Globe Tattoo Superstick now up to 7Mbps

Don’t exactly know when they rolled this out but just saw that Globe Telecom has upgraded their Tattoo Superstick and now offers up to 7Mbps on the WiFi device. They’re still offering the Globe MyFi but that’s just up to 3.6Mbps or 5Mbps depending on your postpaid plan.

By the looks of it, the Globe Tattoo Superstick uses the ZTE MF60 we reviewed here a few weeks back.

The device comes free with a postpaid plan of Php1,299 per month, locked in for 24 months with 200 free SMS allocation a month. The Tattoo Superstick is an HSPA+ device so it will ride on Globe’s upgraded network.

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  1. chrismun

    hindi po ba available ito sa prepaid?

  2. Globe should reorganize their wireless stick lineup.

    • niko bellic

      we’re launching the newest wireless broadband with 2MBPS that you guys will be satisfied. You don’t have to shell-out a big amount of money just to satisfy your needs, because we’re now giving it to you. You’ll get what you’ve paid for! For only Php 5.00/ hour, internet connections will be in your hands anytime of the day, anywhere you are. A price that people can afford! Everyone would have the chance to experience what it takes to have a 2mbps internet speed. We will be the cheapest internet provider in the Philippines and people will come along to use our product by the time our network start. soon….

    • @niko bellic talaga? kelan pa kaya yan hanggang ngaun may 3G signal dito pero EDGE lang ang may pakinabang. ATTENTION GLOBE: Wag kayo masyadong magyabang kasi kahit anong gawin nyong kaechosan di hamak na mas maganda ang serbisyo ng SUN BROADBAND. ROFL

    • @niko kelan nyo yn ilalabas? :)

  3. kelan kaya nila planong i upgrade yung wired? parang naiiwanan na kami…

  4. i subsribed a week ago. it’s already been that way at that time.

    but i rareley get 7mbps

  5. Iyan Sommerset

    Is the service (bandwidth limit) capped in any way?

    • Yep. Read Globe’s “fair use” disclaimer.

    • There has been a debate about this for some time now in the TPC forums but as everyone has tested, including me, THERE’S NO BANDWIDTH CAPPING FOR POSTPAID SUBSCRIBERS, at least as of now. People have posted screenshots of them downloading more than 25 GB and they’re not capped yet.

  6. i availed superstick 5mbps plan 1299 more than a month ago. i just want to know if they’re gonna do adjustments with our account with regards to this new rate.

  7. One thing I hate about globe is that they are terrible liars. They couldn’t even reach a 1Mbps promised speed!!!!!

    Subscribers Good luck!!!!

    • It all depends on your location. In some locations, people are very satisfied with the speeds they’re getting with the Superstick. In some places, it’s so terrible though. So our advice to everyone who are thinking of subscribing to Globe Superstick, test the connection on your area first.

    • I agree with you. The customer service at Globe Greenbelt said, in due time, Globe is rolling off updates on their facilities and eventually, speed will get better. WTF?! They are already marketing something that is not available yet?

    • @Randz: I definitely agree. Marketing something without even testing it = retarded. Hopefully this pans out well as I’m locked to this for 2 years.

    • as if Globe is the only one doing this kind of marketing strategy…

  8. hyprmanic

    I gave a call to globe’s customer service line, and I inquired if the folks who signed up for the superstick earlier this year would be given a bump up in terms of hardware. We’re paying the exact same thing as the new subscribers but apparently we won’t be able to enjoy the speed that the new subscribers are.getting because we won’t get the hardware for it.

    That definitely isn’t the way to treat loyal subscribers.

  9. Not totally convince about the speed, have to try it first.

    • I suggest getting a sim-only plan and just buy your own broadband stick device, preferably Huawei E353. Or your own ZTE MF60 or Huawei E586.

  10. The upgrade has been rolled out for some time now. They just didn’t update their site until now.

  11. Alex Castillo

    i’ve applied to plan 999 last september 2011 for a sim only plan and use it with my huawei e353 (smartbro rocket; openline).

    in my experience max speed for this plan is 5Mbps as well as torrent download, also this will vary on your location and time of access..

    no capping in postpaid lines, about 60GB usage for a month and almost of it comes from my torrent download.

    happy and satisfied for now and hoping for a better internet and stability..

