Globe releases Galaxy S4 postpaid plans

Globe has already published on their website their postpaid plans for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Globe is offering the Galaxy S4 starting at Plan 299 all the way to the All Unli Plan with contract periods ranging from 6 months to 30 months. If you want to get the S4 for free you may start at Plan 1799 with a lock-in period of 30 months. Take a look at the other plan options in the chart below:


We also checked Smart’s Galaxy S4 preorder page to find out if they have also posted their postpaid offerings, so far there’s no update yet.


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  1. any info on what would be the model globe will offer? the octa or the snapdragon? thanks!

  2. theSandies

    it’s been out since yesterday!!!!

  3. arvinsim

    And to think I just renewed my contract last week with a note 2…..oh well,I wil just probably wait for the note 3

  4. ecaps24

    I’m waiting for note3. Can’t go smaller than 5.5′.

  5. I hope they offer Xperia phones already.. esp the Z. :(

    • I do wonder why they’re not offering Sony Xperia…

  6. suigeneris

    i hope they offer a similar promo with the iPhone 5 enabling those who are still within their lock in period to avail for a cash out.

  7. I’m regretting renewing my contract with Globe. Network sucks!

  8. Wha Antolin RIGOS

    Buy s4 unit in gray market and then apply for a prepaid sim, much better for me, kahit open line anb unit

  9. mang kanor

    sino gusto ng s4.. bibigyan ko basta akin ang katawan mo! bwahahaha

  10. Sana mag mura ng konti ung plan price for s3 :)
    And I agree with @suigeneris, sana mabalik ung plan reset program nila similar to ip5.
    i wonder kung bakit ip5 lang sila nag-offer ng ganun… -_-

    • Naniwala ang Globe sa hype ng Ip5 so they over ordered only to realize those who were preordering, renewing with an Ip5 and applying for a new line with an Ip5 phone was nowhere near their projected Ip5 sales. So they offered the reset program just to move their Ip5 units even if they risk cannibalizing their sales from other phones.

  11. as usual. late post.

  12. pano po pag sa family plan?


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