Smart Unlimited 3G Internet for Php50/day

That didn’t take too long. Just a couple of weeks after Sun Cellular offered unlimited 3G internet at Php50 per day, Smart has also come up with the same with Unli Surf 50.

Check out the following daily, weekly and monthly rates.

unli surf 50

That’s Php50 for 24 hours, Php300 for 1 week (7 days) or Php1,200 for a month (30 days). You activate this plan by visiting on your mobile phone.

However, it looks like internet access is only limited to your mobile phone. I have yet to test it while tethering to the laptop (still checking it now, will update this post later).

Compare this to Smart’s existing SmartBro Plug-it Postpaid which costs Php1,500 a month, the Unli Surf offer looks cheaper.

The previous Surf Plans (Php20/hour) and Web Unli Plans (Php20/day/site unlimited) are still available.

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  1. My cellphone is no internet connection only 3g how can conect to internet using by 3g?


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