Smart outs Samsung Galaxy S5 plans, pricing

Smart has just sent us the complete details about their postpaid plans for the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be free with UnliData Plan 2000 that includes unlimited mobile LTE surfing, 150 minutes of calls and 200 of texts to all networks under a 30-month contract (which means there could be a cash-out for the typical 24-month lock-in period).

The Galaxy S5 will also be available for only Php1,799 a month under UnliSurf Plan 999, with P800 monthly handset cash-out for 24 months.

They did not indicate what the prepaid kit price of the Galaxy S5 though. Smart will start offering the Galaxy S5 on April 11, 2014.

See more details of the Galaxy S5 here.

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  1. stephen

    any news for Song Xperia Z2 any plans

  2. Pass… I’m waiting for the Nexus 6.

  3. brandoko

    Waiting for Z2.

  4. psikick

    Complete details na yan sir?! Apat na sentence lang?? So for postpaid, yang plan 2000 at 1799 lang ang option para makuha ang S5? Kasi pag may ibang option, eh di wag nyo sabihing “complete details.”

    • Yes, that is the complete details of their postpaid plans. No other options lower than these are available.

      We can’t do anything if Smart is only making it free on these plans.

    • anonymouse


  5. abuzalzal

    Z2 mas panalo

  6. Doubtful

    This is probably the first time they leave a flagship phone out of their All-in plan (except maybe for iPhones). If these are the complete details, that is. I’m a little doubtful of that. But maybe they’ll roll in new details as time goes. This must be a strategy to get costumers to appreciate the UnliData and UnliSurf plans, which I believe are inferior in attraction compared to their All-in plans.

  7. Mr. Olandres, and po source niyo? Link for ad or preorder page? Thanks.

  8. Herbert Dan Tria

    ano kaya plan ng Xperia Z2? mas gusto ko un e. sana free at plan1500 lang din un. maganda rin tong s5, problema lang talaga ung build quality talaga e.

  9. bakit parang di yata nasasama yung THL sa mga review ng yugatech?eh competitive din naman yung price ng THL puro high end brand lang ba dito parati?

    • BernADDETTE

      THL? The Husband’ s Lover? cheers! :-0

    • Wala padulas na nabibigay ang THL.

    • We never received an invite to attend their launch so we could not get a hands-on of their devices.

      But don’t worry, we will buy our own review unit once we chance upon one in the stores.

    • wolson – ugok ka rin ano? Alam mo ba na dahil bumibisita ka dito at nag comment ka pa, mas lumalaki ang traffic ng site na to? Mas lalo tuloy may dahilan para sa padulas. Tumulong ka pa!

    • abuzalzal

      Padulas padulas padulas padulas

    • Heckler

      dami niyong alam. dami niyong angal. bat di nalang kayo gumawa ng sariling website since alam niyo ATA kung pano gumawa ng magandang website. Tapos, pag milyonaryo na kayo, saka kayo magyabang. wag yung puro hanging, wala naman nabubuga.

      Ang HECKLER ng dating niyo eh

  10. Hero Reyes

    Mas ok siguro bumili nalang ng unlock unit nito. Saana available na din sa pinas by April 11 nang makabili agad

  11. wala atang bigay ang ibang brand kaya di nag-cocover sila pogi.

    e ung isang telco panay bigay ata kaya laging pogi. :D


    traffic na naman sa webpage, kita na naman sila.

  12. si megan Young sana maging model nyan…

    daring daw sya sa new movie nya

  13. wapak.

    qouted “UnliData Plan 2000 that includes unlimited mobile LTE surfing”

    diba merong FUP? d ba kasama si smart?

    hehehehe ask lang


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