Smart Independence Day Sale: iPhone 4S at Php10,900

Independence Day is just around the corner and Smart is proposing that you celebrate it by signing up to their customizable Freedom Plan. We assume that that’s not how you plan to spend your holiday, but they have some pretty interesting offers that are sure to make you reconsider.

freedom to follow

Ok, first things first, the “Follow your Freedom” campaign is only valid on June 12 and will only be implemented in malls listed below:

• Robinsons Galleria
• Araneta Gateway
• SM City Baguio
• SM City Pampanga
• SM City Dasmarinas
• SM Cebu
• Davao Gaisano

Note: Here’s our detailed explanation of the Smart Freedom Plan.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the meaty part where you can get tablets/handsets at a lower price when you enlist for Freedom Plan.

smart freedom to follow

Something to note though, not all devices seen above is available on all locations where the campaign will be run. To see which gizmos which are up for grabs in the mall near you, as well as the other discounted devices, it’s best if you check out the table we’ve prepared below:

handset sale

In addition to the handset sale, Smart is also giving away small tokens if you register to a Flexibundle along with your Freedom plan. This includes gift certificates to Starbucks, movie tickets and MRT tickets. We’re not sure if you get the full suite or you just get to choose one, but it’ll be great if you get all of it. For more info about Smart’s Follow your Freedom campaign you can check out the source link below.


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  1. SMARTbatalaga

    SMART ba talaga?? Not really, if you just saw the mess that happened earlier in gateway. What a big MESS! No order, the manager there did not expect such a thing?? Oh come on. No Lines?? Oh come on. The Manager should know how to manage a crowd of people who are all after the iphone 4s or the s2. There should at least be an early notification of how many units will be release and available. There was like a long long line, and a lot of people were dissapointed and left. Do you know why they did hold the people and not tell us earlier? They need all the people for their picture taking. haha so funny.

  2. isa pang misinformation, is that sa list meron Samsung Galay S2 sa gateway, pero pag dating ko dun, wala naman daw silang stocks ng Galaxy S2. And after lunch time wala na silang unit ubos na.

  3. Just want to share what I experienced yesterday at SM Southmall and Festivalmall, I went there very early to avail of the Freedom plan promo for iphone 4S but unfortunately there no stocks at all for both Smart branches. They just got my name and contact details. Hopefully they will call me since the staff from both Smart branches said they will inform me if units are available very soon. Just went hope empty handed =(.

  4. fake!this is a scam!fake ads just to draw people!grrrrrr!!!

  5. Kung masyadong maganda ang deal (64 GB 1phone4S=PHP11K), kadalasan ay hindi totoo. That was too good to be true! Oldest marketing trick is to put very limited quantity, sometimes none, in, then declare same item as “sold out”, or “out of stock”. This is done to lure people in the store, with the hope that this people will buy something else.


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