Globe Tattoo Black is 42Mbps LTE, starts at Php1,799

So Globe Telecom came out today with another teaser for their LTE service. Dubbed, Globe Tattoo Black, the soon-to-be-launched LTE service also promises speeds of up to 42Mbps with a monthly service fee that starts at Php1,799.

And that’s all that we know of the Globe Tattoo Black for now. There’s no mention of the dongle (although we suspect it’s going to be the same Huawei 4G dongle), the coverage areas or if there’s any bandwidth cap.

The newspaper ad on the Inquirer today says it all.

If Globe is going to keep its motto “Live without Limits” as shown in the print ad, are we then to say that their LTE service will be unlimited? We’ll have to ask them this Tuesday during the round-table discussion.

It would be a big hit is they’d really offer unlimited LTE for only Php1,799 a month.

Update: Globe posted the details on their blog here.

Tattoo Black Plan 1799 is up to 28Mbps at Php1,799 per month.

Tattoo Black Elite 2499 is up to 42Mbps at Php2,499 per month.

The plan comes with a free Superstick dongle.

The Globe Tattoo Black uses both LTE and HSPA+ so the connection is still high even if you’re outside the coverage area. And both plans are unlimited according to Globe’s rep I talked to this afternoon!

Updated: There’s still no final list of coverage but the first city to get LTE is whole of Makati.

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  1. Their data cap is too low… these days 12-15GB per month of data cap is nothing. What’s the point of LTE if you are just going to use up all the bandwidth very quickly?


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