Has your PLDT myDSL slowed to a crawl?

For the last couple of weeks, my PLDT DSL connection at home has crawled to a turtle’s pace. I don’t often get this type of problems in the last 4.5 years but this time, it took longer than one would expect.

I know how the infrastructure/network works and I’m usually very patient with these types of issues that’s why it took me several weeks to realize this could be permanent and I’m doomed to settle for dial-up speeds. Just look at my SpeedTest results below:

pldt mydsl

Anybody else experiencing the same problems lately? At first, I thought it could be several possible reasons:

  • Too many people connecting to my open wifi? I’ve always had my WiFi open to neighbors so they can use the net once in a while. I tried securing the network so only one PC has access but the slow connection remains.
  • Wiring problems. Sometimes, a faulty wiring or a defective data-voice splitter can cause problems like these but I couldn’t find any.
  • I got downgraded, unknowingly. Maybe the people at the NOC downgraded my 2Mbps Plan 1995 to 384Kbps.
  • Maybe there’s some problem in my area. I called up customer support and they tell me everything’s okay from their end.
  • My node got congested. That’s probable but that usually happens only to cable internet subscribers.
  • PLDT is punishing me for not paying on time. Forgot to pay for 2 months and I got a letter from their legal /collection agent proposing that a legal action might help me remember to pay on time. I already paid in advance so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Then, I ran out of excuses for PLDT. So now, after exhaustively taking into consideration numerous factors, I’ve come to a decision to just jump ship and sign up for a new ISP. I guess it’s time for Globe DSL or take that 6Mbps offer from Sky Broadband.

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  1. caliber 38

    oh god, can anyone confirm that there’s a free wifi router if you get the plan of something like 3mbps ata? a friend of mine told me aboput it. meron daw qik nito. can anyone confirm? thanks.

  2. yellowcabsfinestbanana

    what’s the girl endorser’s name? Can someone post the picture here of her? Would be much appreciated just like how women can go gaga over Ryan for some reason.

  3. ria_sonrisa

    caliber 38, yeap there is. call the hotline if you’re interested for an upgrade (but i don’t know if they’ll give it to you that quick though). Try to negotiate with them as I don’t know the whole process and stuff. 101-885 is their number.

  4. mucha buena

    redstrong, yeah kinda. pero i’m not that easily persuaded. I just have a good feelng of what’s going to be a dud and what’s not. :) Ewan, women’s intuition i guess. heehee

  5. caliber 38

    okay thanks. parang naeexcite naman ako sa router na yan with what seems to be included in a great package. NICE! WOOHOO!!!

  6. bugsbunny01

    so pwede pala magpaupgrade from plan 999 to 3mbps and they’ll give you the free wifi router?

  7. redstrong

    yellowcabsfinestbanana, apparently there’s a woman endorser. She’s a bit hot…okay that’s rude. She’s a beauty.

  8. redstrong

    ria_sonrisa: ryan is the main star of the the qik brand. Since it’s easier to attract the ladies, perhaps they made him the center spotlight.

  9. redstrong

    mucha buena: so does this woman’s intuition of yours tell you qik is a good thing? Nice going for a review. hahaha! And oh, it’s great to know you’re a woman. Wala lang.

  10. ria_sonrisa

    ah okay. so is this girl any beautiful to endorse a product or just the typical maputi na pwede maging sales girl? KIDDING! hahaha!

  11. mucha buena

    ang sama mo girl! hahaha! If ever naman, maganda ganda naman ang pipiliin ng pldt. They won’t just get someone out of the ordinary. hehe

  12. andy barok ako

    can anybody tell me how this is done? Ano ba ang way para makakuha nito? salamat!

  13. For the past 2 weeks I have also noticed that myDSL internet connection here in Novaliches, QUezon City have slowed down. Previously when I download files I used to have a download speed of around 90kb/sec to 100kb/sec but these days I only have 30kb/sec to 40kb/sec. Did PLDT downgraded the service for the residential plan? I’m already thinking of shifting to a new ISP if this situation goes on until next month.

  14. Sa akin 1. 5 mbps pero mabagal pa rin… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy… problema talaga…. innacurae ang nakukuha kong speed..

  15. Loved reading this.

  16. Sa akin 1. 5 mbps pero mabagal pa rin… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy… problema talaga…. innacurae ang nakukuha kong speed..

  17. aldrin maramot

    so! its true n may 6mbps ang globe? san meron n? d2 b sa antipolo meron n ky? para mk pag apply n?

  18. Funny because my Speedtest revealed that I have slower connection than yours.

    My download speed is only 0.24mbps and I AM ON PLAN 999 PLDT DSL.

    Like you, it was superb for the first few months…then now, it has boiled down to this. My smartbro connect is even faster!

    Anyone knows a solution??

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