Smart increases LTE Plan 3500 from 10GB to 21GB

In a surprise move by Smart, the telco has suddenly increased its bandwidth cap for the Smart LTE Plan 3500 from a measly 10GB to a generous 21GB.

The MSF remains at Php3,500 with promised speeds of up to 42Mbps where LTE signal is available.

We confirmed this earlier today from a tweet by one of Smart’s reps:

The doubling of the bandwidth cap from 10GB to 21GB in just over a month of operation might be an response to the pricing plan that Globe has announced last week for their own LTE service. We previously compared the pricing of both Smart LTE vs. Globe LTE here.

This gives us a good idea that both telcos can actually increase the bandwidth cap of their premium LTE service to more than 100% of their initial offering without any additional cost to the customers. Meaning, the cap is initially determined not by the actual cost of bandwidth but by how the competition plays it.

Nonetheless, this adjustment is a win for subscribers. We’re also expecting that Globe will also adjust its offering in light of this development.

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  1. CommonSense

    at last nagkaroon din ng common sense ang smart…… pero madamot pa rin for a P3,500/21GB LTE connection tsk tsk

  2. slow2none

    I was checked-in at a hotel facing EDSA with 2 wide open glass walls not obstructed by buildings last night but connection for all networks was slow to no data at all. for a layman like me,common sense would dictate to improve and maximize on your present readily available network offerings nationwide like 3G first before embarking on a higher technology – LTE. But…………. you know the answer… unless you don’t have common sense. Typical of a poor public utility service like electric and water companies in the PH.

    • agreed. A majority of us don’t care for blazingly fast speeds, better coverage, reliability and consistent speed is what I want most. Heck, I can’t even ride on the LTE network with the gadgets I have, making the cost not worth it.

    • agreed. A majority of us don’t care for blazingly fast speeds. Better coverage, reliability and consistent speed is what I want most. Heck, I can’t even ride on the LTE network with the gadgets I have, making the cost not worth it.

  3. Too expensive parin. Never gonna fall for that one!

  4. that translate to less than 3minutes of use per day

  5. derek opang

    naalala ko dati nung bago pa lang ung smartbro maraming nagrereklamo kasi mabagal baka ganun din ang sitwasyon ng LTE ngayon. baka konte pa lang coverage.

  6. Smart rolled out its LTE services for the same reason it did with its 3G back then. Devices being release nowadays are more or less LTE capable so its a matter of time na baka karamihan na ay LTE phones which would then make us the consumers angry for Smart or Globe not implementing the technology as early as possible.

    Except nung 3G naexcite talaga ako :> Pero this time with LTE hinde. Kasi nga din with most of our hinaings is that 3G never reached or we never experienced 3G’s full or even half of its potential. And LTE may eventually end up being the same story.

  7. What the use of fast speed kung may limit nmn.

  8. missviss

    MISSION to expand but no clear VISION of what’s happening to their services, no quality control tsk tsk tsk

  9. StudentObserver

    At ngayong nabili na ang Sun and is now under PLDT’s wing, hindi na sila makakapanggulo sa pricing policy ng Smart (and indirectly, Globe). Kaya ngayon, ang competition sa telcos sa Pinas, pamahalan na ng presyo with Globe being cheaper still.

    Dati kasi nung wala pang 3G mobile broadband service ang Sun, ang mahal mahal ng monthly fee ng Globe Visibilty at Smart Bro. Pero nang mag-offer yung Sun ng broadband service, dun na nagsimulang maging mura ang 3G mobile broadband services.

    I hope na yung Globe naman ngayon ang maging aggressive sa pricing kasi Sun is already under PLDT’s ownership. And yes Wi-Tribe, I’m also looking at you.

  10. Yuga, you call it Generous?

  11. nexusboy

    I’m GIGGLING right now when I learned Smart had to double to data allocation for their overpriced LTE plans. Can you imagine had Globe not offer LTE service in our country, this Smart telco would be taking advantage of Pinoys that are majority in the middle class. SMART somehow is moderating their greed, but still… greedy.

    • angry_bird

      nexusboy, It is the competetion that’s why those two companies have price wars, you thought Globe is not greedy? Back then when Globe is the only telco offering GSM (2G) their services are also very expensive.

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