Mobile 3G is now cheaper than DSL!

Just realized that since all the telecom players (Sun, Smart and Globe) are now offering unlimited 3G internet and subsequently lowering the prices down, 3G is officially cheaper than DSL.

Let’s look at how much a 1Mbps to 3Mbps residential DSL costs nowadays:

PLDT myDSL 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL only)

Globe Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,995 (DSL w/ free Landline)

Bayan DSL 1.5Mbps: Php1,699

Sky Broadband 2Mbps: Php1,999

From the list above, we can see that all of the current DSL offerings that’s “up to 2.0Mbps” have prices ranging from Php1,699 to Php1,999. That should give us what’s the current market prices that’s acceptable to broadband consumers.

Now let’s look at a rundown of unlimited mobile 3G by the networks and see if the prices are cheaper or not:

Sun Wireless Broadband 2Mbps – Php799

SmartBro Plug-It 2Mbps – Php999

Globe Tattoo 2Mbps – Php1,200

It’s pretty obvious now — 3G internet is now way cheaper than DSL. Remember when unlimited 3G used to be Php3,000 per month? That’s a price cut of 60% in 2 years. It doesn’t even consider the fact that 3G speeds used to be 384Kbps. I’d say 3G internet has become 92% cheaper if we take speed and price considerations into account.

Even at current rates, a 2Mbps unlimited 3G subscription is 60% cheaper than an unlimited 2Mbps DSL line. The only reason why people still think it’s expensive is that they don’t use 3G internet as much as they do with DSL.

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  1. hopefully, the mobile 3G signal will be consistent…

  2. yes it’s cheaper. but only that. we use sun broadband as our primary ISP at home (we don’t move it around). it does reach the promised 2MBPs most of the time… but try downloading, watching youtube and you’ll see how they “control” the speeds. Sun claims they don’t “cap” speeds… but seeing a speedtest result of 1.67MBPs and simultaneously downloading a program update at 10-20 KBPs is annoying to say the least.

    their speed is all for show. activities that actually take advantage of the speed are “controlled” – which makes me wonder why they offer the high speeds in the first place.

  3. @noypi

    do you use dynaweb?

  4. Sun modem mobile naman po ang gamit ko. Mabagal xa pag gabi pero pinagtiyatoyagaan ko na lang. 799php lang xa per onth. Unlimited usage. Kaya po ang solusyon ko, maghanap ng tweaks para s connection. Naniniwala kasi ako na may pag-asa pa tong sun. Via proxy or internet accelerators o kahit DNS.

  5. Have you try to increase 3G signal using homemade materials. Improve 3G USB Signal Homemade

  6. not really

    Unlimited? smarts HSPA+/3g is capped at 1.5 GB A MONTH. I really wouldnt say its unlimited. Normal use is a very broad spectrum.


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