Globe Mobile TV launched quietly

Globe TelecomsRight after the recent Globe Telecoms re-branding, they also quietly launched a similar mobile TV offering for their subscribers. During the Smart myTV announcement months ago, it was also rumored that Globe is in talks with another competing cable provider to offer mobile TV.

Looks like they’ve finally rolled out the service early last week and aptly named it Globe Mobile TV.

The corporate website outlines the specifics of the mobile TV service:

They offer two channel lineups: LIVE and Made-for-Mobile (Looped, which means pre-recorded)

Available Channels: ABS-CBN, GMA, CNN, theHub, Sports

Requirements: Globe Prepaid/ Postpaid Sim, 3G Video Call – capable handset (set to 3G/UMTS or Dual mode)

Supported Phones: All 3G/HSDPA Phones except the ff:

* Nokia Series 40 3G phones: 6280, 6233, 6288, 7390, 6151
* Older Nokia 3G phone: 7600, 6650
* Motorola 3G phones: E770, V3x, V3xx, K3, V6, V6maxx, C1000, V1050, E1070, E1000, V975, V980, A835. A1010, A1000

Usage Charging: Promo rate is at P5.00/minute. For postpaid subscribers, you can use your free minutes to watch TV for free. It will be charged against your free minutes as you use it together with your regular voice and video calls.

Operation: Do a video call to *9000.

Huge difference with Smart myTV, methinks.

  • Globe uses their existing 3G network while Smart myTV is on a separate digital network.
  • Charging on Globe is Php300 per hour while Smart is flat Php488 a month.
  • More supported phones for Globe Mobile TV since they work on pre-existing 3G capable phones.

Didn’t really have any detailed knowledge of this before. Will ask the Marketing people on our Monday meeting about this.

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  1. Nice I am aglobe user but globe has a problem here about their signal is unstable why?

  2. Oh these services are not “quite” the same.

  3. I wonder why smart’s mobile tv is so affordable compared to globe?

  4. Because it’s cheaper to transmit DVB-H content – which is broadcast – than consume 3G bandwidth.

  5. As usual Globe is always the last to implement or innovate… Ive heard Globe Mobile TV is so slow..

  6. Well, it might not really be a question of innovation. It might be a question of technology belief. Some people like to offer an on-network service (Smart Streaming TV and Globe Mobile TV) instead of an off-network service (Smart MyTV).

    here is a comparison:

  7. has anyone actually tried it?

    i just tried to use it now and is says connection error.

  8. after a couple of months of ironing out their 3G network, Globe officially launched their mobile TV service today. for all those who tried before and experienced crappy results, try again.

    and while you’re at it, kindly check out theHUB. we’re the philippines’ first and only made-for-mobile comedy channel. enjoy!

  9. how can i get the my globe tv?

  10. im a nokia series 40 3G handset user and i’ve searched on how to watch live tv with my nokia 6233. in other sites say that i can watch tv with my phone because they have the same handset as mine but its not working.

  11. how can i activate or avail the Globe myTV? What’s the procedures?


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