Globe offers HTC One on Php1,599 monthly plan

Globe has just announced that they are offering the HTC One postpaid plans starting with Plan 999 with unlimited LTE data, free 101 SMS and 5 minute calls (under the usual 24-month contract).

With Plan 999, there is one-time cash out of Php14,400 which can be deferred for 24 months (or Php600/month) leaving a total monthly service fee of Php1,599 per month.

There’s also a higher Plan 1799 with more SMS and minutes (1,001 SMS, 55 mins voice) but with a monthly service fee of Php1,999.

The HTC One was launched just the other week and has a suggested retail price of Php32,990.

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  1. Is the unlimited LTE for the duration of the 24months contract?

  2. i wonder if this is offered as a reward for retention for personal individual line or corporate individual line

  3. Ben Astorga

    Would the globe Reset Program apply to this?

  4. dang! just got the S4 last week on same plan. Fuck! anyway outside looks lang namn lamang n8… i still want this!

  5. mrHands

    Just filled up their form, no confirmation email yet (The prompt said confirmation email contains all the details). The prompt said a representative will contact me in 24 hours, no call yet. Is it advisable to go to a globe store tomorrow?

    • Just go to globe store. My online application takes 2 weeks and after all that interviews and requirements. but in the store it takes only 30 mins if you have card and other requirements. just be sure muna na they have the stocks of the unit pra sure. una mong ask ung availability ng units bago ka pumila.

  6. AdrianU

    I hate you sooo much right now Globe…
    …Just got the S4 with a 24 month contract.

  7. hanjo

    For me,the said plan is not worth it. If the P999 were consumable, i might consider.

    • The 999 is for the unli LTE or unli mobile internet. Just install viber and I think you’re good to go :D

    • and whats worth it? plan 999 ng 4g internet ng wi-tribe or smartbro? been into wi-tribe for 3 years just terminated my contract. 3mbps promise is just a promise. your lucky if you can have 1mbps atleast. Globe LTE rocks here in Makati.

  8. johnonline

    just wait for the Galaxy S4 Active… premium build, removable battery, expandable memory, sure software updates, great after sales support and tons of great features..

    pero if I have millions, i’ll buy this one too…natry ko xa sa MOA at maganda nga yung feel sa kamay…di lang talaga ako sanay sa Sense…

  9. Kakakuha ko lang ng S4 kahapon kasi di na ako makapag hintay sa HTC One. Ngayon biglang innannounce to </3 Puwede ko ba ipapalit? Same plan 1799 din.

  10. Yuga what if you’re in a non-LTE area. Will it switch to 3g and 2g whenever its necessary?

  11. ErwinMeister

    I dont think HTC will be able to sustain sure updates as strong as Samsung’s the S4 is pretty future proof and modular. compared to a block of aluminium, after sales can be a challenge, aesthetically its superior but functionality goes to S4

    • good point. sana may casing na gnito ang S4. lol

  12. can this be coveredto the reset program of globe?

  13. globe website removed the HTC One link

    • oo nga, anyare? oorder na sana ako

    • nissin

      mukhang nagkaroon ng problem dun sa registration nila for HTC One sa globe, i saw earlier morning..

      Plan 1799 with cashout of 2000.. it should be cashout for 4800.. anyways baka anytime ibalik na ule nila ung link kapag nafix na nila to..

  14. The page of HTC One in globe has been removed. What happened? are they pulling htc one out? Hehe

  15. Bryan

    Got my HTC One in MOA last Saturday. Prior to getting the HTC One was using the Note 2. So far so good. Impressed with the built quality and software – really really fast.. One thing I miss with the Note 2 is the battery but not too much of a problem since there are a lot of external batteries in the market today.

    This is a highly recommended phone. HTC has done their job and thinking about the customer first when they do their products. Kudos HTC!

    • Jason

      Bryan, when did you apply for your HTC One?

  16. puhgeh

    Waw pinalitan ng globe yung price. Same plan package with higher MSF. yung 600 every month naging 700 kaya 1699 na. :))

  17. For some reason hindi makasagap ng LTE ang htc one ko. I got it from US but i am using a globe activated LTE microsim. Is there something i need to ask them pa? Anong experience ng iba kaya.

  18. I got my HTC One sa Globe. So far so good naman. Kaso may problema about dun sa sim. Since mali yung sim na nabigay sa akin, imbes na microsim eh nanosim ung naibigay, ako pa ang pumunta sa Globe center para ipapalit imbes na sila ang magdeliver sa bahay. Anyway, yung sim ko hindi pa rin activated until now. Ang tagal tagal na. Tapos na ang 48 hours ng paghihintay, hindi pa rin naaapprove.

  19. Wala na yung htc one sa globe postpaid no?

  20. Ala chin

    I’ve been an apple fan since 2010. But this month and year I decided to switch to Htc one. last year, I got my iPhone 4S postpaid plan to globe then switched to iPhone5 just last January but still using the same sim (with unli data plan). However since last week I switched to HTC ONE lte, but I’m having difficulty in relation to the mobile data. There’s always a problem sa Internet connection ko. What should I do? Should I change my micro sim to LTE sim? H symbol lagi nasa status bar ko..means HSDPA ba yun? Mas mbilis daw sa 3G pero hindi ko magamit talaga.

  21. Bakit Gabon. Nagtanong ako sa globe megamall if meron sila ng HTC one plans. Sabi wala daw.. saang globe store po kaya meron?


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