Smart retires SmartBro Share It

Just learned today that Smart has apparently retired the Smart Bro Share It device they introduced back in 2009. Wanted to have my unit replaced since it conked out a few weeks back.

The SmartBro Share-It was first introduced in March 2009 (subscribed to an account sometime in August that year).

It’s a WiFi router that comes with a 3G modem to provide some limited form of nomadic broadband connection and shares up to 5 devices over WiFi. They basically tie you up to a couple of base stations so even if you can take it around (I put it in the car) you’re still limited to a certain area.

Subscription was Php999 per month.

Anyway, it was a nice idea then and I look at it as a back-up device for my wired DSL and bring it along when going around the metro.

The introduction of the pocket WiFi seemed to have made it obsolete. My contact from Smart confirms the Share It is no longer being offered in Smart Wireless Center and have been removed from their website’s product page.

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  1. But it still does operate, doesn’t it? I mean people who are currently subscribed to it can still use it, right?

  2. Yeah, I have a similar experience before. I currently have a two-year contract with that plan. My unit broke down last May 2010, and Smart is willing to terminate the plan without the pre-termination fees. But I got my unit repaired in one of their Service Centers in Manila.

    @JC Ansis: Yes, I’m still a subscriber of that plan. My contract will end on the last month of 2011.

  3. There are 3rd party Huawei modems similar to that which are not locked to smart, you can get it and plug in the 3G sim and your good to go again!

    Better yet use the pocket wifi instead

  4. With most latest android smart phones having tethering capabilities, the net sharing is sure still available for some.

  5. I tried using it in a usb plug it but it doesn’t work, the customer service rep told me it cannot be used that way because the sim is paired with the share it device… mine just broke 1 month ago… tried all apn’s nothing works… i hope they can change my plan to a pocket wifi w/ no extra charge …

  6. Totoo ito Yuga, sabi ko na nga ba e kaya binagalan nila yung speed kasi ireretire na nila. Atsaka it doesn’t make sense na kasi yung Globe may pocket wifi na rin syempre mas gusto ng tao yung mobile at portable di ba. Ngayon iniisip ko kung balik ako ng canopy hehe.

  7. Hi, do you think I can get them to terminate my share-it plan before the contract ends (locked in for 2 years) even if my unit is still ok?

  8. mga sir, do you have any info about how to hacked smart bro share it?
    my contract end this year.
    sayang naman nitong free router nila if they retired their services, so para mapakinabangan i tried to search but found nothing,, baka may alam kayo sir share nyo naman po, tenkz sir


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