showed to members of the media the device they will use for their LTE service called Tattoo Black. They’ve also made speedtests showing bandwidths on up to 42Mbps on their network.

The Tattoo Black service combines Globe’s HASPA+ network and their new LTE network to offer speeds between 28Mbps and 42Mbps.

Initial locations include the whole of Makati expanding outwards to the rest of Metro Manila. Subscribers can get the Tattoo Black sometime mid-October and will be unlimited until January 31, 2013.

The Tattoo Black Plan 1799 comes with a free USB Tattoo stick but it can be upgraded to a Superstick (mobile WiFi) to connect up to 5 devices for an additional Php150/month.

The Tattoo Black Elite Plan 2499 comes with a free Tattoo Superstick right away. Globe is offering unlimited bandwidth until January 31, 2013. After that, caps for the Plan 1799 is 12GB per month and 15GB for the Plan 2499.

During our tests, we were getting up to 60Mbps on and a sustained 3.5MB/sec download speed on iTunes and other direct HTTP download sites.

Tattoo Black Plan 1799 is up to 28Mbps at Php1,799 per month.

Tattoo Black Elite 2499 is up to 42Mbps at Php2,499 per month.

Globe is offering the Tattoo Elite Plan subscribers additional services like 24/7 concierge service, a dedicated relationship manager, free tickets to Tattoo Events, priorities on devices (first dibs on iPhone 5?), discounts at partner establishments, dedicated hotline, and priority handling when you’re in a Globe Store.

Reservations for the tattoo Black starts today and subscriptions will be activated on October 28.

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  1. Anonymous

    Kuripot talaga haha

    • NeutralGuy

      @mr abe, correct me if I’m wrong, but the max speed offered here is 42Mbps right? So if the max speed is 42Mbps, that’s not LTE. It’s a HSPA+. LTE are up to 100Mbps(theoretically). So if these are really LTEs then it should have exceed 42Mbps.

    • NeutralGuy – it’s 42Mbps because the Huawei USB dongle can only run up to 42Mbps. So the problem is the dongle and not the network.

    • NeutralGuy

      @mr abe, thanks for the reply. So if ever iPhone 5 and galaxy note 2(both have LTE radios) here in the Philippines, is it possible to exceed the limit that the network have announced. Besides, these handsets would be using an independent radios, not the dongle by Huawei. Or, did the network really limited it to just 42 Mbps?

    • NeutralGuy – technically yes, as long as the device can handle the speed, it could go up to 100Mbps.

  2. If i am globe.. I make 2499 unlimited hehehe.. the higher plan will be no caps at all… considering the fact that those users need “unlimited” will purchase this.. thus, making the higher plan “congestion free” meaning if you get higher plan it is actually free ^_^

    • if i could get that speed on an unli data plan for 2,500 pesos, i’d ditch my wired DSL (2000 pesos) for this.
      magdadagdag lang ako ng 500 sa ginagastos ko ngayon 42Mbps na… an additional 40Mmps for 500 pesos :)

      i’m sure many others will think of it this way.
      therefore, congestion begins :(

      i don’t think congestion is present in wired DSL.

    • in reality, i’m thinking lesser subscription due to the amount hehehe… it might have less congestion then :P

  3. jhepoyski

    hmm bakit kaya hanggang jan 31 2013 lang ang unlimited ano kaya ang mangyayari after that date.

  4. cap really sucks.

  5. jarod_0122


    Let me take a wild wild guess. On that date the an anterisk will precede the unlimited.

  6. after that 15GB cap what will happen? is it simillar to smart that it will be 450/GB after the cap?

  7. Not bad.

    Give me a 20 Gb cap at 10 Mbps for 1.5k Php per month :).

    Seriously, plans capped below 20 Gb feels unrealistic for casual use.

  8. How do we register?

  9. 15 gb/month won’t even last me 1wk..nakakaabot nga ko sa 100gb/month sa 2 mbps.pano pa sa 62.hehe

  10. 15GB is a bit small for someone like me…

    Anyway, unless they fix first their regular connections, I’m not impressed with these networks.

    Good thing NTC will regulate the subscribers now due to tons of complaints being received.

  11. Sounds Promising, but I still want DSL connection. Internet Providers can provide faster than that, they just limiting what they will provide to the market.

  12. Not bad. Much better than smart ! Live less !

  13. NeutralGuy

    I really don’t get it. Isn’t the speed 42Mbps is a DC HSPA+? LTE is theoretically up to 100Mbps, that said, LTE here should be up to 75 Mbps.

  14. Boy Pick Up

    That 42mbps speed during the event was just a promotional scheme, by the time you buy and use the item it will not reach even at 30mbps because of their inconsistent and unreliable network. And even if it reaches uo to 40mbps, it will always have a CAP or limit, like for the SMART LTE postpaid plan 3,500 with a cap of only 10GB/month. How can use maximize the use of the broadband if you put cap or limit with it use. B’LL Sh’T to Smart & Globe.

  15. Holy kamote the amount of self-entitlement in these comments is nothing short embarrassing.

  16. Ang daming umaangal dito pero mukhang wala naman sila alam ksi simpleng pag gamit ng metric prefix hindi nila mai-apply. Ung mega nagiging milli at ung byte ginagawang bit.

  17. kacheagence

    Service allows you to store files up to 2 gigabytes. Most documents are stored.

  18. OK na sana until I saw “*Unlimited browsing is until January 31, 2013 only, after which data volume cap will be implemented: 12 GB for Plan 1799 and 15 GB for Plan 2499.” Seriously, Globe? Sana kahit 50 GB minimum capped, OK na yun. For that price, it’s ridiculous!

  19. Pareho ba tung ng usb 4g flash? Kasi ganun yung gamit ko, 7.2mbps daw. Pero yung speed mabagal pa din. Sa umaga lang matino, umaabot ng 1mpbs. Kapag sa gabi, wala na, nakakagigil na net, aroun 100 kbps nalang sya. Lol. Signal based din ba ito? I mean, does it still vary on the signal and location of the subscriber? Thanks.

  20. alam ko mostly pang surfing lng mga ganitong promo at gaming, this kind of product do not intend for downloading purposes.. most likely kasi dito sa pinas di naman legit ang mga pagdodownload, so i guess tama lng ganyang cap for marketing na rin ng mga telcos.

  21. what’s 42mbps for if you cap at 15gb? it’s pure nonsense. what;s important is the speed after you hit the cap


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