Poll: What’s the best mobile internet plan for you?

I think it’s good that we have so many options for mobile internet plans nowadays. It used to be one-plan, one-pricing before but now there’s just too many to even memorize all.

Globe, Smart and Sun have their own versions of unlimited surfing for daily, weekly and monthly plans. They even have unlimited plans for site-specific access like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Now there’s also bucket-pricing for volume-based surfing.

Whether you’re on prepaid or postpaid, I’m sure a lot of us have a unique usage pattern to warrant a specific plan. And that’s what we want to know with this poll.

What’s your favorite mobile internet plan?

Is it UnliSurf50 or 300? Is it SuperSurf50 or SuperSurf220? Sun also has its version but I often used the Unlimited Surfing 100 which is good for 3 days (SWB100).

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  1. maan alonzo

    I love our Sun Broadband 799, so much so that we have 2! LOL. :)

    it’s miles away from our previous PLDT DSL nightmare.

  2. I’m using sun broadband in our place alternative to globe broadband + landline bundle.

  3. aaron
    Twitter: sikuyaaron

    I use Sun 799 Unli. Malibay Pasay connection is fast on off peak hours, tipong 12AM-6AM, pag palo ng 7am-10am mabagal na. 10am-3pm, madalas napuputol yung connection. Kaya bumabawi nlang ako ng download during offpeak hours kasi kaya nyang makatapos ng 3-4 movies, its like 3G. Depende sa seeds. ^_^

  4. Steve Saldana

    Using Sun P 350 a month. 45 hrs. good for me during outdoor use since I don’t spend most of the time outdoors

  5. Ligrev
    Twitter: Ligrev

    Sun’s Call and Surf. On an iPhone 4. Phone + MiFi all-in-one. FTW.

    This is how iPhone plans should be.

    I switched FROM Globe because of this.

  6. Don
    Twitter: donbalanhi

    I use prepaid Smartbro. I loaded P50 and pasaloaded P2 on it. I registered to UNLISURF 50 to 2200. No reply message in the inbox. I tried again to register twice. No confirmation yet. Anyway, I connected to the internet and got two-bar signal. Less than five minutes, it was disconnected. I connected again, in 3 minutes, disconnected again. Five times disconnected, my P50 pesos gone. Smartbro sucks!

  7. Sonofa

    SUN 649!!! cheapest unli

  8. Angelo

    Sun Broadband 799 on my Galaxy Tab. Unlimited data plans are the way to go with tablets.

  9. Profile photo of deuts
    Twitter: deuts

    For mobile internet, and I mean mobile internet in my phone and my phone only, the Smart’s Always On plans looks attractive, particularly the Always On 300. Just make sure you don’t tether your internet connection to your laptop, in that case just prepare a separate sim in a 3G usb dongle for that.

  10. smart unlisurf 300 on my phone, then i use it as modem for my laptop

  11. Give Graphics
    Twitter: GiveGraphics

    same here yuga… love the SUN 3 days internet for P100 uaing unlocked Smart Bro usb stick.. haha =)

  12. You all haven’t seen all yet. Brace yourself for our company’s service. A superafford internet via WIFI all over Metro. We sure are expanding and going to launch and skyrocket our service. Pinoy

  13. have used SBW as well and been sastisfied with it

  14. itsmeagain

    All I can say is stay away from globe tattoo mifi, Igot iton friday, lousy connection, tech support are useless seeking refung Monday. Did no better than 0.01 -0.5 Mbps download speed tests, so much for up to 2 Mbps LOL

  15. better try wi-free. its only 350/month for unlimited internet

    • sandy palomo

      hi rory nabasa ko wi-free suggest mo…san nakakabili nito and how does it work? pede sa fon or sa cpu? thanks.

  16. Soul Annihilator
    Twitter: soulannihilator

    Globe DSL… LOL

    I also bought SuperStick plan 1299. It’s fairly good when it’s good but when it’s bad, it sucks so bad. I’m getting a 150 Mbps speed from speedtest during peak hours which is painfully slow.

  17. foreigner

    I’m at Tuguegarao using either tattoo or SmBro. The SIMs are in a B933 (openline) with outdoor antenna on a bamboo pole. The Globe 3g feeds my Linksys WRT54G2 V1 which have 2 networked desktops. It works, and the SIM uses SUPERSURF220 because Smart is, well you know. Id try SUN if I knew of their programs, but what I see is only by the hour. Globe SIM works well enough here. Speed? I’m from USA and you have NO speed here, certainly less than 1Mbps depending on where the server is located.

  18. globe tatoo sucks.. it always disconnected. buying tatoo is a waste of money

  19. I don’t understand why people here talk about their usb-like internet. Aren’t we talking about mobile internet? Please tell me the best mobile internet provider with regard to its cheap unlitext service. I planned and checked Globe but when I saw its text promo rates I totally changed mind. So please help!


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