Smart Prepaid LTE goes live

Smart prepaid subscribers can now experience blazing fast internet connection as the MVP-owned Telco launched the Smart Prepaid LTE.

The service will be offered in three denominations which is basically identical to Smart’s postpaid offering. Below are the packages along with its corresponding subscription text codes:


To take adavantage of this service, users need to purchase an LTE-provisioned SIM card which costs Php350. The SIM comes with free 7-days unlimited LTE that you need to register upon activation.

It comes in dual-cut (regular and micro-SIM) and nano-SIM variant and can be bundled with either a Huawei LTE dongle (additional Php5,995) or an LTE pocket WiFi (additional Php6,995).

smart lte

Smart will start selling these LTE enabled devices this coming Sunday. For more informatiom about the service you can check out Smart’s official website.

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  1. Jan Rachiann Palma

    Good day sir ronnie, i would like to ask where to buy the smart lte prepaid sim? yesterday i went to smart store at sm moa and no available stock as of the moment. thank you very much and hope to hear some updates. godspeed!

    • You can buy one at the Smart store in Ayala Makati, I got one there. :)

  2. jherwynne

    If I will use the LTE sim with HSPA+ devices, will I be able to reach at least the 21Mbps speed or it will be capped to 7.2Mbps still?

    The LTE sim should be provisioned for “upto” 42Mbps, right? So thinking of buying just the LTE sim and use it in my Huawei E5331. To follow na lang yung LTE myfi kung meron na sa black market.

  3. Hi Sirs, gagana ba to sa HTC One?

  4. as for droid razr maxx hd that particular phone will not work for smart LTE, I assume that phone is issued by verizon wireless that uses LTE Band 13 @ 700MHz, Smart uses only Band 1 2100MHz, Band 3 1800MHz and Band 3 850MHz so its not compatible.. unless that if purchase a Multiband LTE Capable Phone like the Galaxy S4

  5. What about Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE, will it work on the LTE prepaid sim?

  6. Got a prepaid iPhone 5 smart-locked. Purchased prepaid lte sim nung apr21… Lte capable area ko.. 1 week triny ko, pero sa 3g parin ako nakakakonel na sobrang bagal!!! Mekylangan po bang tweak para makasagap ng lte signal?

  7. benjie

    Does it work with my BlackBerry Z10 – stl100-2

  8. Prepaid Lte sim being sold by smart are broadband sim meaning,it won’t work on your lte capable handsets. The only phone that will work so far is Xperia z.
    So if you don’t own Xperia z or any lte broadband stick and lte pocket wifi (also ipad 4g)don’t bother buying the smart broadband lte prepaid sim.

  9. benjie

    @Det. Wrong info. According to smart, lte sim works to any lte capable device kaya lte sim for lte device. Yun ang sabi ng technical staff ng smart na nakausap ko. I want to try sana kaso, out of stock sila.

  10. Wrong info si details, according to technical staff from smart, lte sim works with any lte devices kaya lte sim for lte device.. I want to try sana kaso out of stock yung lte sim nila..

  11. francis

    I’m so curious if smart lte prepaid will work on my lg optimus lte2. Guys any feedback if working sya in any lte devices..^_^

    • the answer is NO. I have an Lg optimus lte2 or F160k. bought a smart lte prepaid sim pero 3g lang ang kaya. found out that sa prepaid lte dapat 2100Mhz and optimus lte 2 has B3 or 1800Mhz lang. pero i havent tried using it sa globe postpaid. 1800Mhz kasi frequency gamit nila.

  12. cheryl

    will the GALAXY NOTE 2 LTE be compatible with smart Lte sim.. anybody? thanks

  13. Before buying any LTE Capable devices, make sure that it is compatible with our LTE Networks here in the Philippines, Example, If you buy a unlocked iPhone 5 from US.. Sorry that phone will not work with Smart and Globe 4G LTE Network since the Frequency and Bands are not compatible, in the US they use LTE Bands 4 and 17.. It will just work in 3G HSPA+.. In the US they want different LTE Band so that you are tied with one carrier only.. AT&T and Verizon for example…


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