PLDT myDSL to go 2Mbps?

Just read this yesterday in the newspapers (was it manila Bulletin?) and there’s an ad for PLDT DSL along with their promo for the Guild Wars.

A copy of the full page ad can be found here and if you look closely (or maybe zoom in the image on the lower right corner), the connection speed for Plan 1995 is already at 768Kbps and for only Php3,000 per month, you can get as fast as 2Mbps. *sweet*

At first I thought maybe PLDT has again upgraded the connections of existing broadband subscribers to adjust for this new scheme but I checked my connection at home and it’s still at 512Kbps.

I guess this rate is tied up with the Guild Wars promo. But 2Mbps connection is still way cool. Upgrade me, please!

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  1. PLDT my DSL is the greatest!!!!!!

  2. I am currently using the 999peso package of Globelines(Philippines). But in the first week, it was quite fast. I’ve been using the same connection since my last house and I’m only having problems in Fort Bonifacio. I am not able to play any online game and can’t even log on to my email or chat…

    Dont Use Globelines Broadband
    It’s Almost Disconnected Unglobal lines now…

    I’m moving to Ortigas tomorrow and I’m quite excited that i’m getting a 2.2mbps exCel Package of PLDT

    Yeah PLDT rocks

  3. Hmm, I guess PLDT ain’t that good; I had horrible experiences with it, and still, I experience bandwidth lag… Oh, and about your site, those spammers are littering comments around here, like those comments above that link to shady websites… A captcha and anti-flood protection might do the trick…

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  12. Got a globelines 3mb line so i could play online games like wow but the ping is high so gaming sucks. This is globelines top of the line dsl and it sucks azz for gaming. Latency in game is usually in the 350ms to 650ms range but of course it get much higher at times. Even pinging the ping is average 281ms.

    Ping test results to a node less than 50 miles away.

    Grade D – Most online applications will not perform well but should function in some capacity.

    Globelines DSL sucks


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