Globe suffers interconnection issues with Sun

We received a public advisory from Globe Telecom earlier today stating that they are experiencing inter-connection problems with Sun Cellular.

Here’s part of the email sent to us today:

Globe Telecom advises all Globe and TM subscribers that they may encounter some difficulty making and receiving voice calls as well as sending and receiving text messages from subscribers of Sun Cellular. Initial investigation shows a glitch in the interconnection facility of the Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) of Digitel Mobile Philippines (Sun Cellular). Network engineers from both Globe and Sun are working to restore the Sun-Globe interconnect to its normal level.

As an interim measure, Globe has re-routed voice call traffic with Sun Cellular to an alternate facility to help connect calls to and from Sun Cellular subscribers.

We ask for your patience as we work with Sun Cellular to expedite full service restoration.

Globe did not mention that the same is happening with Smart, which Sun is now part of, so this might be an issue specific to Digitel.

This should explain the intermittent connections we’ve been getting in the past days leading towards the flooding of most of Metro Manila.

We’ll post an update once we get them.

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  1. JM Melegrito

    It may be a part of the PLDT Group, pero I think Sun is still working on an independent level… unlike Talk ‘n Text.

  2. are there any public announcements about why Globe’s 3G network would “disappear” whenever heavy rains. it started just this saturday. hopefully they’ve fixed this already!

    • ok naman 3G signal dito sa may Diliman, QC. Hindi nawala kahit nung kasagsagan ng ulan…. baka sa area niyo lang po.

    • mine was working fine. I even downloaded 1080p Olympic ceremony and BD movies all 7Gb total hehehe that’s just in one day(Wednesday)

    • mine was working fine. I even downloaded 1080p Olympic ceremony and BD movies all 7Gb total hehehe that’s just in one day(Wednesday)

      location: kalentong

  3. baskinificent

    They should’ve fix this earlier. subscribers are having a hard time waiting for someone’s response. esp. outgoing and ingoing calls difficulties. I hope that GLOBE system’s gonna be alright asap.

  4. with all due respect yugatech, should globe mention that smart is having problems with sun as well? trabaho at sakop pa rin ba ng globe yun? PEACE :)

    • Ang sabi nya ata is di sinabi ng globe na they have the same problem with smart… so isolated case with globe to sun only.

  5. dlreyes

    Tweet from Suncellular “Happy Sunny Friday! Sun Cellular subscribers can call and text Globe subscribers again as the technical concern encountered yesterday has been fixed, as of last night. Thanks for your patience! :)”

  6. good to know that it’s not only globe that’s having problems connecting with globe.

  7. grabe yun… it took a text 8 hours to arrive to my phone.

    nagkita na kami noong mga kasama ko, nakapag trabaho na kami, nakapag meeting na, at naka uwi na ako’t lahat tapos biglang makakareceive ako ng text sa naka Sun na kasama ko na ‘were here na sa ground floor’

  8. okay, that explains the late text yesterday from my sun friend.. she texted me 7pm, and it arrived 9pm to me.. by the way im using smart.

  9. Nothing new here. Both Globe and Sun have always been crap.

  10. Kevin Almazora

    I think it’s not only the Globe to Sun connection, but Globe to Globe/TM as well.

    Can someone explain this issue?



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