OFW woes with Globe’s Kababayan SIM Card

An old friend sent me an email about his problems with Globe’ Kababayan SIM card when using it in Singapore. He tried to reach Globe CSR to no avail and requested if I could publish his letter here.

Dear Globe,

I noticed in your website under Globe Postpaid Value Offers and Globe Prepaid Value Offers that your International Text Offers for P1 Globe to Singtel PREPAID Mobile Int’l Text is still in effect as of 1st April 2008. Let me clarify now that all Globe Kababayan subscribers in Singapore are Singtel PREPAID subscribers.

Please explain why my friends are being charged P15 for every text they send to my GLOBE KABABAYAN prepaid number here in Singapore. Furthermore, I just came back from my 2-week vacation from the Philippines and used a postpaid Globe mobile to send quite a lot of texts to my Globe Kababayan friends here in Singapore and I am horrified to look at the next bill.

I know that an SMS was sent sometime around 15 March informing Globe subscribers that the P1 text to SINGTEL promo has ended and I immediately made a call to your Customer Service to clarify whether this applies to texts made to Singtel Globe Kababayan as well and was informed that texts to Globe Kababayan are still at P1. Unfortunately, I could not recall the agent I spoke to nor the exact date I made the call. My best guess would be somewhere between 14March to 18March from 12pm to 3pm. If that call was recorded in any voice recording device, you can verify it from there.

I also know that you have a new promo found in your Globe Kababayan website which only applies to Globe Prepaid subscribers. This is conflicting with the (incorrect) information given under the Globe Prepaid Value Offers in your Customer Service website.

Finally, what options do postpaid subscribers have for texting to Globe Kababayan subscribers in Singapore if the Globe Postpaid Value Offers section in your Customer Service website is also incorrect?

I am looking forward to your answers. I know that it is already hopeless to expect refunds for those charged with P15/text for sending texts to Singtel Prepaid Globe Kababayan subscribers here in Singapore but I would appreciate some clarification. I am still not keen on switching over to Smart Pinoy (never was a Smart fan) as I have been comfortably using your Globe services for a decade. Please don’t disappoint me now.

Thank you.


P.S. My friend Yuga can help you get in touch with me. I have decided to clarify the matter with you since my previous experiences with Singtel’s customer service were horrible. And it’s the Globe subscribers that are getting affected really.

I have several Globe Kababayan SIM cards with me here given by Globe before. They come in pairs — one for the OFW and the other for their relatives or love ones in the Philippines. The Kababayan SIM card promises cheaper international SMS rates compared to standard roaming rates by most telcos.

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  1. dondon

    bakit ganon nawala ang signal nang roaming ko dito sa brazil normaly my signal naman ang mga kasama ko pwede bang iparoam on uli via enternet

  2. malteesers00

    bakit ganon nawala ang signal nang roaming ko dito sa brazil normaly my signal naman ang mga kasama ko pwede bang iparoam on uli via enternet>>> yup, using this link http://www.globe.com.ph/talk2globenow?jsid=A2CA9B94001D1757693D60DD71CBC31D.11344328132461 click TALK TO GLOBE

  3. jbaldwin

    My understanding is the 1peso per text to an OFW sim will only apply to 2 Philippine SIM that are link to the OFW SIM.

    To establish a globe to globe link so the SIM cards can avail of the benefits of the OFW SIM:

    For the SIM in the Philippines:
    Simply text REG and send to 2884 for FREE

    For the SIM abroad:
    Just text LINK and send to 2884. Note that roaming rates apply.

    The Family SIM can only register one (1) OFW SIM. If you want to change the registered OFW SIM, all you have to do is text UNREG and send to 2884.

    The SIM abroad can only link with a maximum of two (2) SIMs in the Philippines. So, if a current link has to be changed, one link has to be dropped.

    To cancel the link for the SIM abroad, just text CANCEL to 2884. Roaming rates apply.

    To check the link status:
    Simply text CHECKLINK and send to 2884.

  4. good day bakit ganun po ung family sim ko ay narereciv nman ng asawa ko s saudi ung text ko bakit po sya,,ung ofw n sim nia d nagsesent at error ang lumalabas pag nagsesent sya ano po gagawin para pareho nmin magamit ng maayos ung pareho nmin sim thanks po


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