Microsoft partners with Smart for WP7 Launch

Go the note from PR of Microsoft Philippines earlier today that they’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the launching of Windows Phone 7 in the Philippines this December.

The press release is a little vague but here’s the summary sent to me earlier:

Today, Microsoft Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with leading network provider Smart Communications, Inc., for a collaboration to introduce new offerings that promises to transform the Filipinos’ mobile lifestyle.

Microsoft and SMART have worked closely together to provide a special combination of service platforms and introduce Windows Phone 7, a different kind of phone with new experiences to the local market.

“We are pleased to partner with Microsoft in launching Windows Phone 7 devices in the Philippines,” said Napoleon Nazareno, President and CEO of Smart.

Microsoft and Smart will be holding a series of events leading up to the Windows Phone 7 launch towards the end of the year, including a pre-order campaign and a special preview of the Windows Phone 7 device in time for the holidays.

What is un-clear from the release is whether all Windows Phone 7 devices will be exclusive to Smart. Usually, it’s the handset manufacturers that make exclusive deals with telcos, not the mobile OS developer. If this is the case, Microsoft really that “confident and strict” with WP7.

So far, there are handsets from Samsung, HTC, LG and even Dell that have been announced to carry Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS. We’ll have to see this December.

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  1. godofredo


    FYI. Android and Meego are Linux-based systems developed for mobile platforms.

  2. I read from somewhere that the device they are talking about isvthe htc 7 mozart

  3. mr.bogus

    windows phone???? who cares!!!!

  4. @allan wp7 is really getting good reviews from tech sites. i would like to have a hands on time myself with a wp7 phone.

  5. Lets hope Windows Phone cannibalizes Apples sales so these two control freak systems destroy each other.

  6. Vistaster

    Naku po . Panay bugs and hacks siguro yan. Dalang dala na ko dyan sa microsoft. panay sakit ng ulo ang binibigay nyan sa end user.

    FTW sana ang iphone 4 with Smart. haaay. wishful thinking na lang. di bale, in 2 years, move na ako sa smart. hahaha.

  7. Patrick Cabalquinto

    Just a question lang po.. how many are Windows live users here in the Philippines vs. Yahoo users? Im a Windows Live user here since Ive worked with one of their Callcenter Vendor before. but based on the tools we used, the population of Windows Live Users is somewhat small compared to Yahoo Mail services..

    So do you think this will bump our Online way of living? just my two cents

  8. it should bump our online way of living. thing is, i dunno why data costs so much here. Based on a 10k/month plan, i calculated it from globe’s 0.10php/kb and it only gave a measly 60MB of data. and that’s 10k! in other countries, a 1.5k/month plan would already give around 5gb of data. for that same price, others even have unlimited data caps

  9. gnradaza
    replied on Oct 22nd, 2010 at 8:28 am (18)

    Jam. replied on Oct 21st, 2010 at 10:24 pm (6)

    Globe – Apple
    Smart – Microsoft
    Sun – ??? (sana android or meego) >:)

    Sun – Linux

    Just kidding


    Kung Sun – Linux that would be Sun – Meego, Meego – Nokia

  10. @Epstein
    hehe dami yata nun, sana nga Open Source kanila :)

  11. Any updates? meron na ba dito sa Pinas? may nakita na ba kayong for sale dito na Windows Phone mga sir?

  12. wala pa. mg nest year n siguro lalabas yan

  13. Wp7 kulang sa features, better to stick with android and globe, the leader in postpaid, smart pang prepaid lng yan.pang masa.

  14. @leemar – oks naman ang postpaid ng smart. they just don’t have the flashiest of handsets like globe. i did get a free E63 (outdated i know) from them via Plan 1200 and immediately ditched it for a Nexus One I got from the gray market.

  15. @slighmd – thats a good question about the marketplace being accessible for Philippine users. have you checked out dedicated sites to WP7 and inquired about the marketplace’s availability to other regions besides the US and Europe?


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