PLDT now offers 10Mbps DSL plan for Php4,000

In a TV commercial aired last Saturday, PLDT introduced a new DSL plan which offers up to 10Mbps for just Php4,000. That makes it the top broadband offering under the myDSL service line-up (PLDT MyDSL Plan 4000).

Prior to this, they have a Plan Xcel 3000 at 5Mbps. The Plan Xtreme 4000 doubles that speed up to 10Mbps. The plan is not yet up on their website but a release sent to us this evening shows the new one.

Take note though that this is for residential line and it’s not really a guaranteed speed. My 2Mbps Plan 1995 only gives me somewhere around 1Mbps so I’m thinking a Plan 10Mbps should deliver 5Mbps on a regular peak hours.

Anybody willing to shell out Php4,000 a month for 10Mbps?

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  1. The torrent issue is not the ISP’s fault, your modem or router has become overloaded due to you opening too many connections at once. Configure your utorrent settings so it doesn’t connect to so many peers at the same time and this won’t be as big of a problem.

  2. I Did… So far it’s been stable and I am maxing out my connection. :)

  3. it is fake manloloko ang dsl lalo na sa mga walang alam sa networking or sa computer!!! nag pa upgrade kami ng plan 4000 = 10mbps , after 1 month, check ko yung control panel ng modem nila 7mbps lang nakalagay….anu to lokohan??? hahayzzz…..mga scammer..!!!

    • tsk tsk .. magspeed test ka nde control panel .. tanga

  4. theSandies

    i got the plan 1995 (3mbps) before they said that it’s only 2mbps… you have to insist what’s on their ad so you get the exact speed. now i’m getting well off 3mbps….

  5. badtrip! ang mahal naman nyan tsaka hindi naman laging 10mbps yung speed nyan e! naka 3mbps ako minsan 1mbps lang ung nkukuha ko. ano un kalokohan? nagbabayad kami ng tapat tpos ganun yung gnagawa nila.. P*t*ng inang yan! samantalang sa japan yung speed nila 64 mbps!! Monopolya kasi nng PLDT ang Ph e!

  6. TriadWarfare

    Just an FYI, when you say mbps, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s equal to MB/s. mbps means megabits per second and MB/s means megabytes per second. 8 bits = 1 byte. If you do the math 10mbps = 1.25 MB/s.

    I hope this makes everything clear. I hope PLDT would rate their products using real world metrics such as the Byte and not the bit. A lot of ISPs did upsell the bit more than the byte since they can convince to sell their services better to unknowing customers who don’t know the difference between the bit and the byte. I hope there would be a law that would abolish this misinformation.

    • I agree.I did a speedtest and it is .621MB/s that is for subscribing the 5Mbps.

      Tip: When you go to speedtest, do not immediately start on the speed test. Create a free account. In the settings, change the megabit to megabytes.

      Then do the spreedtest. Then repeat it using megabit.

      I notice speedtest default is on megabit. So you need to change it to megabyte after sign up.

      I am hoping PLDT will make this clear to the public. That they are selling megabit, not MEGAbtyes.

      Just placing Mbps is misleading as people might think it is MBps.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Can anyone please confirm if 10Mbps is really 10Mbps when subscribing to this plan? 9-10Mbps would be acceptable for me.

  8. Well.. let me put it in easy words. PLDT simply sucks. I have the XCEL 3000 Plan with “up to” 5 mbps.
    In the contract it is stated that this plan will provide anything between 60% (3 mbps) and 5 mbps.

    FACT is that my Smart stick is faster. I usually get anything around 0,35 – 2,25 mbps. If I make a speedtest every minute, I get 10 totally different results within 10 minutes.
    This is misrepresentation of contract. If you pay for a San Mig litro, they give you a small Pilsen instead but they charge the litro that is betrayal and a stafa case friends. Maybe PLDT customers should unite and file such a case. We all pay for a service that they don´t provide.
    I have been abroad and in Germany for example you get 25 mbps flatrate for less than 1.200 php and it works 24/7 under all weather conditions.
    Shame on PLDT for such a service but way overpriced.