  12. I have this one. I got 600kbps average torrent speed. On full bar HSDPA coverage, I can only get a max of 3mbps (only once) and most of the time less than 1mbps. I’m planning to have an external antenna and see if I can boost signal reception. I haven’t been into any area with HSPA+ coverage and their tech support cannot provide that information.

    I got confused in one of the threads here. I was right when I said it was up to 7mbps :-)

  13. 7mbps is real internet speed in the Philippines?

    • Unfortunately, 12 Mbps seems to be the fastest that we have here and that 12 Mbps is ridiculously expensive. Yeah, our internet here is subpar when compared internationally.

    • yeah, sucks to be here in the Philippines when it comes to Internet connection. Globe got this 100Mbps plan but its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy expensive.

  14. Globeliarliar

    this so-called 7MBPS is a joke from Globe. I am subscribed to this BUT I only get 2.1MBPS at most and that is at plan 1299. Globe potential subs wag na payo ko lang sainyo kung ayaw nyong sumakit ang ulo. Avoid Globe at all costs. They are only good sa postpaid cellphone plans. don’t ever think about their internet offerings!

  15. im frustrated with our globe superstick … it is slower than a plug it … it crawls … :( i wont recommend it.

  16. i just got my Superstick yesterday, a Huawei E586E. i never achieved the advertised speed of 7 Mbps. now i’m thinking of giving this back and getting my money back. :(

  17. Ceilsuz

    Sulit talaga si globe sakin only getting hsdpa signal but my speed reaching up to 6.23mbps @ 7.2mbps download speed. parang gusto kung magpa upgrade upto 15mbps to try kung talagang kayang ma reach ung signal na sinasabi nila. One month ko ng gamit to at talagang mabilis average ako ng 500+kBps sa IDM.
    Sulit ka globe
    bye na smart bro

  18. rayleigh17

    what’s ur location sir?is there anyone knows if there’s a good signal here in Bagumbong, Caloocan City..

  19. @Ceilsiz
    what’s ur location sir?

    @all is there anyone knows if there’s a good signal here in Bagumbong, Caloocan City..I’m planning to have one but I’m really confused to all the reviews that I was just read..>.<

  20. Michael

    I hate it!!! Im from ilocos norte, im subscrbe to it,, full bar naman naka indicate sa screen ng zte mf60 ko, hindi pa nakakaabot sa 100 kbps @ and Masmataas pa ung upload kesa download. Help pls!!! Nakakafrustrate na.

  21. Bought their device, last jul 9 2012 , location here at mandaue and cebu city, and ever since i am still disappointed with their service. Too bad i am locked up! For about a month, my device was sent to Manila for an upgrade per say, but once I had it back, I just wished I never ventured out to the globe tattoo superstick at all! So i have to suffer payin 1299 a month for 24months!! I think any religious paying consumer is entitled for their satisfaction. Don’t you think? I have been in and out of calls complaining about my disappointment and all they can say are redundant lines such as “we apologize for that inconvenience mam, but can you monitor the device 24-48 hrs…..” and etc.. I rarely get good service even i was out in a parking lot for 2 hours just to satisfy the customer rep that i am in a good and stable reception.

    So before any consumers think of purchasing this, see to it you have your pros and cons, but i suggest you go SUN, they provide the best! Even they have not the latest gadget, atleast they stand what they portray that they have good reception unlike with the other one. Im sorry but i just have to let this out to warn any future consumers. That’s all!

  22. i am a subscriber..but globe SUPER SUCKS!!! there are areas that there is no connection plus downloading files will have extra charge of the 999 per month….super sucks! dont subscribe or youll be sorry..tested n proven..globe so regretful….

  23. Globe’s service is really good in our area. caloocan. even in quezon city. i actually even reached speed of 7.62mbps (which is above my limit of 7.2mbps) consistenly, i get speed of 3-6mbps even on peak hours. i wasn’t expecting a lot from them but they do suprise me with the speed and consistency.

    i think it’s highly dependent on location but i used this during our travel going to province, there are only very few locations that it isn’t as fast. very satisfied customer here.

  24. Bryant

    Do you know the wifi range of Superstick and the Smart PocketWifi? Can I browse if I’m 100 feet away or in second floor of the house?


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