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April 14, 2008

Smart Bro Mobile goes Prepaid

Update: The Smart Bro Microsite, Sugod Na just went up. Check it out here!

As most of you may have notice, I’ve got ads up for the new Smart Bro Prepaid. Couldn’t blog about it until the banners were up.

The Pre-Paid Kit for Smart Bro Mobile 3G is available for Php4,500, one-time. That includes the USB dongle, the SIM card and a 30-peso free load (that’s one and a half hours of free credits).

The pre-paid kit can be re-loaded with Smart Bro pre-paid cards worth Php100 and Php300. You cna also use e-Load to top up your account for as low as Php30 from any of the local e-Load stations (i.e. tiange)

I saw one 3G USB dongle in a shop at MOA and they cost Php7,500. The Php4,500 looks cheaper. I still use both of my HSDPA phones to hook up but the dongle’s advantage is you don’t have to worry about running out of cellphone battery.

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194 Responses to “Smart Bro Mobile goes Prepaid”

  1. danix says:

    hi! what is the differnce between weroam and smart bro usb? thnx.

  2. Rain says:

    Punyeta yang smartbro prepaid na yan. Basura lang yan at wag na wag kayong bibili nyan.
    Mga magnanakaw lang ng pera yang mga nagpapalakad nyan. All the time it has no connection at all.
    Anlakas pa ng loob nila na ipakita and upload and download rate mo eh lagi nmang zero. Shame on them.

  3. Rain says:

    Now if you want to waste money this is the perfect choice. Go ahead and purchase smartbroken. Their service sucks and really crappy. To hell with them.

  4. Eric says:

    Load your Smart Bro Prepaid with BPI Express Mobile.

    To enroll in BPI Express Mobile, send ENROLL to 3274.

  5. Sherwin says:

    ang bagal promise sobra minsan mabilis pero madalas ang bagal depotcha wala pang 2 months ang laptop namin pero ang bagal talga ng smart bro dito sa occidental mindoro pero nung nsa makati kami ang bilis naman pero pangit po sya sa mga provinces…
    pinahiram ko pa nga sa kaklase ko mabagal talaga

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  7. mherluis says:

    pano pa ba mag balance sa smart bro

  8. MICH says:

    in my case i checked my Smart Bro. Balance by placing the SIM to my Cellphone and checked the balance and viola!!

  9. bobong says:


  10. aike says:

    dont be fooled by SMART. all they is to get money from you. save yourself.

  11. nep says:

    Hi! is it possible to use regular prepaid card of smart worth P100 to smart bro? I just bought a regular smart prepaid card worth P100, and i assume that since smart bro has a simcard, if you just insert it in a cellfone, you can just load it like regular loading of smart prepaid card. but the voice prompt keep telling me wrong pin. can you help me please? thanks!

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