Globe offers Plan Duo Service

Breaking: Globe Telecom has launched a new cellphone-and-landline-in-one service called the Plan Duo Subscription. This service allows Globe subscribers to carry two numbers in a single SIM card — 1 mobile and 1 landline. Check the details of the plan below:

globe duo

  • Globe Plan Duo subscribers are given a Duo Landline number. The mobile phone and SIM will have two (2) numbers: your current mobile number (i.e. 0917-XXX-XXXX) and your Duo Landline number (i.e. 02-XXX-XXXX).
  • With the Duo Plan, you get the following service at free of charge: Duo to any Landline calls, any Landline to Duo calls, and Duo to Duo calls. Calls made to other mobile numbers are charged regular mobile rates.
  • There’s no need for a special dialing number — just key in the Area Code + Landline Number and your ringing. Same with calling another subscriber on a Duo line.
  • Service is initially available in NCR and Cebu. All other calls outside the area code (02 for NCR or 32 for Cebu) will be charged regular mobile NDD rates.

Subscription to DUO Service is Php399 per month on top of your regular Globe Plan. Single SIM, two numbers? Time to ditch the landline.

How to get Globe Duo Plan:

1. Promo is open to all Globe Postpaid subscribers from April 5 to July 3, 2009 (not available for prepaid or corporate accounts).

2. Subscriber can avail of the service through the Business Centers or Register via SMS (with required SMS acceptance of Terms and Conditions). Simply text DUO to 8888.

3. There will be an initial 90-day holding period for new activations, subject to pre-termination fee of Php1,200. After the holding period, subscription is auto-renewed on a monthly basis unless otherwise requested by the subscriber.

4. You can only avail of one (1) active DUO landline number for every active Globe line, at any one time.

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  1. Paul Nazareno

    Tried it with my prepaid and it works perfectly both incoming and outgoing calls. This is definitely better than other wireless landline.

  2. Globe Duo sucks! I subscribed my prepaid sim for 1 month, and unfortunately I cannot make calls to PLDT landlines. It’s just a waste of money. Another sample of false advertisement.

  3. WTF…bt gnun…nkpgregster na ako sa globe duo nd bngay na sken ung duo numb ko bt nbawasn prn load ko..T_T helkp me nmn qng bkt..nd 4 sure my explaintion qng bt ng yri un…

  4. This Globe Duo really rocks!i subscribed to Duo because majority of my Globe friends are Duo subscribers. they are the ones who encouraged me to join and i had no regrets!

  5. I registered with Globe Duo service. The problem is, when you use a PLDT Prepaid Wireless Landline to Call a Globe Duo Landline, you need to have enough load to make the call. I called PLDT and Globe regarding this matter. So, ….to all subscribers, beware! Your PLDT wireless landline’s load will be debited unless Globe Duo and PLDT Wireless Landline Prepaid settles their interconnection issues.
    BTW I love your blog!

    I registered with Globe Duo service. The problem is, when you use a PLDT Prepaid Wireless Landline to Call a Globe Duo Landline, you need to have enough load to make the call. I called PLDT and Globe regarding this matter. So, ….to all subscribers, beware! Your PLDT wireless landline’s load will be debited unless Globe Duo and PLDT Wireless Landline Prepaid settles their interconnection issues.

  6. porcelain ninja

    Ang catch pala dito if you are outside the coverage area of 02 ex. Tagaytay tapos tumawag ka sa may Globe duo rin or any NCR/ Metro Manila landline long distance rates ang bayad mo.

    Oh and you can’t call a Cebu Globe cell duo even if they have Duo because long Distance charges din yun if your phone is registered Duo in NCR.

  7. ask lang ko kung ano ang mukha ng wireless phone?
    malaki ba to or maliit lang na phone.

  8. aji santiago

    well i just subscribed to globe duo using my prepaid globe phone last oct 11, 5pm. i can receive calls from pldt landlines, but not the other way around. i thought this issue was already fixed. bayantel lines work well though. i called globe and they said after the complaints during the past month, the duo to pldt issue was already resolved. called their cust service for 3 times, and the rep who last talked to me said to wait for 3-5 days before it gets serviced. according to her, to enjoy and make ‘sulit’ (her term) use of the globe duo subscription, i should call instead bayantel lines. and i was like, omg, you’re telling me to make the most out of it by calling bayantel lines while all i need to call are business lines which are mostly pldt? well it’s their cust service rep.

    and my subscription is 1 month, since i joined without qualms. what if the subscription is less than 3-5 days? then everything went to nothing? THE WORSE THING, IS NOW,@10AM I CAN NO LONGER CALL ANY LANDLINE, EVEN A DUO NUMBER. NOTHING, AS IN NO OTHER LANDLINE NUMBER. AND I SUBSCRIBED FOR A WHOLE 1 MONTH. globe doesn’t deliver, such a waste. MY FAULT, I DIDN’T RESEARCH ON IT FIRST; MUST HAVE BEEN SO SKEPTICAL ABOUT THE RAVE TESTIMONIALS. I SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A BAYANTEL WIRELESS OR A PLDT LANDLINE PLUS instead of this. so frustrating.

  9. the globe superduo service is fooling people. called before signing up and was never informed that the “superduo” service would be completely cancelled if you go on roaming, as in the money u paid for the superduo service is completely gone when u come back. its not even anywhere on their print ads or billboards! nothing either from customer service! lost over 2400 load because of it!!!! horrrible customer service from a horrible company. complaining this to ntc and letting everyone know. no reply from customer service either even after 3 cweeks when they said they would provide feedback in 3-5 days! cheaters!

  10. Disgusted Subscriber

    Globelines have made enormous expansion of their product selling and services in the country but cannot correct out bad or no connections at all. This is usually happened in Cebu. They should focus on good quality product and not quantity. I have been experiencing no dial tone , or hanged phone tone in my globe landline for two days now. I cannot call the repair service since the phone cannot be used. Globelines should have to look for an immediate actions to the problems they are having to their communication business as i am quiet sure that they know that this is happening.

  11. Abu_Gadu

    subscribed to this service yesterday. the whole process took less than 10 mins.

    this is a welcome development for me considering that i use smart, globe and pldt landline plus (all prepaid). it certainly bothers me to carry 3 phones everyday. now i can only bring 2! :)

    tried a few calls with it and the line sounds good. clear. no problem also with incoming calls from pldt landlines.

    hope smart comes up with a similar promo :)

  12. I have scanned a few of the articles on your web site now as well as Philippines, Technology News & Reviews, and I genuinely like your way of blogging. There is no smoke without a fire and on that point there are no comments without posts.

  13. I gave up my corporate number and reward benefits to avail of super duo plan believing that it’s a sound decision.I signed up an application form 2X because they have lost the previous one I signed which they placed on waitlist due to unavailability of preferred unit. I got my unit and new number that does not work. Calling up my phone with a recording that says number you dialled is not yet in service… after 3 months of subscription!!!! service SUCKS! I have followed up activation of the supposed duo number numerous times that I felt cheated that I have paid for nothing.I have email trails that will proved uncountable times of airing my problem to no avail. Nico Aljohn from Galleria branch informed me that it was forwarded to other dept who will resolve the issue but have not received any feedback.I have visited Galleria branch and all efforts were futile. Sim was replaced, sim was tested on other phone units, and other time they have de activated my super duo plan and re activated it… still nothing happened… I was just wasting time calling up GLOBE customer service hotline who promised to give you feedback that never happened…until this very moment. Rude, insensitive, unprofessional and absolutely incompetent bunch of people who will just transfer you around for nothing.Really frustrated.

  14. Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.


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