New Globe Tattoo Superstick goes up to 21Mbps

Looks like Globe has upgraded the speed of their Tattoo Superstick 4G to 21Mbps. Saw this ad last Monday on the newspaper for a new add-on or upgradable plan with the Tattoo 4G.

The promo goes like this:

When you get a regular Globe Tattoo Postpaid Plan 999, you pay a monthly service fee of Php999 a month. The promised speed here is up to 7.2Mbps.

You then get a free subscription to the online versions of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Yes!, Cosmo or FHM.

You now have the option to upgrade the Tattoo Stick to a Tattoo Superstick (the MyFi) for an additional Php150/month for 24 months. This allows you to share your WiFi to 5 devices at the same time. You still get up to 7.2Mbps here.

If you want to upgrade your speed to 12Mbps, just add Php100/month.

If you want to upgrade your speed to 15Mbps, just add Php150/month.

If you want to upgrade your speed to 21Mbps, just add Php200/month.

So, when you pick all the upgrades (i.e. Php999 for Stick + Php150 for Superstick upgrade + Php200 for 21Mbps upgrade), you’ll end up with a monthly service fee of Php1,349.

Not bad for a MyFi device with speeds of up to 21Mbps, right? Yes, it’s tempting.

Note though that Globe’s 4G label refers to their HSPA+ network so you’ll have to be within range of those towers in order to get the optimum speeds.

Also take note the lock-in period for this plan is 24 months.

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  1. Adding to my frustrations with Globe is this story I am sharing with you so in case Globe gives you rebate like I did, you know what to expect. Sigh…

    • asterisk

      about your story on rebate, you should have told globe “i was not informed!” hahaha

  2. Adding to my frustrations with Globe is this story I am sharing with you so in case you will also be given rebate by Globe, you know what to expect. Sigh…

  3. may i ask? ahm my old friend got one of the superstick 4g.. ehm i believe its called “tatoo superstick mobile-wifi” – one of the picture shown above. so ah this kind of plan, is it totally unlimited? coz i remember he said ” one of the staffs told him that it was “1gb limit data consumption evry 24hours and when it reaches the limit the connection will be terminated for about 24hours” but when he got home and the postpaid sim was activated and he tested it, he actually exceeded upto 32gig data usage. the questions are, is it unlimited and the globe center staff should be called stupid? and another question is.. could it be possible that the exceeding usage would be charged upon billing or not because it is unlimited?

    • Mario Lord

      What did you observe using the super stick mobile wifi? is it really unlimited? I am also planning to get this plan but they told me that the post paid of this plan is also covered with the fair usage policy. Please reply if it is unlimited so that i can apply for this one. Thanks.

  4. michael lozano

    anyone knows how to activate globe superstick tattoo

  5. i have this plan.. am i going to receive a billing from globe if my plan ganna end for the month or ill be the one to pay for the plan in any billing station before the plan ends for the month? help please..

  6. Hi guys!!!

    Is there anyone who had tested this speed? Is it possible to go over the data cap?

  7. aleng maliit :)

    Hi guys! globe tattoo prepaid user here! dati, naka wimax kami. GRABEEEE! yun yung worst connection na naexperience namin. 1st minute-connected, 2nd to 10th minute-disconnected, tapos connected ulit. ganun ang drama.. But then, yung globe agent binigyan kami ng tip nung nag sign in kami. kapag daw hindi okay ang service, wag na lang namin bayaran, so ganun naman ginawa namin. IN SHORT, banned na yung name na ginamit namin sa globe. [hehehe! pero atleast di kami naglabas ni singko, for 3 useless months]

    then, right now, globe tattoo stick na yung gamit namin. yeah, hindi naman sinabing 7.2mbps exactly ang speed. it says UP TO 7.2mbps. ang nakakainis lang talaga is yung 800mb cap kaya puro surfing lang magagawa mo. pero kung gusto niyo magdownload or manood ng video, simulan niyo around 10pm, kasi by 12mn, narereset naman yun.. yun din ginagawa ko. hehe! :D

  8. Mron ako tatto suoerstick 4g i dont if ypull like it. I guess its to slow. I pay php1150/mo. But during my browsing nkkaawa lng ang 1150 ko per moth. Its a ghost experience durinv my my session. Pinagtyatyagaan nlang nmin kung klan ang strong signal. Try ko sana yung 1599 bk ok yun. Try nyo rin.


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