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July 26, 2008

Globe tops Yahoo! oneSearch usage in Southeast Asia

Globe Telecom is the top Yahoo! oneSearch partner in Southeast Asia, based on number of unique page views per day using the mobile search engine.

Globe TelecomGlobe entered into a mobile search partnership with Yahoo! only around this month last year but usage is already considered being one of the most active globally. Unfortunately, the actual figures cannot be shared with the public according to a Globe rep.

This is a positive indication that 3G usage is growing strong in the Philippines. I’m still trying to get how much actual traffic does Globe get via their myGlobe portal and Yahoo! oneSearch. Globe will soon add a zeitgeist of sorts for the top keywords searched via Yahoo! oneSearch.

Disclosure: This blog and a couple other blogs I author are featured on myGlobe WAP site.

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3 Responses to “Globe tops Yahoo! oneSearch usage in Southeast Asia”

  1. I wonder if this means we should reconsider subscribing again to Globe Visibility.

    I left before (connectivity problems after the Taiwan earthquake), but may return if things have improved. Thanks for the heads up, Abe! :-)

  2. jhay says:

    Does this mean that there are more active Globe 3G users than Smart’s? :P

  3. Pacute says:

    Yes, i read this article in the business section of mb today!

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