How’s your DSL in the Philippines?

Joey Alarilla asks “Do we actually have broadband in RP?”. Yeah, we do, it’s called Digital Substandard Lines. *heh*

Been hooked up on DSL for about 4 years now. Before that, I languished in crappy dial up connection. I started with Greendot at 256Kbps for Php2,750 for about a year before I moved to PLDT DSL paying Php1,995 at 384Kbps speeds. They then upgraded the accounts across the board and my Plan 1995 got 512Kbps, went up to 786Kbps and now at 1.2Mbps.

If you think about it, the 384Kbps cap is now 1.2Mbps after 4 years at the same monthly rate. I should be happy right? Well, in a way yeah. Them DSL providers would make you think/feel the same. The premium residential packages now are at 2.2Mbps and 5Mbps (Alabang area only).

However, those free upgrades to higher speeds aren’t any good at all when you’ve actually checked the actual speeds. Ever since I’m on the 1.2Mbps line, I’ve always checked my bandwidth on different days of the week and various times of the day. Here’s how it fared via Broadband Reports:

It’s like it’s just half of what I was told my supposed connection is. The only time I’d get that promised 1.2Mbps is when I ran the bandwidth test via PLDTPlay. So, the line from my place to the PLDT servers tops at 1.2Mbps but my actual DSL speed from PLDT to the outside world is just half of that. Great. So those upgrades we’re all getting all these years were a farse?

When do we get Singapore’s 100Mbps speeds to their homes? In the year 2020?

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  1. FC Barca

    surprised to see pepperoni not around. What’s up Ty! wow, you sure are positive about the connection of pldt, even if sometimes it gets jammed or lagged or whatever.

  2. All good Barca Boy! Yeah of course I have to be positive. There’s always a solution to every problem so why fret about it? But my patience, if stretched to the limit, can only be so much, so I trust that these pldt guys can do what it takes to repair problems and stuff. Well, none to repair yet that’s for sure so i’ll just take my time and enjoy surfing stuff around.

  3. FC Barca

    great to hear man. Pepperoni still not online but i’ll catch that dude tomorrow. I’ll just leave this all day enjoying the downloads and stuff for the meantime.

  4. pepperoni

    yo Barca boy and Ty, I’m going to do a handful of reviews, like this QIK thing, Smart Bro, Globe’s, and Sun’s broadbands. Know where I could start guys or anyone here can make a suggestion or two?

  5. slamdunk

    I can attest to the fact that plan 999 goes from 1.3mbps to 1.8, give or take. I forgot the figures and I didn’t get any lags and whatnot.

  6. pepperoni

    true true. It’s been like that for this week. I saw it over the internet and didn’t believe my eyes until i had it speedtested. On to the weekend and i hope it’ll be the same. Expect internet traffic though.

  7. in our place we got the VERY fast digitel damn it! just kidding ofcourse i alwaays go to a speedtest and u know its really slow but every night it gets alot of speed. DSL is good but i have never tried to use broadband but i know dsl is good because you get the speed you want with ur modem unlike cables u know ?hehe..i hope optic fibers will come soon in pinas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lost our DIGITEL DSL connection an hour before that deadly storm hit the pasig/cainta/marikina area. i do live in cainta and when the power went up 4days after the flooding, everything followed after that EXCEPT THE SUCKING DIGITEL DSL CONNECTION. it had been a week and a half now since i started calling day and night and getting promises that they would send a technician to check out the connections here at our subdivision. until now… NOTHING! i have already tried to be patient with their poor customer service reps, even though i know when they say pasensya na po was just so robotic and scripted na. i lost my patience yesterday and cussed one of them shouted at the top of my lungs out of desperation… and still… N O T H I N G ! ! ! FUCK DIGITEL. i should have known that their service was crappy…. crappy is an understatement… i dont know what else to call this poor low life internet service

  9. crazyseidj

    Just wanted to share how awesome my internet connection is here is Singapore.

    So whenever I go home to Pinas eto yung namimiss ko kasi walang kwenta yung net connection namin sa Binan, Laguna. Digitel Sucks!!! Ala naman kami other choice kasi PLDT and Sky Cable internet ay abot sa area namin.

  10. Hi all

    Net speed in the Philippines is so very very slow and so very very expensive, on top of all this, the cost of electric is one of the highest in the world, and customer service is so lacking, and Noynoy does not seem to be doing anything about it, I love the Philippines, but it is run by capitalistic families, the Philippines is being dragged down by such corruption, and it seems to be getting worse by the day, Mindanao massacre will never be sorted, and most will go free for Murder, where else in the world would they send a tank into a Hotel, ha ha ha.

  11. asanesslights

    take a look on netindex’s world ranking of internet download and upload speeds, we’re ranked 154th and 157th respectively, out of 172 countries. Kinda ironic for number #1 BPO country.


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