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September 22, 2009

Going Mobile with SmartBro Share It

Last Saturday, I signed up for the unlimited Plan 999 of SmartBro Share It. It was locked for 24 months but they have a promo where you can buy a computer set (Intel Core Dual Core E2200 2.2GHz) for just Php4,000.

There were two main reasons why I got SmartBro Share It:

  • I already have PLDT myDSL Plan 1999 at home and have been using it for 5 years now. However, I’ve been having problems with it lately (slow connection to no connection at times). I was looking for a secondary DSL service in my area to serve as backup (options were Sky Broadband, Globe Broadband, SmartBro).
  • I’m always on the road or outside and I also need 3G service (I already gave away my 2 Globe Tattoo Prepaid kits since I only get EDGE/GPRS connections most of the time. I also have 3 SmartBro PlugIt Prepaid kits but none of them would seem to work anymore). It would be nice to have some sort of uninterrupted wifi internet access inside the car.


I needed something portable and has unlimited service and looks like ShareIt fits the bill. Now, it’s always plugged inside the car broadcasting an open wifi where ever I go.

I was told the service covers all of greater Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, I guess you can bring this out of town (Tagaytay perhaps) and still get some decent internet connection (hopefully). The wifi router is just a bonus if you’re in a group that always bring a laptop with them.

My next step is either downgrade my DSL service at home and get that dual-WAN load-balancing router from DLink.

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62 Responses to “Going Mobile with SmartBro Share It”

  1. patrickross
    Twitter: PSEspiritu


    I checked the specs for the eee box (, and it’s b/g/n compatible. Using an N-grade router will offer you the best connection. The SmartBro canopy uses a standard LAN cable, which directly plugs into your router.


  2. kiko says:


    thanks. thats a big help indeed. so, can i install a router in my house even if their is no 3g in the area. i stay in a remote place kc. ty

  3. patrickross
    Twitter: PSEspiritu


    Yes, you can. You’ll be using WiFi signals broadcasted by your router, which will connect you to your canopy, and then to the internet.

  4. sonnydesign says:

    Hi Sir Yuga, can you recommend smartbro share it for small computer shop(6-8 units)? PLDT line is not yet available in the area. If somebody use it for computer shop please share your experience. thank you in advance

  5. christian says:

    hello, its not wifi?? you use ROUTER to plug in Smart Bro?

    i dont think, Smart Bro Wifi has WIFI.. i only think that Smart Bro is using ROUTER (via WIFI).. is that right?

  6. shahibaaz says:


    please do not buy or subscribe to smartbro share will be pain in the ass kinda thing.i got it on plan 999 a month ago .it works well for first 5 days,im getting around 2mbps at night and in day time around 1 mbps.
    but after 5 days suddenly it stop working at can open the browser and it will stuck there.since then i called smart cs so many times but they always hinge ng sorry for bad connection and tells me that their technical team is working on it.and now its around a month it works now a week ago but the speed im getting is no more tan 250kbps.
    so i stoppped using share it and switch back to my smartbro canopy witch i was decided to disconnect due to have my share it.
    its so annyoing.(sorry for my grammer).i dont know what to do.ANYBODY ANY SUGGESTIONS?

  7. quishiamei says:

    i agree because im also suffering with my share it and im planning to switch to other ISP’s.

  8. Suszv says:

    great info here! thanks!

  9. ramayogini says:


    I am planning to get a Smartbro Share-it Plan. Can you now comment on their service? Is it good or bad? Would you recommend it?

  10. leah says:

    im planning to get a smartbro, could it be possible in valenzuela since i am a residence in that location?…

  11. R.O.M.E.L.O. says:

    Smartbro doesn’t offer Share It anymore and from my experience with PLDT. They don’t allow downgrades. :(

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