Going Mobile with SmartBro Share It

Last Saturday, I signed up for the unlimited Plan 999 of SmartBro Share It. It was locked for 24 months but they have a promo where you can buy a computer set (Intel Core Dual Core E2200 2.2GHz) for just Php4,000.

There were two main reasons why I got SmartBro Share It:

  • I already have PLDT myDSL Plan 1999 at home and have been using it for 5 years now. However, I’ve been having problems with it lately (slow connection to no connection at times). I was looking for a secondary DSL service in my area to serve as backup (options were Sky Broadband, Globe Broadband, SmartBro).
  • I’m always on the road or outside and I also need 3G service (I already gave away my 2 Globe Tattoo Prepaid kits since I only get EDGE/GPRS connections most of the time. I also have 3 SmartBro PlugIt Prepaid kits but none of them would seem to work anymore). It would be nice to have some sort of uninterrupted wifi internet access inside the car.


I needed something portable and has unlimited service and looks like ShareIt fits the bill. Now, it’s always plugged inside the car broadcasting an open wifi where ever I go.

I was told the service covers all of greater Metro Manila and neighboring provinces, I guess you can bring this out of town (Tagaytay perhaps) and still get some decent internet connection (hopefully). The wifi router is just a bonus if you’re in a group that always bring a laptop with them.

My next step is either downgrade my DSL service at home and get that dual-WAN load-balancing router from DLink.

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  1. patrickross


    I checked the specs for the eee box (http://event.asus.com/eeepc/microsites/eeebox/en/specifications.html), and it’s b/g/n compatible. Using an N-grade router will offer you the best connection. The SmartBro canopy uses a standard LAN cable, which directly plugs into your router.


  2. patrickross,

    thanks. thats a big help indeed. so, can i install a router in my house even if their is no 3g in the area. i stay in a remote place kc. ty

  3. patrickross


    Yes, you can. You’ll be using WiFi signals broadcasted by your router, which will connect you to your canopy, and then to the internet.

  4. Hi Sir Yuga, can you recommend smartbro share it for small computer shop(6-8 units)? PLDT line is not yet available in the area. If somebody use it for computer shop please share your experience. thank you in advance

  5. christian

    hello, its not wifi?? you use ROUTER to plug in Smart Bro?

    i dont think, Smart Bro Wifi has WIFI.. i only think that Smart Bro is using ROUTER (via WIFI).. is that right?

  6. shahibaaz


    please do not buy or subscribe to smartbro share it.it will be pain in the ass kinda thing.i got it on plan 999 a month ago .it works well for first 5 days,im getting around 2mbps at night and in day time around 1 mbps.
    but after 5 days suddenly it stop working at all.you can open the browser and it will stuck there.since then i called smart cs so many times but they always hinge ng sorry for bad connection and tells me that their technical team is working on it.and now its around a month it works now a week ago but the speed im getting is no more tan 250kbps.
    so i stoppped using share it and switch back to my smartbro canopy witch i was decided to disconnect due to have my share it.
    its so annyoing.(sorry for my grammer).i dont know what to do.ANYBODY ANY SUGGESTIONS?

  7. quishiamei

    i agree because im also suffering with my share it and im planning to switch to other ISP’s.

  8. great info here! thanks!

  9. Hello.

    I am planning to get a Smartbro Share-it Plan. Can you now comment on their service? Is it good or bad? Would you recommend it?

  10. im planning to get a smartbro, could it be possible in valenzuela since i am a residence in that location?…

  11. Smartbro doesn’t offer Share It anymore and from my experience with PLDT. They don’t allow downgrades. :(


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