Smart Freedom Plan: The Zero-Balance Postpaid Plan

Earlier today, Smart introduced their new hybrid postpaid plan called the Freedom Plan. The idea combines the status of a postpaid subscriber but the non-commitment of a prepaid user.

Meaning, you only pay at the end of the month like any other postpaid subscriber but the amount is based on what you actually consumed (this type of plan used to be available to Smart employees, referred to as Plan Zero).

Smart is also making the application process easier compared to the regular postpaid plan. This means no more proof of billing, just a regular valid ID.

The Freedom Plan has a credit limit of only Php600 a month and you can subscribe to any of the following bucket services:

The Smart Postpaid Freedom Plan enables users to purchase service “buckets” such as Trio Talk 150 which offers 150 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun, and Talk N Text subscribers good for 15 days for only P150, and All Text 200 which includes 2000 texts to all networks and 150MB of mobile surfing good for 30 days for only P200.

Oh, and you get to switch the bucket services every so often (since you just text in your service subscription just like in prepaid).

The Freedom Plan is Smart’s strategy to convert prepaid subscribers to postpaid subs and, in the process, gather some sort of credit history (payment behavior) of the subs that might eventually upgrade to the regular postpaid plans.

Some caveats though — you cannot bring your prepaid number when you shift to the Freedom Plan (new SIM and number) and you cannot also downgrade your regular postpaid plan to the Freedom Plan (requires a new subscription).

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  1. I applied for a Freedom Plan in August (one of the firsts, I think, after their formal launch), and what can I say? Di pa ako nawalan ng signal ever. Hehe.

    I barely use my Globe number now kasi I got the Trinet400 (unli calls to Sun, Smart, TNT + 2000 texts to all net + 150MB data) bucket. Para lang din akong nakaprepaid in terms of expenses (less than 500), may data pa.

  2. I look the Smart Freedom Plans, but something tricky on my mind.

    It is a Freedom Plans right, why do you have to choose your own bundle? For example like the above comment about his Trinet400, what if, if you consumed that in one week, what will happen?

  3. I still have an existing plan with smart can I convert it to freedom plan?

    • Nope, you can’t. Freedom Plan isn’t really part of the Postpaid plans. It’s a separate category so you need to get a new one.

  4. Hi Abe,
    what are the requirements needed kaya to avail the Freedom plan?

    Thanks for the complete list of handsets =)

  5. warfrik77

    hello po. how long does this plan last? i mean ung contract period nya. if ever i won’t use my number after i get my desired handset/phone, would i be charged of a certain amount? i’m a student and would a valid school id suffice for the application of this plan? tnx po

  6. gwyneth bel

    My cousin gave me a Smart postpaid Freedom Plan sim , pero dko alam pano i- register para magamit na. please teach me how to do it !! thanks in adv.

  7. In freedom plan, do you need to pay the phone fully? Or is it monthly?

    • JKisaragi

      AFAIK, SMART’s Freedom Plan is SIM-only. They’re not usually bundled with phones.

      Although SMART is offering the new iPhones (5C and 5C) under this plan, I believe you’ll have to pay for the phone in full, and prices are the same as getting it under Prepaid.

      Ask SMART if you can avail of the phones via CC installment. Prices start at 29,500 for the 16GB 5C, and it all goes north from there.

      Good luck! :)

    • JKisaragi

      *5C and 5S

  8. Kailangan po ba na fully paid yung cellphone or monthly babayaran yung sa freedom plan?

  9. Kelvin

    Good morning.

    There’s really a MAJOR flaw dito sa freedom. Let’s say your monthly cut off date is every 15th of the month and you subscribed to a 30-month promo what happens is, you’ll only be enjoying the first half of the promo but once cut offs started, you’ll be charged according to your usage. Syempre, di ka papayag, well, the procedure would be to contest your bill every month. Maganda sana, but may problema talaga ang freedom.

    Freedom user po ako that’s the problem I’m having.


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