Smart iPhone 5 Postpaid Plans and Prepaid Pricing

Smart is also releasing the iPhone 5 on December 14 and they’ve now published their prepaid kit prices and postpaid plans.

The Prepaid Kit prices of the iPhone 5 on Smart is as follows:

iPhone 5 16GB – Php33,600
iPhone 5 32GB – Php38,780
iPhone 5 64GB – Php43,950

As for their postpaid plans, Smart is giving away the iPhone 5 free under Data Plan 3000 and a special iPhone Plan 2499.

Smart’s newly created iPhone Plan 2499 comes with 5 hours of free calls, 300 free text messages and unlimited mobile internet.

The 32GB iPhone 5, which comes free with Plan 2499, is very enticing!

What is odd though is that an almost similar plan, Data Plan 3000, offers 5 hours of free calls and only 240 free text messages and unlimited mobile internet for a more expensive MSF of Php3,000 a month. (Computation is for both the free 32GB iPhone 5).

Likewise, we observed that the Galaxy Note 2 which retails for Php32k is free under Data Plan 2000 but the iPhone 5 which goes for just Php1.6k more is now under Data Plan 3000. That’s a huge discrepancy between the two.

You can read our review of the iPhone 5 here.

If you’re interested to learn about the postpaid plan comparison between Globe and Smart, read it here. Our recommendation for Globe iPhone 5 and Smart iPhone 5 is here.

Updated: Confirmed with a Smart rep that the Plan 2499 is now unlimited from last year’s 1GB cap. This means Plan 3000 is way more expensive but has less free SMS compared to Plan 2499. I think the adjustment was done to directly compete with Globe’s Unlisurf 2499 which created the plan discrepancy with Unli Data 3000.

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  1. Is the prepaid kit locked or unlocked unit?

  2. regarding the special iphone plan – can ot be used on non iphone models? what if i change phones? can the plan be used still?

    • i think the answer is No. iPhone 5 has a Nano sim which is smaller than the micro sim.

  3. knotyknot

    are there available 0% installment on buying prepaid iphone5 for credit cards ?

  4. I wonder how much would be the upgrade to iPhone5. I’m a 4S user enrolled under Unlidata Plan. Hmm, any ideas?

    • lte is not yet supported so i suggest that you stick w/ your 4s

  5. It doesn’t make sense. Based on the Smart website, iPhone 4S cash out is still much expensive based than iPhone 5?

    Or are they just lazy to update the website? I was aiming to get an iPhone 4S this year coz I thought price will drop.

  6. hello, is the Smart iPhone Plan 2499 unli call and text? your answers will be much appreciated. thank you.


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