OpenSignal ranks US, Philippines slowest in 4G Speed

OpenSignal has just released a report that the Philippines is the slowest in 4G speed around the globe, closely followed by the United States.

Having the Philippines on the list of 4G-enabled countries is already a good sign but the country still lags behind in terms of roll out and average speed.

Of the list, the Philippines ranked the slowest at 5.3Mbps average 4G speed. The United States was 2nd slowest at 6.5Mbps average 4G speed.

The same report also mentions South Korea, Sweden, Hong Kong and Japan as the top 4 in highest speed of 4G networks.

Both Globe Telecom and Smart Communication were included in the data report conducted by OpenSignal. They measured coverage and average speed, categorizing both telcos as low in coverage and slow in speed.

The report shows that Smart has better 4G coverage at 45.9% compared to Globe’s 38.4% coverage.

However, comparing both of the average speed between the two, Globe has a higher average speed of 6.46Mbps compared to Smart’s 4.42Mbps.

The article also points to Globe having the worst 4G network among those surveyed. OpenSignal uses actual data collected from users connecting to networks to determine results of this study.


Disclosure: PLDT, the parent company of Smart, is an advertiser on this site.

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  1. Haykal Lorena

    Hope they could mention what telcom is slow. That will be interesting to know haha!

    • Haykal Lorena

      To answer my own question. according to the report Globe is at 6.3MBps and Smart is at 4.3MBps. See original report here

    • 6.3Mbps lng? hehe ksing bilis ng HSPA+ ng globe dito samen yn a. ms mbilis p kxe umaabot ng 12Mbps :)pro I know it’s just the average ung cnbi nila.. naabot ko rin 35Mbps sa Globe LTE e. cguro mbagal tlga sa ibang lugar

    • Reminder, hindi parehas ang MBps at Mbps. Mbps = MegaBITS per second at yung MBps = MegaBYTES per second. GMG pag may time.

    • Data speed is never measured in Megabytes per sec. Anu ba?!? Kaya kahit Mbps or MBps or mbps or mBps pa yan eh ‘megabits per sec’ yan. Bytes is used in measuring storage capacity kagaya ng harddisk, etc. at hindi ng data speed dahil bits per sec ang binibilang dyan. Attention FanBoy.

    • Relax k lng @Fanboy. masyadong kang perfect..

    • as if d ko alm. porket naicaps ko lng ung 12MBps lol 12Mbps un. kung mgssabi man aq ng Megabytes MB/s lols..

    • Haykal Lorena

      Mbps pla sorry. Wag mag away. GV lang!

    • SpiderWak

      aray ko po.. may nasupalpal.. hahaha..

    • Data speed is also measured by MB/s… Now a days ginagamit na yan especially sa USB3 hard disk ads ng mga manufacturer at try to use utorent pag naka LTE ka MB/s na imbes na kbps… gentle reminder lang naman nasabi ni FanBoy kaya ec lang kayo… Kaya lang naman mbps ginagamit ng mga telco kc para makita na parang ang bilis pero pag nag convert ka to KB/s or MB/s… karamihan kc ng tao kala nila MB na ung speed sa mga ads kaya nadadala sila kala nila mabilis na ex. ung 1mpbs or 2mpbs well this speed is good for browsing and video streamming…

    • Hahahaha lol pag nag marunong, sana tama lol

  2. Titigas ng mukha, nag lagay ng cap sa bandwidth, then nag dagdag ng additional cost for additional bandwidth. still service is not good. They keep on blaming power users which makes their network slow. Wala ba silang mga nag-iisip na empleyado para mag suggest na kailangan na nilang upgrade ang service nila kasi ang market demand at malaki.. hay.. uulitin ko, titigas ng mukha..

  3. Bikini Open Hunk

    We should also put into consideration the stability of the signal and its availability.

  4. It was a study of ONLY 16 countries. There are currently 76 countries with LTE and 18 more are scheduled to roll out their LTE networks.

  5. as if d ko alm. porket naicaps ko lng ung 12MBps lol 12Mbps un. kung mgssabi man aq ng Megabytes MB/s lols..

  6. sabi sa source : Globe Philippines is the worst performing network, and Metro PCS combines impressive LTE coverage with the slowest LTE speed of all qualifying networks. bakit di namention yan? obvious talaga admin dito, haha

  7. The image says 45.9% bakit 49.5% sa paragraph. Anyway tama nga ang report na yan kasi walang ka signal signal kahit 3G dito sa Dasma ang Globe. Just switch to Smart at ok naman ang signal ng LTE up to 20Mbps ang download speed. :)

  8. Let’s all hope that this report will serve as a wake-up call to all the damn greedy telcos here in the Philippines to improve the quality of their services…and NTC really needs to give these greedy telcos some good beating for not serving the consumers well.

  9. kapal ng mukha ng smart. grabe ang marketing ng 4g LTE kuno nila . nagpa presscon presscon pa na yung LTE service nila malapit umaabot ng 200 mbps. tapos yung magagamit ng mga subscriber is halos 5-10% lang pala mula sa inaadvertised speed nila. kapal ng mukha. ganun din sa Globe. grabe ang data capping pero ang bagal din naman ng speed

  10. walangsaisai

    kawawa mas malala pa tayu sa Africa na ginegera….

  11. okslangsabi ng phtel

    ah ok lang yan, kapareho naman pala tayo ng US eh, am importante kumikita kahit na substandard ang service, pang 3rd world lang naman tayo talaga – malamang ito ang sinasabi ng mga Phiilippine Telcos, Globe and Smart

  12. chinitoguy

    Hmmm… Weird… I’m using both Smart and Globe on my LG G2 and Nokia Lumia 625. Both phones have LTE but I never get such LTE speeds. I usually get 20Mbps on Smart while 12 to 17 Mbps on Globe.

    • prang hindi consitent ng speed sa iabng area ah. sken sa globe e always nsa 22Mbps -35Mbps

  13. This survey or article will covers globe strick compliance of data cap use… parang sinasabi na mas mabilis ang globe compared to smart kahit may cap use sila. Sana may ibang survey base sa experience ng mga consumer kung ano mabilis na LTE dito sa pinas.

    • sorry sa tatamaan pero tingin ko sponsor nila ang globe kaya kelangan nila gawing pogi ang image as much as possible.

      pera pera lang yan.

    • peraperalang

      hehe hindi na lang kasi to blog, may corporate sponsor na. kaya may kinikilingan na.

    • Kaya nga nag disclose na yung admin. Sponsor/advertiser daw nila si PLDT, parent company ng Smart.

  14. Bias na naman ang admin sa globe, tsk

    • Wala tayong magagawa kung biased against Globe. E nakasabi naman sa article na sponsor nila si PLDT/Smart.

  15. bottom line walang may nakapasa sa standard ng LTE. sa mga ambisyoso dyan ng LTE na mobile phone wag na kayong aasa pa, kung meron na kayong hsdp na speed ok na yan.

    Fact: Mabilis ma lowbat yong LTE kahit anong brand

    To the author: I salute his integrity dahil honest lang po sya sa reader na nagpapaalam na sponsor yong PLDT dito.

  16. yehey pasok tau sa lowest….
    and yet people are complaining of devices with no lte.

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