NTC to penalize telcos for not meeting QoS standards

So it seems that the National Telecommunications Commission is really serious about bringing the Quality of Service of the two major telcos (Globe Telecom and Smart Communication) at par with their standards, or else they’ll face the wrath of Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba and his troops.

celltower< Commissioner Cordoba said that they’re currently monitoring the two service providers’ first quarter performance and they plan to release the result come April. If one or both telcos failed to meet NTC’s standards, each company will be given sufficient time to explain to the commission why didn’t pass. However, if the commission finds their excuse “not meritorious”, the telco will be prohibited from accepting new subscribers until they pull themselves together and meet the standards that NTC has set. Here are the Quality of Service standards that need to adhere to: • Blocked Calls or Grade of Service – equivalent or less than 4% • Dropped Call Rate – equivalent or less than 2% • Average Signal Received Level – minimum acceptable Signal received is -85dBm • Average Signal Quality – rated from 0 to 4, with the former being the highest • Call Set-Up Time – less than 14 seconds Now here’s how both telcos fared during the previous quarter (Q4 2012): NTC Q4 2012 result

Both these telcos have their work cut out for them. But neither company seemed to be too worried about their upcoming result. In fact, both telcos are confident about their network and thinks that they should be able to meet the standards.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to getting our money’s worth. We liked how NTC is getting their hands dirty by making sure that these telcos are delivering the right service that’s due to their subscribers. We will update you guys once NTC unveils the Q1 results.

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  1. ayan!puro ganyan nalang… sana may mangyari!!! hirap naman magreklamu sa Pilipinas pag hindi ka satisfy… Patay malisya lang yan…

  2. Benchmark

    ha? Hinde ba kasama yung mobile date connection nila…I mean if they are really providing the subscribers the right speed sa internet services nila? Or perhaps NTC knows na totally walang papasa sa standards if they talk about internet services…or iba ang naghahandle nun and not NTC?

    Sa calls lang ba ang may penalty and not the internet services they provide?

    • I find it odd that NTC also requires computer shops to have NTC permits just to sell wifi routers. Kelangan may ECE ka pa! Blech!
      Why do we need permit to sell cheap, short-range, practically disposable appliances that even 10 year olds know how to configure.

  3. They(NTC) better should… these big telcos are just getting more subscribers but not providing the service we expect. Lalo na mga postpaid subs, they should not charge termination fee if the reason is their poor service.

  4. What about internet services? My SmartBRO (myBRO) connection is as good as a dead horse from 6pm to 3am. Caloocan area.

  5. Hi NTC you forgot over all data speed vs what is advertised!

    They constantly say 7.2mbps down on hsdpa but that does not happen or anywhere close for 99% of the population its a lie!

    • Telcos have their “12-48kbps minimum speed at 80% reliability” fine print na sinusunod lang nila from NTC. Pwede magreklamo sa DTI pero I doubt kasi sa dami ng fine prints nila like “up to” and “max”

    • internet bandwidth is a shared resource. if every subscriber is given a 1 mbps download bandwidth, assuming they have a million subscribers, then they should have the capacity for approx 1000 gbps or 125 Gigabytes per second.

      I’m not familiar with network or telecommunications infrastructure but to me, this is a waste of resources and i doubt 1k a month from each subscriber is enough to facilitate this service if it is indeed possible.

  6. Dapat isama ang mobile data connection.

    • Bakit mobile lang?

      Lahat ng klase ng internet service dapat kasama.

      Mobile (smartphone) + USB + home (Canopy/WiMAX/DSL/Cable)

  7. Sa totoo lang parang mas kapanipaniwala pa yun result ng smart compare sa globe. ang hirap sa globe makatawag sayang yun unlicall and yun signal strength malabo yata yun sa globe. i have both smart and globe mas ok pa tlga yun smart.

    • Depende lang sa location yan. Smart sucks here in Valenzuela, kahit itaas ko na sa bubong phone ko wala paring 3G signal, lagi pang dropped calls. I have Globe Tattoo stick, mabilis siya sa Valenzuela pero sa Taguig, mas mabilis yung Smart ko even when using it with my phone.

  8. i think magkaroon ng tranparency… like Guarantee Money Back. Kung palpak ang serbisyo aba dapat ibalik ang bayad. Follow up lang un 0.10 cents di pa nababalik.

  9. seriously, ang mga nasa ntc ba e alam ang mga pinagsasabi o kunwari lang regulate kuno? yung “upgrade” disruption ba ng globe exempted? haaaiiiiissssssstsssssssssstttttttsssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  10. Ang supot talaga ng Globe. Always have been… always will be.

    • actually patas lang sila ng Smart. Smart wins vs. Globe sa blocked and dropped calls. Globe wins vs. Smart sa Received Signal, Signal Quality (closer to 0, better) and Call set-up time.

      eh 4 times fiber power daw eh. LOL

  11. …a foreign telco should join the networkWars in the phils…

  12. TacticalNinja

    I think yung mga dropped calls sa globe yung yung constant spam nung mga gumagamit ng internet hacks, na kung minsan eh sila pa ang malalakas magreklamo na mabagal ang service. I pay for my data plan and so should everyone who wish to use the service. Kung walang nagbabayad ng data plan, obviously hindi magkakaroon ng ganung service in the first place.

  13. my SMART signal strength in my area is only -96dBm (sometimes -120dBm) while GLOBE spits out -51dBm. big difference!

    my problem has been bugging me since last year and still no resolution from SMART. currently tied up with SMART for a few more months

    bottomline is that one should get a subscription from a provider from which you get a stronger signal especially in your home

  14. paki sama or isolate naman SUNCELL, grabe after sales support! Walang kwenta… kung alam ko lang…di ako ng sign ng 2yrs

    • Well, that’s something. Mula nga yata talaga nang binili ni Paningil-an ang Sun pumangit na ang serbisyo. Kaya ako pinaputol ko na din ang Sun Tel ko. Sayang lang panahon ko sa customer service ng PLDT. Bagal pa din nila umaksiyon sa loob as usual. Walang kakupas-kupas sa bagal. Wagas!

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