    • Sherman

      PARA SA LAHAT PO NG HINDI NAKAKA ALAM. ang MBPS ng net at ang MBPS ng download ay hindi po pareho.. ang MBPS ng net ay MEGABITS PER SECODND at ang sa download po ay MEGABYTES PER SECOND… SMART STICK and GLOBE STICK really is fast.. but is it fast in the web searching?? totally NOT.. merun po akong SMART STICK at GLOBE STICK at totoo po na kahit 1MBPS lang ang nakalagay sa contract ng NET STICKS. umaabot ito ng 2MBPS thru download dahil sa isang dahilan.. dahil sa malakas na signal pero sobrang bagal mag net.. ang DSL ay nagkakaron ng line traffic connection, at nangyayari to kung maraming DSL connection sa area niyo.. kaya for those telling na PLDT SUCKS, well do some research, baka yang burat niyo ang isuck niyo pag nalaman niyo ang kasagutan sa sinasabi niyo

  9. @Sherman

    For you to be able to differentiate megabytes vs. megabits per second, bytes is denoted by a capital B and bits is small b. MBps=Megabytes per second and Mbps=Megabits per second. Don’t second “MBPS ng net” and “Mbps ng download”, lol. I lol’d when I read your explanation.

    • Sherman

      nag eexplain lang po.. kasi ung mga nabasa kong comments. ang alam nga nila na MBps na sabi mo eh mega bytes hindi mega bits. pasensiya po kuya.. tumutulong lang naman ako.

    • Yes, and I’m just explaining things to you also because you explained it the wrong way.

      And I think you’re confused too. This is what you said “ang alam nga nila na MBps na sabi mo eh mega bytes hindi mega bits.”

      Please read my comment again, MBps is INDEED MEGABYTES PER SECOND. If you want to go more techinical, 1 byte=8 bits but usually for Internet speeds you divide the rated Mbps by 10 (not by 8 for practicality’s sake) to get MBps.

  10. Sana nga mabilis na. Palaging taas baba ang speed e depende sa oras. kainis.

  11. Is it true that these prices (999 for 1mbps and 1995 for 3mbps) are actually just the internet price, and that PLDT forces you to buy a “package”…for example, my friend says that he has PLDT at 786 (lower than the 1mbps) and his cost per month is 1,300…he said it’s higher because they force you to buy the package with the phone line. So for example, the price of 999 above for 1mbps actually will cost much more than that because they make you buy a “base package’ which includes a phone line and some other nonsense. Is there any validity to this or did he just get screwed over?

  12. para sakin ang PLDT manloloko ng consumers alam nyo kasi base on my experience 2 pldt dsl connection ko isang 1.5 at 3mbps pero pareho lagi na didisconnect tumawag na ako ng service pinalitan ng modem tapos ok habang andun sila pero pag alis ng technical nila wala na balik sa problema. palagay nyo ano experience nyo!

  13. And to think we used to pay 2k for a 56Mbps dial up connection that 4k for a 10Mbps one is “expensive”.

  14. I have PLDT and Globe DSL (both at up to 3 mbps). Parehong maayos sa area ko (Batangas City). And nag-a-average ako ng 2.5 mbps kahit peak hours.

    Kung hindi ko lang kailangan talaga ng back-up/redundancy, mate-tempt akong kumuha nyang 10 mbps connection.

  15. yup …, mabilis naman talaga ang pldt… justdo some twist… pero ang prob ngayun… ang bagal ng process magpakabit.. ^_^

  16. hellscyth_e

    I wish google comes to philippines and offers it fibre up to 1Gbps for only $70. I’ll surely get it whatever happens -_-

  17. @hellscyth_e

    Sorry but you’re dreaming. That will stay a “wish” forever :)

  18. e ano na? fix to? hahaha



    magalit kayo pag may problema sa connection nyo, wag nyong tigilan hanggat di naayos.. ganyan ako before! pero ngayon dalawang shop ko 10mbps na ang gamit, yung isa pumapalo ng 9.45/ yung isa naman 11.85, sikreto MAGALIT kayo ng MAGALIT hanggat di nyo nkukuha yung serbisyong binayaran nyo!

  21. 123123

    Pero kahit na years behind pa rin ang Pilipinas sa in terms of speed and price ng internet. hay.

  22. Good thing you guys have PLDT and their seemingly attractive DSL Plans. If PLDT comes on our area, I will immediately take the Fibr Plans.

    Here in Binan, we’re stuck at a local telco (as you all know, there is no PLDT or Globe Wired on the area due to Monopoly) that offers P2750 for 2MBps… (yay high price T_T)

    The only consolation I got despite the high price is that the connection is literally 256KB/sec or 2Mbps all the time. But I’ve been using it for a Month now… I’m still quite scared though.

  23. madworld

    but data capping still exist right? thats why they put recommended use, if you exceed then your connection will slow down.
    not for gamers…


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