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January 24, 2014

Globe ramps up 1GB/day or 3GB/month Fair Usage Policy

Recently, Globe has been sending out reminders via SMS to some of their subscribers about the Fair Usage Policy that they are enforcing. A number of our readers have sent us reports about the daily bandwidth allocation and throttling regulation.

The FUP basically provides an allowance of 1GB per day or 3GB per month, whichever comes first. Once the allocation is used up, subscribers will moved to their 2G network. That means you still get “unlimited” mobile internet but it will be slower.

This FUP applies to all surfing promos and data plans for Globe postpaid and Tattoo Lifestyle Sticks.

It does not cover surfing charged with regular browsing rates (Php5/15 minutes) and those using PowerSurf.

This mechanism is designed to reduce the speeds of only the 3% of users who are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic in Globe’s network.

You can read the full details of Globe’s Fair Use Policy here.

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170 Responses to “Globe ramps up 1GB/day or 3GB/month Fair Usage Policy”

  1. nonA says:

    giving 2-3mb max speed to all unlipostpaid subscriber, would utilize the word “fair” instead of 1gb cap..

  2. nonA says:

    instead of putting cap giving 2-3mb max speed would lessen traffic, no one would monopolize all the bandwidth, all unli postpaid subscriber would get the unli they deserve and thats what “fair” is..

  3. […] has made it a standard to have new subscribers sign a waiver stating they agree to these FUP. Globe has a similar one but it’s on fine […]

  4. John David says:

    For postpaid internet subscribers, try to use Hide my mac address software it will avoid your ISP from reducing your internet speed. it will also refresh your internet if your reached its bandwidth limit.

    • Wez Doe says:

      Please elaborate on how to use this software? Is it an app or software? Steps on how to use it.
      Thanks :)

  5. John Doe says:

    Smart’s the same. As if these 2 giants give a F*ck with what you guys are saying. I understand that this may be out of the line but I thought this is a job of the NTC to repair this problem? Oh well, that’s what can get on a 3rd world country and 3rd world officials.

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