Globe to sell Galaxy S3 Prepaid Kit at Php29,990

[Updated: It’s back to Php32,990.] We initially reported that telcos will not likely sell the Samsung Galaxy S3 on a prepaid kit plan. Turns out Globe Telecom has already announced that once all the pre-orders have been fulfilled, they will also offer it for prepaid subscribers.

On June 9, Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S3 in retail stores with a suggested retail price of Php32,990.

Apparently, as early as May 23, reps from the Globe Social Media team have already shared that the prepaid kit will be offered at only Php29,990.

That’s a Php3,000 discount from the local SRP. I think it’s the first time we’ve seen the prepaid kit price being much cheaper than the retail price.

Updated: Globe rep has called and wanted to correct the details we got from their Facebook Page:

Globe Telecom starts offering the Samsung Galaxy S III for prepaid subscribers at a retail price of P32,990. The prepaid phone kit package comes with a free 6-month subscription to PowerSurf 99, which has 50MB of consumable data per month.

Postpaid subscribers can get Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone for as low as P1699 monthly under Globe Unli Surf Combo 999 with P700 monthly cashout, or P1999 monthly under Globe Unli Surf Combo 1799 with P200 monthly cashout for an extra P800 worth of monthly consumable amount for calls and texts. Both postpaid plans, touted as the best and most affordable offers in the market to date, are bundled with unlimited data and freebies. The Samsung Galaxy S III is available at all Globe Stores nationwide.

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  1. I am thinking to buy this one. :)

  2. well that’s a good news then… :) i really want this phone so bad… ><

  3. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since that’s how it should be. In the US, for example, an unlocked phone becomes relatively more expensive than the ones sold by carriers. Phones sold in retailers that come unlocked ideally are more expensive but here in the Philippines, it’s competition that makes retailers lower their prices.

  4. Wow. A great offer from Globe. However, I have one question only, is the device lock-down to Globe network? Thanks.

    • ocommon

      syempre nakalock sa Globe yan, yan pa papatalo haha! sa mga gusto bumili, isip-isip. =)

  5. chuful

    this is the one I posted on the S3 launch article… :)

    I wonder how much will this be if I’ll be using credit card?

  6. Paolo

    Mura ah! Kala ko it will be no more than 37K at first?

    It’s way cheaper than my iPhone 4S! Is this a sign I’ll buy this? Hahaha

  7. Guest

    Cheaper because it is sim-locked?
    I remember getting a phone from globe and i cant unlock the bootloader because its sim-locked

  8. now that is really cheap, locked to Globe? no problem…XDA has the solution lol

  9. Had a chat with a Globe rep at their FB page.

    Me: Is is true that the prepaid kit will be 29,990?

    Hi @Paul; Prepaid Kit for Samsung Galaxy S III cost P 32, 990 with Free 6 months PowerSurf 99 subscription.

    Me: So the prepaid sim that comes along with the kit comes with the 6 months powersurf 99?

    Hi @Paul; prepaid kit has no SIM Card included

    Never saw a prepaid kit without a sim card lol.

  10. Fernie

    I’m waiting for Yuga’s review. :)

  11. wicked

    Ang smart 34k+ ang prepaid sa megamall last saturday…

  12. rpmaverick

    Has anyone heard if its available in blue? or is it only the white one? Ive heard that its delayed in several other countries. I hope it’s not delayed here though.

  13. It’s cheaper than Smart. Nice….

  14. marcus cambyso

    wag kau gumastos ng gumastos pra sa cp

  15. jcnjcjcnjc

    Got one few days ago delivered by globe. Super better than S2.Double super better than iPhone 4s. Can’t wait what apple will do for iPhone5 just to beat this one.

  16. wag na uy. bili nalang ako sa labas. di pa nakalock sa globe. yung mga bibili at ipapaunlock edi mawawalan ng warranty. edi sa iba nlng na nakaunlock na agad, may warranty pa. kung 30k sana mejo ok pa e. pero hindi din. sa iba 30k may warranty. bulok pa naman signal ng globe lalo na HSPA or UMTS. pang GSM lang amp.

  17. Sa pangasinan wala parin yun S3 tagal nmn release pre-order nga tagal nmn nauna pa lumbas sa stores kesa sa globe telecom.

  18. thefury

    Ayos ah ang yayabang nyo…este ang yayaman nyo, ne hindi kayo marunong magconstruct ng simpleng english sentence, mga hilaw na call center agent ba kayo? kaya sanay kayong kabisaduhin ang ingles nyo?

  19. theFury LOL

    dami mo alm daldal mo ingit ka lng ata!wag ka mag post dito kung hindi about dun sa topic!TROLL!

  20. pritimhelon

    hi! for those who are interested to buy a samsung galaxy s3.. pls contact me at 09279402255.. thank you.. =)

  21. Okay lng ba mag.apply ng plan kahit walang credit card? Plan ko kc mag.apply nxt month, ung plan 999 or 1799… Ano ba mas ok na plan?

  22. daniel

    one thing i will say is i applied fro this plan and its been approve last month thats a good news!!bad news is still they dont have availble unit to give!!!!!

    • bad news nga! dapat pala nag-aapply na din ako mukhang matagal pala mabigay yung unit.. nag-aayos pa lang ako ng requirements as of now.. anong plan nga pla yung inapplyan mo??? tnx

  23. bakit tumaas ang price nang s3?? samantalang dati nasa 28k na ngaun nasa 32k…


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