Smart explains LTE on iPhone 5

Smart held a Q&A session earlier today regarding their LTE roll-out for the iPhone 5. They answered questions regarding the unli plans, data caps, additional charges, area of coverages, subscriptions and SIM provisioning.

What’s free and what’s not?

At the moment, Smart is providing free access to their LTE network to all postpaid subscribers under iPhone 5 Plan 999, iPhone 5 Plan 2499, Unli Data Plan 1500, 2000 and 3000.

This free unli access will last up to April 30, 2013.

What happens after April 30?

No exact details were given. By default, it only means they will stop offering it for free. How much the charges will be after that time has not yet been determined.

Will there be data caps?

Yes, it is stated in their Fair Use Policy. No bandwidth cap was specifically mentioned but based on existing LTE handset plans (Sony Xperia V LTE), it would be 1.5GB/month for Unli Data Plan 1500 and 2.5GB/month for Unli Data Plan 2000.

There was also mention of moderating the use of tethering the iPhone 5 to your laptop.

What if I reached the data cap?

You will be redirected to a page where you can subscribe to additional bandwidth allocations.

What if I bought my open-line iPhone 5 outside of the country?

You can call Smart to get an LTE-provisioned SIM card. Not available to prepaid users and Freedom Plan subscribers.

But I paid for my unlimited and I should use it any way I want!

There’s a provision for that in the Fai Use Policy:

Smart intends to preserve the integrity of the network in order to provide ALL subscribers with high quality mobile data services. Smart reserves the right to suspend or terminate service to customers whose improper or abusive use of mobile browsing may jeopardize our ability to deliver the best customer experience to other subscribers.

Where are the LTE hotspots located?

Here’s a complete and updated list of locations where LTE is available {click here}.

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  1. RK, saan mo nakuha ung tutorial :) paemail naman :)

  2. kashei

    i don’t get it.. it is called UNLI DATA.. but only 1.5GB data can be used.. yeah you can eat all you can but only this plate.


  3. @kashei UNLI DATA. If in case you reached 1.5GB of cap then your speed will be downcapped to 128kbps until the next refresh(next month). You still have unlimited data or internet but to the point that it would be so slow 0.128mbps or whatever speed penalty of the network. That is what bandwidth cap means on most telecoms worldwide. The effect is very different on your comparison with your plate :p

    Unlike Globe they have SuperSurf which has 800mb of daily bandwidth cap. Once you reach the 800mb everything stops, still connected but no traffic and they did not state that it will be unlimited. Hence, it is just right.

  4. yeah I dont get it either. Unli data but with cap. weirdos.

  5. I have this LTE Unlimited Plan 1500, I asked Smart about it and they said that after consuming 1.5gb of LTE connection it will automatically change to 3G, more like the 3G connection is the unlimited not the LTE. But it’s worth it.

  6. They should instead call it unli 3G with bonus LTE of 1.5 GB. I think NTC should regulate what really the telecoms are advertising about their promos/ services.


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