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May 05, 2015

Globe silently revamps DSL plan data caps

We have learned that Globe Telecom has made quick fixes on their new consumable DSL Plans, according to their new website image detailing monthly data caps for Tattoo DSL, Wireless Broadband, and Platinum Broadband subscribers.


According to the new image, New Platinum broadband subscribers at Plans 3479 and up will be able to experience unlimited data as opposed to monthly caps starting at 100GB. The ‘unlimited’ data mentioned is still being governed by the telco’s Fair Use Policy (FUP).

Meanwhile, Globe has split up data caps for both LTE Broadband and DSL Broadband subscriptions, thereby increasing the monthly data allocations for wired DSL subscribers when compared against the monthly caps we first reported. To give you a quick idea on how it will be, here’s the chart:

(Click to enlarge)

Perks and additional features bundled with the DSL plans, as first unveiled on our report a few months ago, were seen to be still intact. The change was apparently done last April 30, according to the image filename hosted on their website. The plans are intended for new subscribers, and may be offered to old subscribers in case of an upgrade or re-contract.

Hat Tip to @kobmat01 on Twitter for bringing this up!

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45 Responses to “Globe silently revamps DSL plan data caps”

  1. Miriam says:

    Gusto qng kumuha ng plan sa globe for internet connection..cnu may alam kng anung mga requirements na kailangan?hirap kumuha eh…di ba pdeng brgy.permit lng?kc tago nmn place q at 5pc lng nmn ung akn

  2. Justin says:

    Their previous released plans were unusable for a month of usage. Even their Platinum Plans has capping. WTF!

  3. prince says:

    to king (May 20, 2015 at 4:05 pm )

    25 mbps (3749) 3.5gb DAILY allowance (4gb sabi ng globe csr) once consumed capped to 30% original speed – so 7.5mbps unlimited
    same lang with other platinum plans
    (according yan sa online csr at globe store csr)
    1. 25mbps – unli 7.5 mbps
    2. 50 mbps – unli 15 mbps
    3. 100 mbps – unli 30 mbps
    4. 150 mbps – unli 45 mbps
    * sa mga high end subdivision lang ang platinum dsl ng globe
    * saan mo nabasa from 25 mbps to 1 mbps king?

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