Globe My Super Plan: The Ultimate Unlimited

Saw this poster at a Globe Business Center the other day and it says I can pick any unlimited plan (call, text, web) and just mix and match them according to my needs. I’m already on Super Duo so the Globe My SuperPlan seems to be an interesting offer.

My SUper Plan basically allows you to pick any of the unlimited offerings and combine them into your prepaid or postpaid account. That means you can get unlimited SMS, unlimited voice calls, unlimited landline calls and unlimited internet surfing in a bundled package.

So here goes:

Super Txt — Php349/month (All you can text to Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide.)

Globe Duo — Php450/month (All you can voice calls to all landline numbers, Duo and Super Duo within your area code.)

Super Duo — Php599/month (It’s Globe Duo + unlimited call to any Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide.)

Super Unli — Php599/month (All you can text and voice calls to any Globe/TM/Tattoo numbers nationwide.)

Super Surf — Php1,200/month (Unlimited internet.)

Blackberry Super Surf — Php1,200 (Unlimited Blackberry Internet Service)

I think the best and most affordable combination would be G-Flex 800 + Super Duo + Super Surf. That allows you to do unlimited landline calls, unlimited calls to Globe network, unlimited internet and you have that Php800 consumable if you want to text or call to other networks.

Expected monthly spend for all these bundled unlimited plan — Php2,599.

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  1. divine

    pano b mag apply?

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