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April 18, 2013

Globe readies Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order page

With the local launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 just a week away, Globe Telecom has already updated its webpage to accommodate those who are interested to get Samsung’s latest flagship under the said telco.


Currently, the webpage informs visitors that the Galaxy S4 is “almost here” with a link to a subscription page should anyone wishes to be informed immediately about the flagship’s arrival. This page will be soon updated to take pre-orders then eventually as Globe’s official homepage for the Galaxy S4.

Globe releases Galaxy S4 postpaid plans

17 Responses to “Globe readies Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-order page”

  1. honest to goodness says:

    Globe Telecom: Please provide us, your subscribers, with HONEST TO GOODNESS telecommunication services. You may be a corporation but everybody is accountable.

  2. pfb says:

    i might get one but not from globe – their service still sucks in our location; i’d rather get an unlocked & more affordable one from the grey market.

  3. Ohh really says:

    I hope they offer the LTE version. if not, im getting a nexus 4

    • Diesel says:

      Um, I don’t get your logic. The Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE.

    • Ryan says:

      @Diesel it only means that he likes Nexus 4 more than S4. If both not having LTE, he’ll choose the Nexus 4. We dont know his reason but thats his preference. Just respect it.

    • zarne says:

      I bought the Google Nexus 4last January. It has the ‘unofficial’ LTE support. You need to tinker with phone settings and do a little bit of hacking. Also, if you upgrade from the factory default OS (Jellybean 4.1 ) the LTE support will be lost.

  4. LG Smartphone Market Share
    It’s true that Samsung is now the biggest rival of Apple, which has planned to ship 390 million smartphones in 2013. On the other side, sales of LG’s smartphone are ramping up. In coming days, LG is going to be the second biggest threat for Apple in Smartphone market. According to a recent report from ‘Counterpart Research‘, LG has already overtook Apple in the U.S. in terms of mobile handset shipments.

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    • AMF0TA says:


  5. ghost says:

    Ang tindi talaga ng LG lkas magpakalat ng trolls nila. Kung sa bagay free ang mag post sa mga blog site. Mkakalibre nga naman sila ng advertisment. Kalat na kalat sa yugatech. Tsk.

  6. benchmark says:

    well ganun talaga…hanggat kayang makalibre ng ad, then go dito…anyway I am just bothered sa last line na sinabi… “LG has already overtook Apple in U.S. in terms of mobile handset shipments.” I am not sure, di ba iba naman yung shipment tapos binili ng mga tao than shipment lang pero hinde naman mabili… just my idea lang.

    Anyway eto na naman ang war of mobile concert ng Smart at Globe. hehehehe

  7. eveman says:

    Mobile phone best seller this year. What is your bet? Is the samsung galaxy note price? The waterproof Sony xperia z? The sophisticated nexus 4? The windows phone of Nokia Lumia? The genuine HTC One? The smooth and elegance blackberry z10? or the One thats Started it all the iPhone 5? and last its rivalry the Samsung galaxy s4?

  8. zarne says:

    Android Phones will rule because of the ‘high’ and ‘low’ end phones available in this platform. Most likely, Samsung S4 will be the best seller this year. Android OS is owned by Google. If Samsung is separated from Google, will Samsung continue to dominate? Apple is not doing any innovation right now but still in number 2 spot. Blackberry and Window base phones have a chance of overtaking Apple in the number 2 position if Apple continues to watch on the sidelines. Blackberry, with their new OS is the one to watch this year. Blackberry is releasing their 2nd phone with the new OS, the Q10 in the UK, UAE, and Canada next week, April 26th. There were also reports of Blackberry releasing Phones (R series) with lower price points during this year.

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