PLDT Phone + DSL Bundle Promo

Got this new PLDT promo at PEx:

Promo Period: January 23 to April 23, 2006

Coverage: Nationwide

Target Market: New Postpaid Residential Subscribers who will also subscribe to any myDSL package

Discounted Installation Fee: P500
Free MSF on the 12th month
Pre-activated NDD access
Free Speed Calling 20
Free first 10 ndd unlimited calls (P10/call)
Optional: Free Activation of Megabundle + Free 1st 2 months MSF of Megabundle (subs must have a CID unit)
Discounted TEL.+ DSL Bundled Rate

1. P 750 + 999 = P 1,749 – 200 = P 1,549 MSF (net)

2. P 750 + 1,499 = P 2,745 – 400 = P 2,345 MSF (net)

3. P 750 + 3,000 = P 3,750 – 600 = P 3,150 MSF (net)


Application may be filed thru Business Office, 171, CSFs** & all Bilis-Kabit Blitzes
24-month lock-in period (for both voice & data service)
Pre-termination fee of P2,500 (for voice) + 3X MSF for the DSL Plan

**For more details and to apply, contact:

Rene Bautista
PLDT Agent Code: 5003632
(02) 8740183 // (0927) 4567254 // (0918) 22312423 //

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  1. I seem to notice that the 1995 isnt included? Have they lowered the rates na?

  2. I guess it’s the Php1,499 na yata. Not sure though.

  3. wheres your promo for those globelines users to switch pldt, as per conversation as they called me up this morning, he said that it has only Php880 total rate for both unlimited dsl & phonelines..i want to know other benefits about it,..

  4. papabear09

    although what the rates they is quite good, PLDT still has the worst customer service ever…

    I have been thru, pldt, bayantel and globe, and if you have pldt, expect service troubles to be fixed 2 wks to even months and phone customer reps to leave you hanging on the phone for 15 mins without saying a word.
    They have been like this for years and still no improvement in customer service unlike other 2 phone companies.

  5. im asking why there is no DSL in my place in navotas west, navotas i already inquire in PLDT Malabon and still no answer why they cannot provide DSL connection, but i have a PLDT lineline.

  6. I would like to terminate mt smartbro connection and change it to pldt dsl could it be posible? pls. send me fwwdback regarding this matter on my email. im using smart bro for my computers shop and later on i found out that smart bro cant catch the speed it it very slow i only have 9 pc including my server… thats why i try to used bro but now.. hay it make me feel it was the biggest mistake that i did… anyway pls include also if any ur latest promo….. tnx

  7. Same with Kim: I am planning to terminate my SMARTBRo and use pldtmyDSL Plan P999. Mainly because i want to cut costs. I have been using SMARTBro for a year now and so far I havent had any problems (I live near a PLDT site/ station) but Im paying P999 for that plus some P600-P700 for landline. I will really save a lot if I switch. Any advice?

  8. Have been trying to subscribe for PLDT landline plus internet for over 2 years now and still no progress! i live in sanjuan they say they dont have any lines available here? WTF? unless pldt does something to fix it they will still have a very bad reputation in here.

  9. PLDT not only has a bad reputation in the Philippines they are fast becoming well known for being the biggest reason for companies not investing in the Philippines.
    What a shame one company is responsible for lack of investment and the creation of thousands of jobs in a country that needs these jobs.

  10. desiree

    pldt business customer service in iloilo is useless..always ringing only…mabuti pa ang butiki..naririnig…

  11. Naomih E. Provost

    What is the normal speed of the DSL under this plan. I was told by PLDT customer service that .27mps upload and .50 download were normal for this plan. So when I perform a speed test using PLDT speed test, my service is very low and the average is 7 times higher. Why would I want to pay for this substandard service and why should I accept the customer service representitives answer as this is normal for my plan? Why?

  12. sir,

    Please enlighten me. Is there a package you can offer, comprising of landline and internet along with other services?

    I am a globeline telephone subscriber paying P500 a month and smartbro subscriber paying P999. Can I avail of pldt products same as above in lower cost?

    Many thanks,


  13. make sure n mabilis ung internet kc ung globe sobrang bagal walang wenta lalo n sa part ng mga taga rizal

  14. We are conducting a research about the internet access for our university. What would be the great bundle for our school to have a fast internet connection. Please reply to my e-mail. Thank you. I will appreciate your reply very much.

  15. angelo

    gus2 ko lng itanong kung abot nba ang service nyo d2 sa siena villas subd. habay II bacoor cavite kc ung katabi naming subd camella din may pldt connection sila thanks

  16. angelo

    mga pare koy hingin ko sna opinion nyo kung ano internet provider ba ang maganda ang serbisyo at mabilis salamat po

  17. Josefa Eileen Lirio Suarez

    Based on my experience, magaling at maganda ang after sales service ng Bayantel.. yun nga lang malimit pangit ang Internet Connection..

    I changed to PLDT, since sabi nila maganda daw ang Internet Connection nila.. so far ok pa naman.. pero grabe ang Customer Service nila, aabutin ng 2-4wks bago ako makabitan ng IDD/NDD Feature… likewise ganun din nag request ako ng Special Bundle (e.g. Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Conference).. worst pa, ang CALLER-ID protocol ng PLDT is DTMF, which is quite obsolete compared to BAYANTEL and GLOBE which is FSK… nasayang lang yung Panasonic Caller-ID feature na binili ko from US, ok sya sa Bayantel.. pero ayaw gumana sa PLDT…

    I hope ma-improve ng Bayantel ang Internet Connection nila.. babalik talaga ako sa Bayantel..

  18. paanu ba mlaman ung mga detalye ng inyo mga plans sa mydsl .. tulad ng bundled plan at Regular plans..

  19. Nag ooffer din ba ung pldt ng DSL lang without phone like verizon in the u.s. dko naman kailangan ung phone im after with the 1mbps or xpereience plan without phone.

  20. same with jack.. gusto ko sna un DSL lng wlang PHONE kc nd ko nmn nid ng PHONE.. un snang 3mb bundle…


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