Globe starts selling Prepaid Nano-SIM for Php40

A couple of weeks ago, Globe mentioned that they will start selling the nano-SIM this month. True enough, the prepaid nano-SIMs are now available in select Globe stores nationwide.

For the meantime, only the prepaid nano-SIMs are being sold by Globe in their stores. The postpaid version of the nano-SIM is also available for new or existing subscribers for free.

(Disclosure: We’ve already requested our own postpaid nano-SIM replacement at no additional cost.)

Here’s a copy of the press release they sent:

Revolutionary Nano-SIMs now available in Globe Stores. Globe Telecom has officially offered the revolutionary Nano-SIM in its Globe Stores, way ahead of competing telco brands. The Nano-SIMs are new generation subscriber identity module (SIM) cards for the latest generation of smartphones running on the most modern mobile network technologies.

The Nano-SIM measures 12.3 millimeters wide, 8.8 millimeters high and 0.67 millimeters thick, or about 40% smaller than the Micro-SIM. “We have ordered as much as 5x more Nano-SIMs than our usual SIM orders as we anticipate high demand from our subscribers, especially when smartphones running on Nano-SIMs are offered to the market,” said Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid.

The Globe Nano-SIM is free for new and existing postpaid subscribers while new prepaid subscribers can avail of the Nano-SIM for only P40. Shown in photo is Globe subscriber Maria Salud Sison receiving her Nano-SIM from Globe store specialist Gilbert Calalay.

We tried looking for the availability of the nano-SIM in Globe’s Online Store but the site isn’t updated yet.

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  1. Really??

    “revolutionary” nano-sims?

    It’s basically like calling a folded paper “revolutionary” >_>

    It’s basically the same as the original, they just made it a tad smaller =p

    And for the record, I’m not against nano-sims… I just hate it when people overly hypes something just to sell something -_-

  2. LOL.. even though you have nano sim.. i doubt you can use it.. cause i think only iphone 5 use nano sim.. well if you already have ip5 which is still not available here in ph that will be a different story..

  3. Hi guys, is there really no way of changing my Smart prepaid sim to nano sim w/o having to cut it? Smart says only for post paid, but Globe says they can swap even their prepaid sims to nano sim.