Monday, March 24th, 2014
Globe vs Smart: Samsung Galaxy S5 plans compared

Globe vs Smart: Samsung Galaxy S5 plans compared

Last week, both Globe and Smart released their respective offerings on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. We’ve compiled them both and compared them against each other in case you’re thinking of getting one.


Globe has a vast range of postpaid plans to address different needs of interested subscribers. We’ve even contacted Globe and talked to one of their representatives to guide us through their extensive plan scheme. Check it out:

globe s5 plans

PV is Peso Value you can use to get add-ons like calls, text and data.

Smart, on the other hand, kept things simple and straightforward. Here are their current offerings for the Galaxy S5:

SMART edited

We’ve also compared Globe’s Plan 999 against Smart’s Plan 999 to get better comparison between the two telco giants.


As you can see, Globe offers a lot more options for people interested to secure the Galaxy S5. Globe is also a bit more affordable than Smart when comparing plans of the same price.

When it comes to the term ‘unlimited data,’ we know that there’s the Fair Use Policy that Globe and Smart are both implementing — with Globe placing you on 2G connection once your limit is reached, and Smart still on the get-away-with-it-if-you-can FUP system.

The Galaxy S5 will be available from both telcos starting April 11, 2014.

So which would you choose?

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  1. abuzalzal

    The One with the better facility wins

    hint : it’s not Globe lol

  2. Mura daw ng 2400 na ang katumbas ay:

    1. Unli 2G
    2. Fluctuating signal
    3. Customer Service na sa front-end lang magaling (I have an outstanding NON-TECHNICAL case na 2 buwan ng walang resolution.)

  3. Choose which works on you. Performance first before price.

  4. why not zoidberg?

  5. Nakakainis lang yung PV ng globe for free handset. Ang lakas makaubos ng pwede mong kuhain na freebie service. Yung unli internet minus 999 PV agad.

  6. SunCell Subscriber

    Hmmm… Sun? :)

  7. Globe’s offering is so confusing, that they also confuse themselves. I renewed my contract with them more than a year ago and had it pre terminated after the FUP implementation. So confusing that they charged me an additional P499 for surfing on top of P999 surfing fee!!! haaaaaaaaiiiiiiiissssssstttttsssssssss!!!!!!!!!! tactic ba ito at baka para makalusot na extra income nila?

  8. TacticalNinja

    Mahirap i-justify kung ano talaga ang mas magandang service provider. Kung price lang ang basehan, mas maganda yung mas mura. Pero may ibang factors tulad ng location at mo at yung ganda ng coverage mo sa cell-site nila. Maraming nagsasabing bulok ang Globe at mas maganda ang Smart, pero sa experience ko baliktad. 24/7 up yung net ko, kahit sa phone ko, at Smart ang may mahinang signal sa amin. In-terms of customer service, pana-panahon lang yan, pareho akong may bad experience sa customer service nila.

    • I agree with you. Depende tlaga sa network coverage ang efficiency ng signal. I have postpaid plans from Globe/Smart/Sun. I use Globe (Plan 999) mainly for my business emails and rarely use it for calls/sms, Sun (Plan 350) mainly for calls/sms, and Smart (Plan 600) as backup net connection (pocket wifi). Sa bahay naman we have 5mbps from PLDT. Knowing your needs and getting a plan accordingly that’s the key point. So far, satisfied naman ako.

  9. God, please bless us with two or more Mobile Providers in the Philippines, AMEN…

  10. mmm

  11. Ernest Cunt


  12. Cris Salumag

    dun po ba sa unli surf 999 plan po ba ng smart, need din po ba ng credit card dun pag gagawin mong monthly ung cashout?

  13. globefupsukcs

    halatang napaka-biased ng report na ito towards globe.. hahahaha…

  14. chaomarco

    I’m already using S5 Plan 2k sa smart. ok naman sya. 4G in my office mandaluyong, pasig and novaliches. Worried lang ako na max out ko na yung 1.5 GB FUP pero may 4g pa din. is that normal? or meron na syang charge? anyone smart user here?

    • got_one

      Got the same plan. No charge. At first they will inform you that you will reach your 2GB data allocation. But there’s nothing unusual in my bill.

  15. jhepoy sarte

    mga kuya at ate balak ko kasi mag plan 999 sa smart ang cashout kasi sa Globe ay 16k di kaya nag budget so eto ang tanung ko 800 lang ba talga un cash out sa smart makukuha muna agad un smart phone plan 999 po ung plan ko

    • Go for SMART. Pag nag Globe ka, para ka lang dumampot ng batong ipupukol mo sa ulo mo. Madaming tao na ang nagsisisi sa Globe parekoy. Mas ok SMART.

  16. Globe Telecom, please stop fooling people. Globe offers the worst services. I’ve been in their customer service office in SM Dasma for a week now and they still are not able to resolve “their own” technical issue. Their representatives keep on telling me that it has already been forwarded to their IT department and that all I can do is wait. It has been a week now. I also realized that their offices are full of people complaining about their bad services while the SMART office beside them is also full of people subscribing to their services. I can see why people do not like Globe anymore. This is my first and last time using Globe’s services. I am very disappointed. It also pains me to see how they advertise to people knowing that they are not able to provide the services that they offer. People, please be aware of their crappy services. The rumors about them filing bankruptcy really start to make sense now. Goodbye, Globe.


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